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  1. OBS! Block of text inbound: Recommended- but not forced, to read it all. Hop over to West's Notes to ignore.

    In the United States of America, 707 adults are incarcerated per 100,000 population.

    There are roughly 100 Federal Prisons in the USA.

    There are no known amount of private prisons.​

    Another day at work, it seemed. A hostage situation, people were getting shot at.

    New Reporters dashed with cameras, microphones and notepads, writing-video shooting, anything.

    Police sat aimlessly outside, begging for back up to arrive soon.

    That backup, would be OMEGA-

    Special Weapons And Tactics.

    Wakey Wakey, Sunshine- It's time to wake up.

    It's time for another day in hell.


    Not many know about the horrors that regular SWAT Units have to face while they are called to a situation. The Police can't even come close to imagine what kind of things they have to see, Gangsters- not too likely, the Military: perhaps. Except, you. As someone signing up for SWAT, you read an entire book about it from the United States Jurisdiction Department, watched presentation after presentation to prepare you for your final step to become it- the test.

    At the moment, there are numerous types of Squads, but a prototype one was recently emerged:

    That Squads name is OMEGA, and it is for the best if you remember it, if you want a chance to get into it. This is a squad created to see what it would be like if the people in a squad specialized in other things in order to minimize the amount of Squads required in an area at times of emergencies- and the things that are stated below- are what you can sign up for at the moment.

    You may be the one who breaches the door in first hand, taking down well armed gangsters, mobsters or the things alike in live-or-die situations- a form of a bruiser. They tend to have the most stories to tell about how they were able to take down three guys in one room by themselves when they breached in, or how they had a riot shield and saved their entire squad.

    But they are the once most known to leave a place in a body bag. The call names that these units are issued will be based on that of a dog breeds, like Rottwheiler, Golden Retriever (although it's recommended to have your call name something quick to say- like Retriever instead of Golden Retriever) along with other dog breeds that is quick to say. They are allowed to bear heavy equipment, such as the tactical full body kevlar- rendering them nearly immortal to most sub machine gun rounds and pistol rounds, but makes them a danger to those

    You could otherwise be the one who catches the running bad guy, speed is their ally- and with that, they are quick to adept to their surroundings. Cover is a necessity for them, and without it- they would most likely not survive what the bruisers may. The call name for them may be reffering to the species of Felidae, such as Jaguar, Leopard or Cat. In order to be quick though- they are required to bear minimal gear at any time, so grab the lightest SWAT marked jacket, simplest kevlar vest, an approved firearm along with non-lethal weaponry, and you can go a long way.

    Lastly, if you preffer neither- a good set of brains are always a necessity. To quickly dispatch rogue AI, open up security doors or locked grids- they may not be apart of the firing squad, but they are certainly close to the combat. While most of their gear consists of electrical equipments, tracers and even Electro Magnetic Pulse Devices, they are allowed to carry sidearms. Their callnames however- are a lot more loose then the others. Their callnames are often derived from appearal, some recommended call names are Glasses, Tophat, Fedora, Watchman, etc.

    Of course, there's no law prohibiting you from requesting another call name- but the ones that are standard are recommended to prevent confusion in radio-chatter.
    In the end however, only four people may be accepted into the said squad.

    And by your surroundings, it seems everyone want a piece of the action.

    What horrors may you see, I wonder.
    West's Notes
    Now, my roleplay idea is that the players participating will be apart of the newly formed OMEGA SWAT Squad, who is to be called in during special operations, such as hostage rescues in unknown territory, raids against mobsters and gang members deep in enemy territories... such simple things. Expect Combat roleplay.

    Of course, after each mission, they are allowed to relax in the House- the safe haven of your squad, paid off by the leaders of Special Weapons and Arms to ensure that you all get the necessary amount of rest required to be prepared for a new job. The time for when a job may be received will be randomly determined.

    I was also considering having a skill-tree, meaning so for example one "Runner" specializes in Run N' Gun Tactics, while another one is more into taking out a single enemy with a powerful non-lethal blow, no matter how well trained they are. This is to reward those who decides to stick around in a roleplay for a longer amount of time, meaning the longer you have stayed/activity, the more you may gain. Based on your activity, you will get a set amount of skill points after each mission once you're in the safe haven.

    But also remember- Deaths will occure.

    Maximum Amount of Players At the Start will remain at four, until they reach a part in the game or someone is killed off who was in the squad.

    Kill-Offs will occure to those who are inactive, or if they wish for it through PMs.
    (This post may also be a subject of edits and changes.)​