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    Long, long ago, two races ruled the earth. These two races were humans, and monsters. One day, a war broke out between the two races, with the humans rising victorious, sealing the monsters deep underground. The only entrance would be through Mount Ebott, and that is where the first human fell through. The human was welcomed by the royal family and treated as their own child.

    But one day, the human died.

    Fast forwards another couple years, another human fell down, however, this human held onto their determination, and worked their way, finally freeing all the monsters, save one particular one.

    Now, in this time, all the humans and the monsters live together. There is still some racism towards the monsters, and there have been riots started, but otherwise, in some villages, it is fairly peaceful. Mount Ebott has been sealed off, however the broken barrier is still accessible to be used to enter the underworld. It's been about a decade since the incident, and there are still a few complications.

    Finally, when everything seems to be dying down, something has been happening with both the monsters and humans. There have been a break out of reported disappearances, sudden aggressive behavior, violence, and etc. It's as though something was messing with their brains. Even the most innocent of humans and monsters started turning against their own kind, and the other out of the blue.

    Sans, now much more older, had been working with Alphys to get to the bottom of all of this, and they found something interesting. It appears as though that the souls of the monsters that die do not disappear, and can last as long as a human soul. This was a huge discovery, and began to research on it. Soon, they found out that the soul was just hollow. There was nothing in it, there was no determination or will of it's own. It was just there. They tried to destroy it, they tried to kill it, but to no avail. Alphys, one day, took the soul, and tried to inject it into another flower, yet it didn't work.

    Over time, the soul became a much more darker color, until it had fallen pitch black. Sans quickly tried to dispose of the soul, however, the soul disappeared before he could even lay a finger on it. Undyne has been going on a man hunt for it, but still unable to find it.

    Ever since the soul had escaped, strange things began happening to the human, and underworld. Roads suddenly appearing then disappearing, people appearing then disappearing, and some people losing a limb for no reason. Sometimes the sunlight would disappear, sometimes a house would be upside down, and sometimes even the annoying dog would pop out of no where on a blank surface. MERCY was sometimes replaced with FIGHT and many more weird occurrences. From that day forth, people decided to rightfully name it 'the Virus'.

    Asriel, on the other hand, has been experiencing mental attacks. Asriel wanted to contact the others, to warn them, however, the 'virus' is slowly corrupting him.

    Who is to be responsible for this virus? Is it Chara? Is it W.D ******? Or maybe.. It could be someone completely new.

    Locations (open)

    Sunny-side Village
    Currently, it is unaffected by the virus. However, there have been few reports of violent outbreaks however very few. It consists of only a number of families, and there is a school in the center, and it's fairly open and surrounded by fields. Many monsters that you would see in the ruins reside here. This area is most well known for their farming, agriculture, and beautiful weather and nature. Unlike Snowdinside Town, Sunny-side Village is in the southern part of Mount Ebott.

    Snowdinside Town
    Much like Snowdin, it is constantly snowing up in the north. Parts and bits are being affect by the virus in the west area, however otherwise, the monsters and humans are unaffected. Monsters you would find in Snowdin reside here. Snowdinside Town is known for their beautiful auroras, along with their famous ice sculptures and art. It is found north of Mount Ebott, Where the weather grows colder. Very few humans live here due to the harsh cold and freezing snow storms.

    Volcano Village
    As the name goes, this village is just off the edge of a volcano. The people there are known for worshipping the volcano, and it is not affected by the virus or the violent outbreaks. many monsters you would find in Hotlands, reside here. Humans who can stand the heat will enjoy it here, and Volcano Village is just to the west of Mount Ebott. Most of the humans who have lived there for generations, worship a god who they believe to be in the volcano. They are famous for their foods and tourism.

    Water-range City
    A city divided by the waterfall. Each part of the city is equally divided among the waterfall, four fold. The entire area is affected, however, not too badly. The monsters have becomes much more aggressive, along with the humans, and the economy has gotten worse in this area. Monsters found in the Waterfall, reside here. The waterfall is a wonderful place to relax and rest, as the hot spring is what makes the town a famous vacation spot. Generally, people here are very knowledgeable in the medical field and natural healers.

    Tech-Center City
    A large, high tech city and possibly the largest city there is. Heavily affected by the virus and monsters and humans began killing each other, and destroying buildings. Right now, it is in ruins, and barely anything you find would be safe. However, machines and items found will be helpful. Monsters found in the Core will reside here. This area is famous for their education, economy, and etc. Many people come here in searches for a job. It's located in the east.

    Temmi-Education Centre
    The Temmie Education Centre. Temmie has finally made a living for herself, himself, themselves. All schools in the world have been overtaken and now legally under the owner ship of Temmie. A good place to get Temmie armor if studied and done right. All Temmie work here, and dog. The smell of Dog residue hangs over in the air. Located in Ovrlnd tem (AKA, Temmie Village overground which is, again, hidden.)

    Mount Ebott
    The center-piece of the country. Mount Ebott reaches up a peak at the top, where the weather is clear and there are actually a few monsters living up there. Mount Ebott is heavily infected, as for some odd reason, the virus is most strong there. Mount Ebott has been shrouded by mystery for many, many years, and even now, no human dares to climb to the top. Should a human climb in it's current state, they will be attacked by mutated monsters, and their sanity and humanity will slowly drain as time goes on. Monsters, on the other hand, will feel any virus growing in them becoming stronger, and monsters who already have a strong virus in them, will be overtaken by it.

    Snowdin Village
    It is now deserted, however, Asriel occasionally drops by Grillbys to grab a snack. Affected by the Virus.

    Hotlands + Waterfall
    Deserted. However, Muffet visits now and then to sell some cakes and such to any passerby. Heavily affected by the virus. Spiders have turned into huge monsters and kill upon sight.

    Closed off, but the house is still accessible. A place where Asriel will sleep and stay to make pie. Unaffected by the Virus.

    Deserted, save for Burgerpants. The poor guy still has to tame the food that's been affected by the sudden virus. Heavily affected.

    Asgore's Castle
    Destroyed. It's utterly broken due to the virus, and nothing can pass it without falling into a hole that completely erases one's existence. The final corridor, however, is completely fine.

    *Extra note
    Please, please, PLEASE understand that this role play is still in progress, such as the plot and everything else. There can be little side stories between characters. But again, pleaseeee understand that there will be a number of updates to the character sheet now and then. I would appriciate it greatly if you were to mention something to me so that I can add it. I'm trying my best to put as few updates as possible.

    Undertale - The Awakened Virus | IwakuRoleplay.com
    1. I think this goes for everyone, but no god modding!
    2. No using the canon characters. I want you to make your own OCs. But you can make your character related to the already made ones.
    3. No meta-gaming or breaking the fourth wall. Let me point out that the only time Undertale breaks the fourth wall is when Flower speaks to you after true pacifist. Yes, undertale shatters the third wall, but it will only leave a large dent in the fourth.
    4. All iwaku rules apply.
    5. Yes, you can make a monster character.
    6. If you've read the rules, put this on the top of your profile: Spaghetti
    7. Please write at least 1-2 decent paragraphs per post. I don't want to be picky, but please.
    8. No human can use the SAVE or LOAD function here. Sorry about that.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Character Sheet
    Name: (First, Middle, Last)
    Race: (Halves between monsters and humans are accepted.)
    Age: (No younger than 5 years old)
    Gender: (Male? Female? Other?)
    Sexuality: (Like straight, asexual, bi. If you're unsure, just put questioning.)
    Appearance: (Picture or Description)
    Place of Birth/Current Residence: (Basically where they live.)
    Affected by Virus?: (Remember, both humans and monsters alike can be affected depending on their location.)
    Alignment: (Good [Pacifist], Neutral, Evil [Genocide]) !This will play a part and cannot be changed to pacifist should one fall from it, or if they are evil!
    Bio: (Optional, but appreciated)
    Personality: (At least one paragraph)
    Occupation: (Welll.. what do they do?)
    SOUL: !Will be added as Story progresses!
    Determination: (On a scale of 1-20. Determination is what keeps you stronger or faster. Say 1 is weak, and you would wobble just by a light push, and 20 being able to stand a gaster blaster head on, and come out still standing with a light burn.)
    Abilities/Attacks: MONSTER CHARACTERS ONLY. Half human/monsters may have an ability as well, however it must be reasonable. It cannot be as strong as Undyne the Undying or Muffet's attacks or something, but yes it can be complicated.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: (Balance it out! For every strength, add a weakness!)

    *A monster's determination can be no greater than 10.
    *A human's determination can ONLY be over 15 after speaking to me.
    *A half human/Monster's determination cannot be lower than 7, however can be no higher than 12.
    ! Be creative! You can be ab-so-lutely anything! Like, you could be a robot like Mettaton for all I care!
    *Okay I kind of lied on that part. I have a few borders. You MUST be a human, monster, or a half human/monster. Yes I am accepting Robots.



    (Originally a deceased monster)
    The result of a merging between Frisk and Chara's Souls.


    Place of Birth/Current Residence
    Sunnyside Village
    Born in Tech-Centre City

    Affected by Virus?


    Although, not much is known about Xael in the public. However, Alphys and Sans know the most about her. Although she may not look like it, she holds fragments and is the result of Frisk's and Chara's souls merged together. She was originally a deceased monster, who only had seconds until her entire soul disappeared. At the last moment, Sans and Alphys injected determination into her body, and at the same time, implanting both Frisk and Chara's souls into the monster. The monster was reborn as a child human, however, retained the antlers growing on her head. Sans and Alphys were amazed when she opened her eyes, and requested that Toriel care for her so that they could inspect her more closely. She grew up as a relatively normal human, having no recollection of her time as a monster. By the age of 5, Toriel found that she had been on the ground, clutching her chest and whining in pain. Toriel quickly brought her to Alphys and Sans, who tried to treat her. The pain had subsided, however, there were two, dim lights floating by her. One was a dark purple, resembling Frisk's stripes. The other was a bright green, resembling Chara's shirt. Sans and Alphys grew curious, and began to research more into this.

    Afterwords, they found out that those lights were fragments of Chara's and Frisk's souls left over, the parts that were unable to merge. They did try to bring back the two humans from that small light, however, Alphys stopped Sans in fear that they would destroy them in the process. Sans, wanting to object, couldn't brush away the possibility, and let the two fireflies free back to Xael. Since then, she became more dependent on the little lights. When the virus first started spreading, the lights tried their best to guide the girl around, and the darker light stayed in her shadow. Within the shadows, the darker light began to cause boulders and such to fall and etc in order to protect her. She has retreated to Sunny-side Village with Toriel.

    Silent, like Frisk. However, she is also manipulative, like Chara. She retains Frisk's kind and calm attitude, however, also retains Chara's sickly sweet way of speaking. She is very, very curious about the world outside, and may get herself into trouble because of it. Deep down, she is a very kind girl, even if she may get violent at times. She would kill a monster or a human with no remorse, but she wouldn't go on a killing spree. She enjoys walking in the dark, as it pleases and calms her down.

    However, she is prone to develop an identity crisis if she were to learn that she were made up of two souls, with another body. She will question is she Chara? Is she Frisk? Is she a monster? Who is she?

    Student at Temmie Elementary.

    !Will be added as Story progresses!


    + Obedient +
    - Dependent -

    + Strategic +
    - Childish -

    + Calm +
    - Occasional violent outbursts-​
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  2. Alright I'll bite. I actually have a monster oc I've been itching to use. Gimme a sec and I'll fill out the form. ^^
    Thank you ;u; @Lissamel
  4. An Undertale RP..? Y'know what? Count me in, too! My form'll be coming out in a little while later, so watch out for it! c:
  5. Same as arcadium, you can expect to see my CS here soon!
    Though I'm not very experienced with Undertale, as I am currently in the process of watching a play-through :p.
  6. I'm so happy that people are joining, that I could cry ;u;
    But yup! You can put up a character sheet anytime you want, just make sure it's not like, a month later or something.

    @Raven Haruka
    It's all good, It won't spoil toooo much xD
  7. Spaghetti is really good when there are meatballs!
    Maria Tytus Cassidy
    (also known as Mary)

    Half-Human, Half-Ghost

    Body of a five year old, is actually thirteen.

    Place of Birth/Current Residence: Sunny-side Village

    Affected by Virus?: Nope


    Most of the time, Mary seems to be very enthusiastic and content with her way of life, always smiling and laughing (though sometimes it's this exact attitude that gets her in trouble). She tries to be polite to strangers and people she is uncomfortable around...actually, it's more like she tries to be polite to everybody, and never likes to talk about her problems or troubles. Though because of this, she also tends to bottle up any negative feelings, and doesn't listen to her heart.
    If somebody were to tease her about her height (which is a whopping 3'1) or her age though...you should feel sorry, because they have just unwittingly unleashed a personal hell for them. It is said that Mary can paralyze somebody just by whispering in somebody's ear, though in order for this to actually work, rumor has it that the victim has to actually be on good terms with Mary, or just assume that she is a completely innocent, warm bundle of joy that wouldn't hurt a fly.

    Mary was born in Sunny-side Village, where her mother was a human working as a teacher,and her father a ghost who worked selling mushrooms and herbs he collected in his spare time. Mary was a frail-looking child who had the looks similar to her mother, but most of her base genetics leaned more towards her father's side, so most of her is colored white, save for her purple eyes, which seem to glow in a extraterrestrial fashion.
    Let's just say that news spreads fast in a small village such as Sunny-side, and when the news of Mary's birth was spread, people began to look upon her entire family with a feeling similar to disgust (save select few, but those were just kind-hearted neighbors). The looks started to affect Mary's mother, especially when said child stopped growing after her fifth birthday. Mary attended kindergarten, though she was mostly excluded purposely from games that all of the other human and/or monster children played. Mary didn't understand, and her mother refused to explain the reason, so after that first year Mary was home-schooled by her mother and father.
    Fast forward a few years, on Mary's tenth birthday, where her father was out collecting his usual herbs and mushrooms, and her mother out shopping for materials needed to make a cake, leaving Mary alone sleeping in their house. When her mother returned, the house was on fire, and Mary was still sleeping peacefully. Her mother, blinded by the fact she thought her daughter was going to die, rushed in, ignoring the intense heat of the flames and badly burning herself as she focused on carrying the small child out of the collapsing house.
    Suddenly, the frame collapsed on top of them, giving the mother no choice but to throw her daughter out of harm's way, even if it meant sacrificing herself in the process. Mary crawled towards her mother, who was now trapped under a large piece of...house. Her mother managed to persuade her to leave, her last request being that Mary "Took care of her father, and made sure he was happy".
    So that's exactly what Mary did, for when her father returned to a group of people putting out the last of the flames, Mary rushed over to hug him, not letting him see the tears formed from her mother's death and instead comforting him as he wept, like the mature young woman her mother would've wanted her to be.
    So up until now, Mary has been spending her time helping her father out with whatever she can, and whether it be picking mushrooms or cooking dinner for the two of them, she always wore a smile on her face. News of The Virus has spread in Sunny-side village, so at least Mary knew what she was dealing with when her father suddenly attacked her out of the blue. It only took a few more days of Mary trying to treat him, before he suddenly disappeared one night, leaving Mary a note telling her that he was "going to see his wife again".
    Mary ripped up the note, throwing the shreds away, refusing the fact that the only family she had left was now dead. After all, if he was truly dead, wouldn't she be crying right now?

    Student (home-schooled and now orphan, but still student)

    ~Usually good at keeping a happy façade to hide her emotions.
    ~Pretty agile/nimble, due to small height and the constant exercise that hiking with her ghost dad was.

    ~Completely naïve/innocent on the ways of the world (great victim for *ahem* references)
    ~Super weak determination, usually would rather avoid fighting, but doesn't really know whether or not she would kill somebody...yet :p

    !Will be added as Story progresses!


    Mary summons a small group of five will-o-wisps, which randomly shoot towards the opponent one at a time.​
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  8. My cooking skill is unrivaled when it comes to spaghetti / With sauce and pasta noodles extra long

    (Pronounced with a hard 'c' sound; middle or last names unknown)


    Approximately thirty

    Mercen is certainly an...Interesting specimen. His 'body' is pinkish and fleshy, but is eternally covered by a sort of 'armor' made from barnacles. There's a few gaps in the coating, however, leaving trails of pink whenever he, say, bends an elbow. His head resembles a giant hard clam--Or maybe it's a helmet made to look like a giant clam. The inside (as much as anyone can see) is completely dark; only his smooth, completely white eyes being visible. Some say his eyes are actually two very large pearls, but nobody's been able to confirm that. How he speaks is unknown. Magic, one would suppose.


    As a little clam, Mercen lived in the Waterfall, most of the time playing in the many pools. He liked diving below the depths, holding his breath for what felt like an eternity and scoping the magnificent world underwater. It excited him to wonder what he could find in the mysterious fathoms below. Life could be so much bigger if he just took a look. When he was a young teenager he discovered a treasure chest filled with jewelry from an older generation of monsters, and it was the biggest moment in his little life. It was this discovery that got him interested in history; taking frequent trips to Snowdin's library (with mother and father's permission of course) in order to learn more of monster nobility and other such things. The war between humans and monsters. Funeral cultures. The biography of their king, Asgore. History was so...Interesting to Mercen, something he could barely comprehend anyone else not liking.

    When the barrier was broken Mercen attempted to learn human history as well, but found it...Daunting. Humans had a history of mainly murder, enslavement, and negotiation--A morality in too many grays for one clam to keep up with. But human artifacts, on the other hand...Now, those were more to his speed. Diving under the human's vast seas (that was one noticeable plus humans had over monsters: many, many, many beautiful bodies of water) he searched for lost weaponry from the human-monster war, taking everything he could find. He went back underground--Most of the other monsters deeming him a weirdo for wanting to return to the place they were imprisoned for so long--And began to set up his magnum opus: The Underground Museum of History.

    Things went well for Mercen, for at least a while. As he discovered new treasures (and had some donated to him), his museum grew. Monster children were always looking upon his things with bright and shiny eyes, eager to learn. Life was simple for the clam, and he couldn't have wanted it any other way.

    That was before the virus.

    It began small. Sometimes, a shield would just...Stop being in it's place. It would always come back soon enough, but it's vanishing always left Mercen worried. Sometimes the glyphs on display would change their letters, looking like hands and...Mailboxes? Some weird language that always toed the line between 'vaguely familiar' and 'completely new'. Recently humans had been letting their children into the Underground, and some of them wanted to see Mercen's marvelous museum too. Usually, this wasn't an issue. But every now and again...He'd just...Get a bit antsy. Want to grab that trident off the wall and turn them into dust--Ahem! Never mind. Just a bug going around. Cough, cough. At the moment, Mercen is trying to live life as it always was, despite his more...Mean-spirited urges. There's a cure for every illness, so he says. He just...Has to make sure...He doesn't do anything bad to anyone else.

    Preserve history. And do not become history.

    Mercen is generally a kindhearted soul; generally appreciative of children and a cheerful fellow. He has an adoration for history and all historical events, able to recite even the most inane of trivial details with relative ease. Mercen firmly believes that knowledge is power, and if his museum can help spread knowledge to all sorts of monsters--Well, by all means, he should! However, this means he can be very, very, very protective of his wares. Touching is not allowed, and although he has some impressive weapons and armor on display, trying to touch and/or take them is strictly forbidden! He doesn't care if times are rough in the Underground, he'll defend his wares with his life if it means possibly educating someone else in history. He's a very reluctant fighter, most of the time just letting attacks bounce off his barnacle shell until the fighter can be apprehended by other means. Breaking the shell, however, exposes his fleshy skin--An obvious, and very exploitable, weak point. Really, Mercen is a nice bloke...

    ...However, he's lived in Water-Range City all his life, and thus has become one of the infected. He's currently fighting it off as though it were any more mundane illness, though sometimes he gets...Urges...That he can't quite explain. Um, it's really nothing to worry about, though. He's fine, for the most part. Just study the museum wares and learn about the marvelous history, and we'll all be...Fine.

    Museum curator / owner

    Will be added as story progresses...However that works for a monster.

    In a metaphorical sense, of course. Monsters can't hold determination like a human can, so the number wavers.

    Befitting of a clam, Mercen's attacks are water-based. His main dabbles in offence involve damaging bubbles (which always move erratically with no set pattern); but he can also drop doubloons (and on occasion, larger pearls) on his foes. The doubloons will always move in a straight line down, and he can only drop up to three consecutively.

    He can also have a variant on either attack, in which the bubbles or doubloons are colored blue. The strategy is the same as any other blue attack: just stand still and no harm shall come.​
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  9. I'll bite into this Undertale apple. I'll submit my form in a little bit.
  10. I'm a bit of a undertake fan so I would like to join if you don't mind,I will put out my OC very soon.
  11. Woo! No problem! I'll be able to read any completed character sheets by tomorrow, so yup!
    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask ouo~
  12. IknowI'maddingalottothecharactersheetandit'sannoying
    But I just remembered that monsters need to have attacks and such as well. I'll make sure to add that part if the character is a monster.
  13. *Becomes the best lesbian fish known to man or monster*

    Name: Undyne (The Undying)
    Race: Monster
    Age: Immortal/yet to have a child appears 21
    Appearance: Tall, slim but definite muscles, huge angler-like smile, blue skin, red hair, eyepatch, yellow eyes with red eyeshadow
    Alignment: Neutral

    Bio: After the royal guard stopped being a thing she continued keeping in touch with as many of the main group as possible. She, however learned anime was not real. And had a bit of a fit before running off the Waterfall. Thankfully there was a nerd there (*cough*HOPEFULLY WHOEVER PLAY ALPHYS CUZ IT'D B TOO CUTE BUT IF THEY DON'T WANNA DO DAT ITS KAY*cough* :3) who had a horribly weaboo maid cafe in which she applied for. She got the job and now works there happily full time.
    Personality: She is very STRONG and competitive. Undyne can be a little violent and naive sometimes, but she makes up for it with optimism and pure intentions.
    Occupation: Frickin maid cafe girl (Lemme be a dork and make my lesbian fish a dork. Insert Shia Lebouf here.)
    SOUL: !Will be added as Story progresses!
    Determination: 9 - VERY DETERMINED

    If I am being far too much of a silly nerd please tell me and I will make it a lot more serious. I'm just slightly (very) intoxicated from the goofiness of the lovely characters. :3
  14. @AgileAkita
    I'm sorry, but I'm not accepting characters that are already part of the original Undertale. Those characters are to be NPCs. However, it is possible to play as Undyne's child. Please re-read the rules and you may submit another character sheet or change your current one.
    A million apologies ;u;

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  15. Oh crap I read the overview and got too excited. Ahhhh that was insanely stupid of me not to read any rules. ;-;
  16. It's alright, it happens to all of us at least once in our lives ;u;
    You can still join tho, I would gladly look it over <3
  17. Yush, that's perfectly fine as well. There's not much of a limit on characters, as long as they don't make up an entire colony.
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  18. My Character sheet will change with the RP!


    A Skeleton Like me has standards you know!

    I Really love



    "I Wonder what goes through your head when you here my Name"

    Serket Cassady Makara






    Serket is 14 years old, although she looks younger




    Place of Birth/Current Residence:

    Serket was born in Snowdin, but she like to travel around

    Affected by Virus?:

    Serket was somewhat affected by the virus, it's because of the virus that she feels no mercy for those who insult her


    Good [Pacifist]





    Serket is a very rapid minded girl, often rambling on about things that aren't important. Serket often likes being in the presents of people that aren't bothered to fight her but are still fun loving and can keep up with her pace. Serket has often been compared to a rose. She appears sweet and innocent, but quickly thought about different when her thorns come into place. She is brash and brutally honest when she needs to be. However, despite her prickly personality, to those who she loves, she is indeed sweet. She is playful to those who know her. Strangers, on the other hand, will have a much harder time getting to know her. She has barriers, and troubles trusting others. Serket finds it hard to open up to other people, but she forces herself to do so thinking it'll get her friends.



    Serket want's to be part of the Royal Guard badly thinking that they are doing things for good, but right now she's teaching herself how to fight with a training dummy (Possessed by a Ghost!)



    !Will be added as Story progresses!


    Serket's determination vary's from 5 to a 8 depending on how her emotional state is, although most of the time it's about an eight.



    "Watt did you say to me? I'm Shocked!"

    [ <3 Act ]

    * Check * Console
    * Insult * Tell Joke


    Serket has 2 attack and 6 defense.
    Helping her seems to be your best option


    "Why, would you say that?"

    Shot Circuit - Serket will begin to cry creating her body to short circuit, it'll then project sparks that look like lighting to land in a random order, you'll be able to tell the start and end point because of the "Spark" looking effect it give two seconds prior to it happening.

    If Hit: -2

    [Check] - [Console] - [Tell Joke]

    "Nobody Care's, NOBODY"

    Wired Up - Serket will create a maze with blue lines she calls them wires, she'll allow you to get down the first pathway before she starts changing the paths, their is a possibility that sh'll move a wire onto you, this is why this is one of her blue attacks, she doesn't want to hurt you if you don't want to hurt her

    If Hit: -1

    [Check] - [Console] - [Tell Joke]

    "Hey! That's a good one! Do you have another one?"

    Ease - Serket, on occasion, will give you a series of orange wires straight up and down, they don't move at all, this move of her's is only used when she is granting mercy on the person

    If Hit: - 1


    Serket is very insecure about herself, but This makes her eager to make others happy so she's very optimistic

    Serket is physically strong to make up for the lack of Not being mentally strong
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