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  1. I want to have an Undertale Roleplay, but I have no partner (active right now) to do it with me! D':

    So if you're interested, don't be afraid to come and talk to me and stuff! I'd love to make a new friend, especially if you love the game like I do!

    I want to play the role of a human or even Frisk, depending on what we agree on. I can somewhat mirror whatever my partner posts, but I'm more comfortable doing casual roleplaying with two paragraphs more or less.

    I'm on winter break, but I am a high schooler so once this ends I won't have anymore free days. I will still try my best to reply as much as I can. I can literally be a speed poster on my good days ^^;
  2. Are you still looking. Ive been looking for some people in the Undertale fandom to roleplay with. I can play either Chara or Asriel. Even Toriel if thats what you need. Im not really good at forming the other characters.
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  3. Yeah, of course! Anything is fine really, I just want to roleplay as Frisk or some type of human! O3O
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  5. I like to think of Frisk as a girl, so girl pronouns! I think anything you want to do is fine! The plot idea for Asriel and Frisk sharing a soul sounds really interesting!
  6. Yeah we can use Frisk as a girl if you want. The basis of the sharing soul au is that Frisk continuously resets the timeline over and over again in order to find a way that Asriel can have a soul again, eventually Frisk realizes they have to give there soul. So we can start where Frisk re-finds Asriel in the flower bed. We can start on this thread if you want.
    Do you want to start or would you like me to.
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  7. Waaah, alright! I might be rusty on stuff about Asriel because its been a sorta shock, and I haven't been able to get into it more,but I'd be willing to do this too!
  8. Don't worry, the AU is very explanatory by itself, and there are little to nothing you wont understand. So dont worry about it. We can begin after this post, or the one after. But do you want to go first, or me.
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  9. Alright! And can you post first? T3T
  10. [ Yeah thats fine ]

    Times Running Out...


    Frisk had defeated hime once again. She had gotten a truly pacifist
    ending, so how come he still felt so, empty? Of course not having a
    soul would be a reason, but during the other timelines, he hadn't felt
    this hollow. And this is what scared him. This could finally be the ending
    for him, Frisk had truly found happiness. He was happy for her. Yet the
    sudden wave of sadness hit him like a brick. Tears streaming down his snow life
    fur, the realization hit him.

    This might be the end of his story.

    Whimpers turned into sobs, and sobs turned into a breakdown.
    He had lived so many lives. Reset after reset, he was content
    with just having Frisk there. But now, he realized Frisk still
    had a home to go to.

    And it wasn't with him.

    Gathering up the buttercups around him, he held them to his
    chest. A final feeling of warmth, love, went through his body. Soon he will return to a flower. Unable to feel love, unable to feel anything.
    He would never have the chance to see his mother and father.
    Although if they knew of the things he had done, he knew they
    would never forgive him. Chara was a distant memory, leaving him
    in the darkness of the flower bed. He had done everything to make it last a little
    longer, so why didn't it work.
    Why did he have to fail another time.
    But at least it may be his final.
    Asriel never truly got the chance to see the Overworld, Frisk's world. He wondered what it looked like, what the stars looked liked.
    The feeling on numbness began to fade into him, grasping the former buttercup of himself he prayed to anyone, anything.

    He just wanted to say goodbye.
  11. Hello! You should not use an interest check thread to conduct your roleplay! There are separate forums for that. If you like, I can move that post over to its own thread, if you give me a title for the roleplay, and the category you'd like it under. Elsewise, you can just create it yourself, and copy-paste the opening post there. :D

    Happy roleplaying.
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  12. Thank you for notifying, I'll fix this! ^^
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