Underrated Characters Need Some Lovin'! (OOC and Accepting)

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  1. UPDATE: I have a general plot now :D

    So I want to check to see if anyone's interested.
    PM or reply if you have questions.

    Plot: The underrated people live in a world like we do. They have internet, jobs, smart phones, ect. *And we'll pretend that whatever universe they were in never existed, not even in mass media.* They have pretty normal lives except for the fact that some of them work for a organized crime boss (I can see a villain in this role) in New York City. Everyone has a story, everyone has a reason why they work for said crime boss. a small group have screwed up on a deal, and now the crime boss is giving them less than a year to pay them for the damages with either the money for the damages or their lives. They can't leave, the boss will find them. They can't fake their deaths, the boss will know. They can't face them, the boss is super dangerous and super angry with them. The only hope they have in redeeming themselves is to do the boss's bidding.

    No god-moding or powerplaying or anything else that pisses people off. I assume everyone knows not to do that but just to remind everyone.
    All characters must be an underrated character from any type of media or an original character. For popular characters: they may be referenced or an NPC
    Original characters can be based off its creators but if you don't want to do that, no one's going to force you.
    Romance is fine, but please, take any sexy-times to the PMs or just hint it and fade to black (or both).
    Violence is ok, but don't make it too graphic or gory.
    No killing of characters without the permission of the player using said character. Also a given rule...
    Play nice. If you don't like that fandom that the character is from, please keep it to yourself.

    What makes a character underrated? Opinions can and will vary, but usually an underrated character is from a movie that may/may not be considered underrated (Don Bluth films, Treasure Planet, Atlantis, Great Mouse Detective, Balto, other non-Disney films that didn't do well, etc.). A character can also be from a popular movie but is pretty much cast aside or forgotten (Lion King 2 is a good example). Disney princesses are NOT underrated, nor are the Disney Classics. But whether something is or is not underrated is entirely up to the individual. If you're not sure about a character, please run it by me.

    For the URC CS, try to get into character (I think it would make good practice). If you want to practice getting into character with your original character, that would be fine too.

    Minimum post size: 2-3 paragraphs, more would be awesome.
    Post at least 2-3x a week, again, more would be great too.

    For Underrated Character
    From (basically what movie, show, etc. they're from):
    Picture/Appearance (if any pics are available):
    Bio in RP (be creative! :D):
    Sexual Orientation:
    Relationship Status:

    For Original Character
    Sexual Orientation:
    Relationship Status:

    The only role of interest would be the crime boss

    Players So Far
    @PhoenixXeno as Preed and Elyse

    Working for Crime Boss

    Not Working for Crime Boss
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  2. Hm sounds interesting, if I do end up joining, I'll be joining in as Thumbelina, if you don't mind :)
  3. Name: My full name is Preedex Yoa, but please, call me Preed.
    Gender: Well, I am indubitably male, unless they changed that rule which I assume is possible *rolls eyes and hopes everyone catches onto his sarcasm*
    From: Ah yes. I happen to be from a Don Bluth film called Titan AE.
    Picture/Appearance: Well, all right. Here's what I look like
    Show Spoiler
    Yes, I know I'm charming :)
    To start off, I am an alien from the species called Akrennians. I have gray skin with lighter gray markings on my snout, forearms, inside of ears, and lower legs (according to some fanart, I do and so do some others). I have brown eyes, dark markings on the eyelids, reddish-orange nasal plates (even I don't know what to call them), and I have a horn between my nostrils (which I guess is a darker red). I am 6'10" and lanky/bony. I also have a metal plate on the left side of my head and a mostly severed left ear and some transparent fins underneath my arms.
    Personality: *laughs* Many people tell me that I'm sarcastic. I wouldn't have noticed. I do tend to lie and deceive, but I have my reasons! I do consider myself a gentleman seeing how I have a British accent LOL but seriously, I am a gentleman. I am a bit... feminine but I assure you I have my manliness. If I may be a jerk to you, I might be nicer depending on how well we get along. I do have some.... urges... involving women...but I treat them like ladies.
    Bio in RP (This isn't my official back story that I use for my fanfic, but I want to do a different one for this RP): Well, I was solely by my mother. I never knew my father since he left my mother shortly before I was born. So I grew up with no father figure. I did some odds jobs as a teenager before I ended up with a restaurant that was a front for organized crime. And I may have angered my boss about a deal gone bad... I'd rather not splurge more into my personal life or current situation. I keep that private.
    Sexual Orientation: I am a bit of a lesbian, but I am heterosexual.
    Relationship Status: Oh ladies, I'm single ;) But I do have my eye on someone...
    Occupation: manager of restaurant that is a front for organized crime.

    Name: Full name is Elyse Savannah Marie Arleen Kingston, but usually goes by just Elyse
    Gender: Female
    Show Spoiler

    Blonde hair with hazel eyes that mostly look green and gold (ignore the eye color in the pic). 5'2", fairly well built with *ahem* large chest (but not ridiculously so).
    Personality: independent, feisty, kind, doesn't take crap from most people, helpful, sympathetic, hard-working, caring, stubborn, sometimes sarcastic
    Bio: Raised in Florida around the Fort Lauderdale area. Had a decent childhood. Her father gambled away all their money when her mother turned to alcoholism. At nineteen years old, she moved out of her parents' house to get away from them and ended up in New York, New York. She stayed with a friend until she could find a job and her own apartment. Unfortunately, the only job she could find was where Preed worked and has no choice but to live with him after her friend unexpectedly moved out of state. She's getting sick of Preed flirting with her.
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Relationship Status: Single
    Occupation: works at the restaurant that Preed manages
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  4. @Olissa that'd be fine :)
  5. *sigh* any takers?
  6. I love me some underrated characters! In fact, it's rather hard to choose what fandom I want to select from... But, I will have a bio up by later tonight!
  7. Kk, awesome! :D
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