Underground Metropolis [Interest check & Sign up]

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  1. Underground Metropolis
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    The world is such a rotten place.
    Never seems to go the right way for anyone,
    even the most successful people.

    >> What does it means to be successful ? <<

    It doesn't matter.
    We all die either way.

    But it doesn't hurt to dream, I suppose.
    Hoping every night before I sleep,
    for the world to be a little nicer.
    Praying to whoever up there,
    for the world to go a little slower.
    So people would make time for others.
    And start enjoying life more.

    Underground metropolis.
    Where people all looked the same.
    The same expression.
    The same dress style.
    The same path everyday.

    A place where the sun don't shine.
    It is as gloomy as the people here.
    There's no crime, no police.
    There's no thieves, no murderers.
    Everyone must be the same.
    Those who aren't, will be eliminated.

    Karl Cari's side
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    “Why?” I asked, but mother covered my mouth with her hand as soon as the word escaped my lips.

    “We mustn't question anything.” Her voice was soft, perhaps it's better to pretend I didn't hear the trembling.

    The lights are out. It's ten 'o clock sharp. Good kids should be in bed. I am in bed. I am afraid, very afraid. The sound of the clock ticking filled the room, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. I can't close my eyes, I can't. I can't. I can't.

    We were not allowed to ask questions, not allowed to sleep later than ten every night, not allowed to run, not allowed to dedicate time to what we liked, not allowed any form of media, not allowed to laugh, not allowed to live.

    No one had any idea of what's happening above this place. All we knew was that occasionally, people from there would visit us. No one had to go to school or work that day. We would all be gathered at the hall, we had to stay calm, we mustn't speak, we mustn't look up.

    The footsteps echoed in the otherwise silent hall. It then stopped, right next to me.

    “Answer me, what is your name ?”

    “Karl Cari, sir.” My throat felt dry, but I dare not delay in replying.

    “How old are you ?” The question immediately followed.

    “Eighteen, sir.” I forced the voice out from my dry throat.

    “I didn't say you could answer yet.”

    That's it. I'm going to die, right ?
    Of course.

    My vision faded to black within seconds, needless to say, I'm freed.

    Cassius' side
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    The sound of gunshot made me shut my eyes tight. Followed by that was a loud thud. Everyone in the hall knew what happened. But no one dared to look nor speak.

    We were soon dismissed by the people from up there. No one dared to even go close to the fallen body. I took a peek from the corner of my eyes, warm liquid started flowing out from them. It tasted salty. My knees felt weak as I fell forward, face slamming straight into the dusty cement ground.

    Why am I on the ground ? Why is my face wet ? Everyone was leaving the hall, I should leave too. I stood up in the middle of the now empty hall. What am I doing here ? I glanced around the hall, there's someone laying nearby in a pool of blood. Did I kill him ?

    As I approached him, I swore I saw the hand moving. A soft groan could be heard. The man stood up and staggered towards me. I stayed still, not speaking a word. “Karl” grabbed me by the shoulders and stared straight into my eyes. He was speaking words I couldn't understand. Things about “revolution”, “overthrow” and something along the line of getting out of this place.

    A soft, muffled chuckle was heard, followed by a loud, disturbing laughter. The man in front of me wasn't laughing, his face was dead serious. Who's laughing ? The voice was so familiar.

    Oh, it was me.

    Karl then explained his plan to me after the laughing ceased. His plan of getting more people to join us and escape this place. To be honest, this place stinks a lot. I had never actually noticed it, but after Karl told me everything, they seemed pretty obvious now. We can't die here, can we ? He was shot, obviously. But he's also sitting here, speaking to me.

    I don't get it.


    General rules
    * No god-modding / OP / etc etc you get the drill
    * Proper spelling and grammar. (Occasional typos and such are fine, of course.)
    * At least six sentences or longer.
    * Please don't take it personally if someone's character is mean to yours. ;;

    Skeleton / Sign up form (Credits)
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    Age: (No younger than 13)

    General Appearance: (Either detailed description or picture; Unnatural hair and eye colours are okay ! )

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:

    General History:

    How would they react to the invitation: (Please respond IC; This can be in rp-form, or from your character's perspective.)

    Characters & Setting
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    This is 2189. I live at an underground city which doesn't have a name, there's no need for one any way. Our only source of light is from electricity. No nature in sight at all. Like a giant cell without windows. There's no animals in here either, we only gain our knowledge of them from the books in the library.

    There can be any form of jobs here, except any political-related ones and armed forces. Possession of gunfire is also not allowed. Anyone below age of eighteen is to attend school. Upon graduation, jobs will be assigned for them based on their choices. Anyone above the age of sixty-five is to retire from their jobs and are free to do what they want. Preferably staying home.

    By the way, lights out at ten o' clock every night. Daily activities starts at six in the morning every day. There's no such things as television or computer or cellphone here. We do have home phones, however.
    We had lived here generation after generation. No one knows anything about the actual world out there. We are all content with just being here. It might stinks a little due to the poor air-circulation, but they promised us that it'll be fixed soon. They said that two years ago.

    We don't make the rules, it was them who set up all these.

    Karl Cari
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    Name: Karl Cari
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    More: Deceased

    General Appearance:
    A fair, tall boy, standing at about 186 CM. Has a skinny built. (About 68 KG) His hair takes the colour of dark chocolate and is not longer than his earlobes. His fringe barely covers his eyebrows, which is always in a frown. The colour of his narrow eyes matches his hair's. He wears a black cardigan with a dark grey shirt inside and a pair of black pants, which matches his leather shoes.
    More: After he died, his spirit looks exactly the same, except for the hollow eyes.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To guide Cassius along and get them out of the underground, helping as much people as possible.
    General Personality:
    Karl is a curious boy, often finding himself asking questions in his mind since he's not allowed to ask anything. He is paranoid, often thinking way too much and way too deep. The type who tends to push it a lot. Doesn't like to follow rules, but doesn't dare to voice out either. Really afraid of dying. Not much is known about him.
    After dying, he kind of became more annoying since he talks and asks a lot. No one can see him, any way.

    General History:
    There's nothing much to say about his background or history, except he's really pushing it since young, often sleeping after ten and asking questions. He is then killed after replying to one of them without permission. Cause of death : Bullet to the heart.

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    Name: Cassius (Last name unknown)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18

    General Appearance:
    A really slender boy as compared to others around his height. He is 179CM and 52KG. He has dull grey hair with a tint of green in it. His hair is messy and spiky, often changing hairstyle since he doesn't know how to style it properly. His brown eyes seems pretty dead at times, often gazing into the distance or darting around. He has heavy dark circles and eye bags too, which are obvious against his pale skin. He normally wears a dark grey jacket which is a size bigger than him and a shirt which matches his hair colour on the inside. He also wears a pair of sport pants which is of the same colour as his jacket. (Presumably a set.) Cassius also wears a dog tag with his basic information on it. (Like name, blood type and date of birth. On the back of it is his address.)

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Listen to Karl's instructions and get more people to join them.
    General Personality:
    Cassius is very forgetful, to the point where he can forget his own name at times. He speaks in parts, occasionally a proper sentence. The parts doesn't match up at times, it is as if he's just blabbering out whatever is on his mind at times. He usually wears a flat or expressionless face, but would burst into tears or start to laugh all of a sudden at inappropriate moments sometimes. It's hard to tell his personality. He's a little naïve, yet suspicious of others. He has trouble expressing himself physically, which caused others to think that he's insincere. He also dislikes the crowd and doesn't want to go near others.
    Cassius claims that there's people living inside of him telling him what to do. Sometimes they're really noisy too.

    General History:
    When Cassius was thirteen, his parents noticed something about him. He started having trouble speaking properly and would often have eccentric behaviors. When he told them it was because of the people living inside of him who told him all the weird things he has been saying, his parents decided to abandon him, rather believing that their child was dead since birth.
    He then stayed at the isolated part of the city near the trash dump. The workers there then took him in. After knowing that he has some issues in his head, they made him a dog tag and made him wear it with him all the times.

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    Q: What is the genre ?
    A: Something along the line of futuristic and dystopia. (Not sure if to mention paranormal since Cassius can see Karl, who is already dead.)

    Q: What to do in the RP ?
    A: It depends on your character's decision on whether or not they want to join Cassius. Karl's plan will then unfold bit by bit when the RP begins.

    Q: How is Cassius still seeing Karl ?
    A: How, indeed. (Cassius: Can't others see ?)

    This post is still kind of under construction. Feel free to ask anything ! uvu
    Just posting it to see how many of you are interested in this idea ! ;;
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  2. I'm interested. I like your idea. I think it's very cool.