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  1. Anyway, I'm all out and looking for some Undertale rp's, I have pairings. I've been into Undertale for the past few months and also recently found out about the wonderful little expanding multi-verse. I'm on practically all the time and I reply as soon as I can, I assure you.

    Soo, my pairings are as follows and I will put a symbol next to the ones that I am really in the mood for and I will choose another color for the person I wish to be in said pairing (Though we can negotiate if you wish to play said character) I'm not too picky on who plays what!

    Papyrus X Mettaton

    Frisk X Chara
    Sans X Frisk

    Sans X Papyrus
    Sans X Grillby

    Sans X Gaster
    Sans X Swap Papyrus

    Sans X Fell Sans
    Error X Ink @

    Swap Pap X Fell Sans @
    Swap Pap X Fell Pap @
    Fell Sans X Fell Pap
    Fell Sans X Swap Sans
    Swapfell Pap X Swapfell Sans @
    Fell Pap X Swap Sans
    Gaster X Grillby

    Okay so, I know I may not going to get many responses, probably...anyway, pairings are always open, ignore the post count. I may update it constantly and uh...I have some ideas but not full on. I mean, I give ideas that are able to be built on at least. It all just depends on the pairing, y'know?
  2. Still looking
  3. still looking
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.