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    SO... THAT

    Suddenly, Marcus wake up from a nightmare... His eyes looking all around the room searching for those symbols in his almost pitch black room... Sweat falling from his forehead and the feeling of being haunted by the nightmare stood in him. Slowly lifting his hand to clean the sweat in his forehead, he saw in his glowing watch that they were 1 minutes late to start the mission because it was one minute pass Midnight already, with a sigh, he quickly got up and went to get his clothes and clean his face. His room was the 101 and he somehow wasn't happy about it, getting out of his room, he remembered that he wasn't the only one that was in that facility also some guards that haven't been killed by the thing down in the Underground greet him by saying where the others were. The first room was one the guards called 'goatboy's room', Marcus didn't even asked why, second was the room of one of the brothers, the male was inside it, third was some kind of dragon hybrid like the guards said to him, the fourth was the room of the female sister... He stopped a little in front of the fourth door and sighed, with a shake of his head he went to the next and maybe last room, the fifth room which was smelling like doughnuts? He smirked a little and then went to stop in front of the door to Mount Ebott... That place was awful, a lot of people have died and he didn't wanted it to continue anymore, he looked to his left side and saw a big red button, he didn't hesitated and pressed it.

    After some minutes an huge alarm was ringing on their rooms as a voice said "Wake Up." over and over, waking them up from whatever dream or whatever they were doing, if they were on the beds, they would feel the bed shake and jump as it tried to wake them up. Once they were all outside, one of the guards opened a bag and said "In this mission, you will have just one choice of weapons and of armor, we can't let the risk letting you going down there and lost your things so everyone get one weapon here with me..." And when the soldier ended his talk, the other one in the opposite side said as he opened another bag "...And you all can get the armors with me here.".

    "What you guys are waiting? We don't have any time to lose, we need to go down there and try to make things right this time, it will be simple and easy for everyone if we all stick together, once you get your weapon and armor, I'll get mine and we can start the exploration on the underground, this time we will not let anyone die anymore." Marcus said as he smiled to them and opened his arms in a friendly way. He sure knew more then them about the Underground facility and the Upper-ground facility, he was the one to stay more time in them and almost the first to be tested in the Underground world. He already knew their names, Giovanni, Damen, Fay, Nysa and Simon... All from different parts of the earth and with different 'powers', Marcus knew that only their soul being colored different wasn't just nothing... Everyone had one different power and he would like to see them in action. From far away another soldier came with their tests and gave them to him, he looked on all of them and said "Well... For what I've been told... I'll have to know who you guys are... So... I'm going to call a name and the person will get in front of me and say what he, she or it know about the Underground, I don't want a whole story, just say 'I know something' or 'I don't know anything' also say me what your power is... Anyway... First will be... Um... Anyone... Come on, we don't have all morning..." He looked and waited for one of them to introduce themselves as she/he/it would get the armor and the weapon.

    (Sorry if it was strange or something, It's my first post ^^ And I'm really excited for it ^^ Hope you all enjoy it ^^)
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  2. Damen had been awake, but a dream had pulled him from reality. He was sitting on the floor with his brother, Jonnan, playing with the blocks that he could use to spell his name. He didn't know how to spell much else. Jonnan was trying to tell him something, but when he opened his mouth the most horrid screeching sound emitted from his precious little throat. Damen blink heavily and reached up to touch his brothers throat. He caressed Jonnans throat with a clawed finger, tearing the skin apart. But blood never seeped from the broken skin, and Damen knew he needed to move away from his brother, away from the sound.
    He lifted himself from the floor, tripping on his own tail. When did he get that? Its creepy. He wanted it gone. He shook his head and squeezed his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes his brother was gone, but the tail still followed him and his fingers still curved into sharp points.
    He let out a shaky breath and pressed an ear to the door. He heard voices, but he couldnt tell if they were in his head or in the hall.
    When he pressed his weight against the door to hear better it swung open. He fell forward, the world spinning and flying across his vision. His nose pressed painfully into the floor and he turned his head and looked up. He saw a few people standing in a group farther down the hall.
    He lifted himself up and looked around.
    "This is real... i wish i were back to my dream.. there was playing blocks.. and Jo.."
    He strained voice was loud in his ears, but really wasnt louder then a soft whisper.
    He trudged forward, his tail scraping against the ground. He turn and swatted at it, flinching and continuing forward, his tail lifting off the ground.
    He stood farther away from the people, unable to handle it all. The stares were pounding against his head and he hadnt heard a word the person in front had said.
    'Why does everyone look so weird.. are we all sick? am i stil dreaming? id like to go to sleep..'
    his voice was in his own head that time.
    He heard someone call forth anyone willing to go first.
    "I am first, i was first born you see.. but i came out funny, so im always last.. can i be first this time?"

    {oke.. here we go.. im sorry its kinda weird.. sometimes i have a hard time making sense when i write.. like i cant transfer it from my head to words.. like damen.. gosh im too much like my characters.. anywaaays! let me know if it needs to be rewritten or explained!}
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  3. F E A R.

    P A I N.

    A G O N Y.



    Fay woke up, gasping, her shockingly blue eyes were wide open and a mixed look of annoyance, anger and fear was plastered on her face. She didn't want to be awake at this hour. The raven haired girl sighed and didn't jump at the alarms. She rubbed her face and quickly got ready, throwing on some jeans and a T-shirt, then brushing her hair and teeth. She took her sweet ass time to go outside. But the pale girl did hurry up a bit. She wanted to see too people in particular.. Plus after that dream, it would nice to not be alone and rather be around people. Her legs dragged herself out the room, and down the loud and bright hallway. Marcus and Damen was still out. That was a relief. Now she needed to go get her brother, Nysa.

    "Ugh. I fucking hate this..." She groaned as she rubbed the last of sleep from her eyes. Fay was uncomfortable, hungry, tired, and a bit sleepy. "N...Nysa.." She yawned out, despite the noise and lights around that can push her to be more awake.

    Her pale fist knocked on her big brothers door. The door unlocked, and then she finally arrived at her destination despite some challenges.


    Nysa unlocked the door silently. His face was pale, his eyes bright, his short black hair combed, and he gave a small smile to his little sister. He then patted her on the head. Fay frowned, but then couldn't help to smile. "Hey, you're less grumpy today. What's the deal?" Nysa gave out a small grunt and shrug, and then after a few moments of silence he said with a quiet voice. Nysa didn't look at Fay. "I'm glad you're here. That's all." Fay could read right through him. "Nightmares? Yeah. Same. C'mon, we talked about nightmares before ya little scaredy cat. But.. i can understand if ya don't want to talk about. Alright, bro?" A wide grin appeared on her face, making Nysa grin, his eyes lit up. Well.. Fay would only see one eye because the other was covered by an eyepatch. Nysa felt more secured when it was covered. Only because it looked different and didn't want anyone bothering him about it. It wasn't his fault anyways. The tests made it happened. But he couldn't have known it was going to happen. Fay cupped his cheek with one hand and then pinched Nysa's cheek suddenly. The tall male yowled and started to swat at her hand. Fay snickered and shook her head with a small happy sigh. Nysa rubbed his cheek and punched her arm light, then saying, "Let's go now, i'm done with the pinching and all." Nysa ruffled her hair, the blue eyed girl huffed and fixed her hair as they left the small room to go meet up with the others.


    Nysa waved and smiled. Fay didn't. She was a bit grumpy. Fay sometimes would be a little pushy, especially around other people. She didn't like social interaction with other people this early. But it was still better than be alone because then the nightmare would be still on her mind. She looked around and then she just stared at Damen. "Just go. We don't have all day, because if you won't go, i will. So please. Go ahead." Her stare was now an ice cold stare. She could pierce into anyone's soul if she wanted to while being a little grumpy bitch. Nysa laughed awkwardly. "Fay, be nice. Just because we woke you up from you sleep, doesn't mean you have to be a bit-" Nysa's sentence was cut short by Fay's stare. Nysa gulped and laughed again. "Doesn't mean you have to me mean! Calm down, and don't worry. You'll get your turn. Just be chill, alright?" His sister just rolled her eyes and shook her head. Nysa looked over to Damen, "I'm sorry if she was being a bit rude. I've learned not to wake her up early because then.... this.. happens! She actually super sweet. We'll all get along."

    As Nysa waited, he thought about that dream. It was... not horrifying, just... a little scary but mostly concerning? Yeah, pretty much. But he thinks he knows who it is and what it's talking about. He can't say anything out loud though, or else he might just make everyone confused/scared/angry, etc. Fay remembers. But and one more person....


    Nysa gave a nod towards Marcus. Nysa is sure he knows. He remembers. He'll also have to talk to to him later. The tall pale male was nervous, but continued to give small smiles. He didn't want to focus too much on it.

    [ I hope that was okay! I tried. ;u; ]
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  4. Giovanni didn't dream as he slept. He hasn't dreamt in a very long time, and in a way his body just went into that comatose state called sleeping. No dreams or images, just darkness. Quiet. And then, loud alarms and a shaking bed scared him from that half awake state into complete consciousness. The young goat boy's ears drooped before he tried to cover them.

    "Too loud." he whined, before a rather hard jolt from the bed caused him to roll off onto the cold floor. With a pout the young man...goat satyr hybrid thing groggily stumbled to his feet before tiredly reaching for a simple black tank top to throw on before fixing his hair in his usual hairstyle before heading out of his room where the others were gathered, tiredly rubbing his eyes. He didn't bother trying to find any pants, having not felt comfortable wearing them in his new form and actually finding it difficult to walk in them. Gio was too tired to focus much on most of what Marcus had said, mainly catching what was said at the end.
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  5. An alarm rang:


    "NUUU!" Simon moaned as he tossed and turned in his bed, waking up from a recently delightful dream that involved doughnuts and excessive video game pwnage. His ears flattened and he stuffed his face into the pillow, trying to block the alarm's horrendous sound.


    The alarm rang again. This time Simon couldn't take it no more, he just had to wake up. He threw his pillow at the alarm and sat upright crossing his arms in a salty morning attitude. He rubbed his eyes, tried to get rid of his bedfur, and threw on his sweater before sticking them in his pockets and opening the door, seeing that he was just a tad late to the party. He merely shrugged it off and followed over to the rest of the crew, many of which he did not remember much of. A shame, really.

    But he did try his very best to grasp what knowledge he did know about them. There was...a gote, a dragon, some siblings, and Marcus, who supposedly was the first and is all cool and stuff. And then there's himself, who eats so many doughnuts and lounges around so much he's surprised he isn't obese yet, not even overweight. Although given his strict diet of lab food and doughnuts kinda gives the body some leeway to be sexy.

    He walks toward his lab-comrades a bit drowsy, with some of this morning's tiredness lingering along with him. He yawns quietly and gives each one a thorough looking-at and a cheesy smile afterwards. Marcus, he's a strange one though, going up in front of us and taking charge he greets us all with open arms and friendly mannerisms. He goes on to explain to us that he needs to know about us, so we come up to him, answer for him our name, knowledge of the underground, and special power (if any).

    Simon's not one for being shy, but he is one for getting those pesky greetings out of the way, so he steps up in front of Marcus, extends a hand with intent to shake it, and, with a tired but warming smile, begins to fulfill the dark-haired hybrid's request.

    "Eyy what's up Marcus? For those of you wondering...I am Simon, okay? I have knowledge of the underground, as history comes easy to me. As for my special powers..I...Ugh...have very good visual effects, tolerate almost anything, and can eat more doughnuts then Homer Simpson! Are those decent answers for a decent man such as yourself?"

    (Some comment in parenthesis)
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  6. Damen Pressed a clawed hand to his temple, looking around at all the people.
    He saw two standing together; their relationship intimate and loving. He saw pink ribbons flying between them, but he blinked and the air was back to normal.
    He didn't respond to fay, but took a step back and receded farther back in the group.
    He Heard Nysa and raised a and in a wave.
    "She's like mother, always demanding."
    He watched quietly as the the others arrived, No longer wanting to be first.
    When Simon spoke Damen found himself edging forward slightly, standing closer to Giovanni.
    He looked over at the boy, taking in his sleepy features.
    "I wanted to go first, but i don't want that anymore. I think ill go last, because that's what i'm used to."
    He flinched at the warbled sound of his voice, echoing in his ears.
    In reality his voice was soft and raspy, not unlike he had just woken up.

    {I'm not sure if i'm suppose to go yet.. do i go? is there a certain order? >.<}
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  7. Gio's ears twitched when Simon spoke, causing the boy to look up. Then, he noticed Damen approach and looked up at the other.

    "It's okay, you don't have to go first if you don't want. No one's judging you." the green eyes boy replied, giving the other a small, if tired, smile as he spoke. His little goat tail wagging as he placed his arms behind his back.
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  8. He waited for them... And some slowly came to see him, Marcus knew them already... He had read their tests a long time ago and several times before the one he had read in front of them... He sighed and when he was asked to chose someone first, he was going to reply... But Simon, that dog guy, went in front of everyone else and extended a hand and calmly said to him what he wanted... But he wasn't sure about himself... Maybe they haven't explored their powers yet? With a sigh, he looked at him and smiled "You know that you had entered in front of someone right? You will need to pay more attention next time... We don't want that something happens with a good dog like you right?" His smile was somehow menacing and evil but he was just unsure of what was happening behind the dog guy. Nysa and Fay... I had to be them... The brothers were not that different from him... He knew them for a long time but now... It looked just like a memory... A long lost memory. He changed his smile to a smirk and let go of the dog-guy's hand as he petted his head and said "Good boy... Nice intro... Anyway grab your weapon and your armor and wait in a line please... I gotta do something..." He went closer to the brothers and passing all of the others which were still choosing who would go first, he nervously stopped in front of them... His eyes only on Fay... He knew that if her brother saw the look in his eyes he would not agree to what he was going to say but... They both knew about it "Yo... Um... Fay, long time no see eh?" He smiled a little nervous and asked as his nervousness changed to a serious face "Let's cut the crap here... Have you both had the nightmare too?" He didn't cared if the other's around them could hear it, he would be more certain of things if they had the nightmare too they would know of things he might not remember... Or maybe it was the reverse? He couldn't know anymore, he was a bit unsure if he needed to say it that loud... What would the others were going to think about it? But... He was tired of all that, he wanted answers this time. He waited as he could still hear them talking about who was going to be the next to say what they knew and stuff... Yeah, he would freak out again as he was tired of waiting them... It was consuming him... Making him weak... Consuming his own SOUL, making his SOUL weak... He wanted that damn answer to enter that damned Underground and kill whatever damned thing was down there just to go to sleep... Yeah, he was tired in the point of doing something/anything to sleep.

    (Sorry for this being bad >.< I'm still a little bad from what I had... >.< It was a freaking bad flu >.< It even made me stay two days away from school and I had a test that I didn't even knew that I was going to have >.< But anyway I'm recovering and maybe in the next post I'll be better... But this looks a little crappy to me >.< Ah, also I posted because I couldn't wait for Kitsune anymore.)
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  9. [ Ahhh, I am soooo sorry! I'm going to be stuck on my phone so I apologize for errors and I think the colors.. I don't think they were the same as before. I dunno. On a phone, it's kinda confusing and weird. ]

    Fay rolled her eyes and let out a frustrated sigh. Nysa put a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him and gave him a small sigh and nodded. "Sorry." She whispered, as if she was supposed to be quiet. Despite the alarms and all, she knew Nysa could hear her. The dark haired male nodded at his little sister with a smile, then looked back up at Marcus, Gio, Damen, Simon... He was waiting for Ana opportunity later to speak to Marcus.

    This all was just making him nervous. Waiting made the poor hybrid nervous. The brother and his sister waited patiently, listening to Simon and Marcus. Nysa would glance down at Fay, to see any reactions. She was almost emotionaless now. Maybe she was drifting off. She looks like that when she is. Fay was looking at Marcus, though. Nysa raised as brow and shook his head. Fay was just thinking about the same things Nysa was thinking and that's all. But Nysa knew what was between Marcus and Fay. Even if it isn't big now or anything, her bigger brother still keeps an eye out.


    Nysa's eyes widened just a bit as Marcus started to walk this way. Now, approaching them. He didn't have time to say anything after seeing the looking in his eyes because Marcus already started to talk to his little sister. The tall hybrid listened to Marcus very carefully. As he asked about the nightmare, Nysa and Fay gave each other looks.

    They both nodded. The blue eyes girl started to say, "Nysa here didn't tell me all the details, but ya know, we had a nightmare. I'm pretty sure all of our nightmares were similar... It was strange. He was begging. But it was kinda creepy at first. C'mon, Marcus, we shouldn't discuss this here now. Just let us through to get our armor and weapons, then we'll talk about it. Alone. Don't be too reckless. Alright?" Her voice was so soft and warm. Welcoming. Especially towards Marcus. Nysa also said, "She's right. You know us. Integrity." He stated, referring to his soul. "Perseverance." Fay stated also referring to her soul.
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  10. Damen blinked heavily at Giovanni. Then pressed a clawed finger to his head, petting his hair gently.
    He heard little voicess that caressed his ears, then big voices that hurt his head. He noticed the man in the front was gone from his position and standing closer to their group.
    They were talking, Him and the girl who acted like mother and the boy who looked like the girl.
    A vision of his brother appeared but he shook his head fiercly and walked to the soilders. Grab you things and go.
    He repeated that to himself as he grabed something out of each bag, not worried about what it was or used for.
    Without introducing himself he stood back in his place next to Giovanne, hoping we could move on without having to talk infront of everyone.
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  11. Simon's ears flattened and he frowned upon hearing the fact he was stomping on somebody's parade by going first. It's okay though, his punishment was a nice, but very embarrassing pat on the head. It made him blush embarrassed and his tail wagged a little, but quickly noticed and put it to a halt to go and grab his various things. These things consisted of a set of armor with a name-tag of S I M O N posted on it, and a 'weapon' of the same caliber of description. He strapped onto his armor and threw his weapon in a place where it wouldn't get in the way of things. He briskly walked in font of everyone and crossed his arms, back turned toward the crowd, throwing on his headphones and listening to some snazzy tune.

    He turned around, a bit more confident than before, to look at his dear crowd of outgoing compadres, only to find that instead of talking their feelings to Marcus, Damen (The guy who was supposed to go in front of him) was trying to do some magical finger-waving stuff and expect that to be that. He wanted to do something about it, he really did. But alas, he was a dog that was WAY to chill for taking a side in instability and finger-waving antics. Heck, he couldn't even do anything on the course of having his head not be petted, even though he KNEW that it was to end with a blush.

    Instead, he decided to do a little finger magic of his own. He pointed his finger at some person, no particular person, and gave a signal for that person to come over, giving a dark, menacing evil face >:). He was bored, and frankly, everyone else looked like they were bored too, so why not lighten the mood with an evil face?>:3
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  12. Giovanni was surprised by the head patting but quickly became overjoyed as his tail sped up it's little wagging motion and a tired but giddy smile began to form on his face. But then Damen went to get the items out of the two bags and Gio's excitement had died down a notch or two. It didn't seem like anyone else would go at the moment but the boy was starting to get a little antsy and began to fidget and mess with the hem of his tank top just for the sake of having something to do with his hands. Even after all this time he was still energetic and found it hard to stay still for certain periods of time unless something truly had his attention. He hadn't noticed Damen's return to his side so far, and the boy's mind was starting to wander as his sleepiness began to fade away.

    The rest will probably have to watch out for this one.
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  13. He looked to one side and said "Tiredness..." With a sigh, he looked back at them, he sighed again and continued "I'm... Just tired of all of this... I just wanted to get a nice bed and something to warm me up, like you..." He looked to Fay and smiled then continued "...And sleep my tiredness away..." He sighed again as he looked down and then looked around... The 'wake up' alarm was so annoying... It was starting to get in his nerves... And he was tired of hearing it. With a swing of his hand, a light blue energy spear went to the red button of the alarm, ending it in the same time it hit the button. His hand was burning with a light blue flame, a flame in the same color of Simon's soul, he looked at the face of Simon the dog... He was with an evil face and pointing to the nothing or to anyone... He smirked and asked "Why you are having that face? Wanna fight Simon?" He made another spear and slowly the flame became green, the same color of Giovanni's soul "What about you 'Gio'? Want to try your luck? Maybe you could defend it?" He slowly moved it to the side and it became Orange... "What about you Damen? Weren't you 'BRAVE' enough to attack me or defend someone instead of staying afraid behind someone?" He laughed a little evilly... He moved it to the other side and pointed it to the nothing... He fixed his menacing look as he thought he had seen someone there... A red... Somehow... It was nothing. He moved it to Simon again, making it light blue and saying "CATCH." He just threw it at him as the others would think that he would be crazy but maybe if Simon stood still... Nothing would happen to him... Maybe. He was ready to attack anyone inside that hallway, he wanted to do something and now that he was fully awake... He was going to love a little 'FIGHT' right there.

    (Sorry if it looks little >.< My ideas are for after and I don't think they could be applied to where they are now... Sorry >.<)
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  14. Giovanni suddenly heard someone call him by his nickname. Turning his head to who spoke, it was Marcus and he was acting like some nutjob and from the way he was speaking it sounded like taunting and challenging everyone. Gio could try to defend Simon, or let him protect himself. Gio acted on impulse and went to stand between the two in an attempt to defend the other in someway, be it with his own if smaller body. Then, he lifted his arm, hand open and with a bit of concentration. A small wall of green flames rose from the ground to try and block the attack. If it was an actual attack and came into contact the wall would morph and then try to "swallow" the spear and just simply attempt to cancle the attack out. Due to being up for only so long and feeling just slightly drained from this use of powers he never really noticed there was the slightest quiver of the wall of flames set up as a last defense.

    (Sorry it's lame. Edit: lol, firewall.)
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  15. When Simon realized he wasn't pointing to anyone in particular, he stopped giving his face and put his hand back in his pockets, hoping nobody noticed and instead, gave a small shrug at all of it. But then he noticed the wake-up alarm being destroyed, and Marcus turning to him, rather angry. "Why you are having that face? Wanna fight Simon?" Simon flailed his arms in the air, "What? You don't like me having a naughty face?"

    But Marcus was beyond salty, being the embodiment of tiredness surely can make one angry all the time, he was turning it all the different colors, and pointing it at all the corresponding people...then, he turned it back at Simon, who gave a yawn and looked at Marcus, expressionless. He then threw the projectile at Simon, who was just standing there, chill as normal, untill a wall of green flames sprouted out from the ground to save the day! But NOoOoOoO! The projectile wasn't 'normal enough'[ to be blocked by the wall and instead, and went straight through it. Simon could only watch as the projectile went straight through him. He frowned, and looked down at where he was impaled by the projectile.

    "Wow Marcus, all the flavors in the world...and you chose salty..." He slowly raised his head up and smiled,

    "Look Marcus, let's save any irrational behavior for the cave monsters, okay? It would be horrendous if we got into a fight before we even got into the cave! And oh my, if one of us ever got hurt..."
    He chuckled at the thought and walked toward the cave entrance, hands in his pockets. "I'll just wait on you guys to finish up, I'm going to play me some Angry BirdsTM while I wait..."
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