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  1. Hello, it's been a while since I've been here, I just kind a disappeared and it seems the site has changed a little bit. Anyway, I'm sort of looking for a specific rp but I have a feeling I won't find it since I've searched on DeviantART, and then Tumblr, which you would think I may find what I'm looking for on there considering the market there. I've also tried RPNation...and I'm slowly giving up hope.

    What I'm searching for is an Undertale roleplay, I just recently got into it and I'm like drowning in the fandom with so many AU's at my disposal. Though, to be quite honest I'm mainly paying attention to two in particular.

    So, here's the thing the pairing I'm searching for is Sans X UnderSwap Papyrus...now you would think I would get someone who's interested in Fontcest, hell...I though that too...but no such luck so far.

    Now, before you turn away, because I'm sure you probably have by now since this isn't the pairing you were searching for when you clicked onto this thread...keep in mind that I may have other pairings and that I may have a plot for said pairing.

    So as I was thinking about it, I've started to revamp the plot a bit and perhaps it makes more sense that I've revamped. It could be post genocide rout.

    Sans lost the battle with Frisk/Chara and he was dying, after blacking out he soon finds himself back in Snowdin figuring it's another reset and goes on his way...only to find Snowdin is different from what he remembered...and what's with that tall skeleton...wait...Papyrus?

    Ugh, the plot sucks but I think you get my drift, things can go from there, all I can say is the beginning.

    Now, my other Undertale pairings are as follows,

    Sans X Papyrus
    Underfell Sans X Underfell Papyrus
    Underfell Sans X Frisk
    Underfell Sans X UnderSwap Papyrus
    Sans X Frisk
    Papyrus X Mettaton
    Sans X UnderSwap Papyrus.

    Now, I may have a plot or two hiding in the Underfell Sans X UnderSwap Papyrus pairing like perhaps Underfell Papyrus injured Sans so badly and he tries to blip out...only this time he ends up in the UnderSwap universe unconsious and UnderSwap Papyrus finds him...and yeah.

    As for the others...we can figure out a plot somewhere.
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Thread Status:
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