Underground Killers

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  1. The world has fled to the underground world after the fires of war flared along the surface. Killers have found homes both above and below, and in their own way showing that the people must make a new life on top, or be destroyed. Each killer has their own technique, and all are ruthless.
  2. Nicole stalked her target, a high- ranking official in the underground city. She wore no shoes to muffle her footsteps, her one pure white eye glowing faintly in the darkness.
    "I've got you now," she murmured, and readied her machetes. She attacked.
  3. The young girl snuck along the side of an apartment building, a knife in her hand. This girl had a brilliant, ensnaring voice. Her name is Siren. And, like the sirens in ancient greek mythology, she had a craving for humans. This time, she was hungry for an official. She got closer, and closer, then froze. The was someone else.
  4. Nicole stopped, noticing a young girl, allowing the official to keep walking.
    She's going after my prey! she thought to herself, and then went on stalking the official with her cat- like agility.
    The official sensed a presence and turned around, seeing her.
    He panicked and started to run away.
    "CRAP!!!" she mumbled, sprinting after him.
  5. The woman was scaring off her food! Instantly, she was on top of him, stabbing him in the neck and throwing him into an alley. "What were you doing, stalking my kill?!"
  6. "What are you talking about?!?! I've been stalking him for hours." She crouched and lapped up some of the blood, almost in a cat- like manner.
    She looked at the other girl. "Hey, oj the bright side, I guess teamwork DOES pay off."
    She offered to shake the girl's hand. "I'm Nicole, and my alter ego is Vampy. She's an uncommon type of vampire."
  7. Joe's partner calmly walked down the street with two takeaways in his hand. His name was Peter. "Joe?" he shouted, as he arrived where he told Joe to wait. Peter followed footsteps into an alleyway. He saw Joe's limp and lifeless body before seeing two girls, both clearly underground killers. "SHIT!" he screamed, before breaking into a sprint away from them.
  8. "I'm Siren. A vampire, huh? I guess we both share the taste for blood." Then, there was movement near the alley. Another official. "We'd better get out of here. Help me carry the body to my hideout."
  9. "Sure." She picked up half of the body. "You grab the other half."
  10. She picked up the other half, and they began hauling it to her hideout. By the time they reached it, it was nearly night time.
  11. "Thank god that's over with," Nicole said, tossing the body aside.
    "Ummm, mind if I stay with you? I really have nowhere to go."
  12. "I gotta save Joe." Peter said, reluctantly turning back. "Even if he's dead, I'll need the body for the funeral." he muttered. Damn Underground Killers. Peter was an intern and wasn't a proper offical as he sighed. Peeking round the corner of the alleyway, Peter followed them silently, his heart pounding. Following them took a while and there were a couple of close calls but he actually managed to follow them back to a home. "Jesus. I've actually found one of these monsters hideouts" he thought as he observed them from a short distance, trying his hardest to be hidden.
  13. "Sure thing. Bring him inside, I have something really cool to show you." she walked to the back, into a room containing a massive wine rack. She picked up a bottle, labeled "Kill No. 13", and brought it to Nicole. "Here, have some."
  14. "Ah, thanks. Now you will probably get to meet Vampy. She's bisexual. So am I, by the way."
    She took a swig from the bottle. "Ahhh, delicious." She felt herself change. "Oh, here she comes now."
  15. "Oh. Alright... wow." she said. "I've never seen that before."
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  16. She finished her change. She was obviously a second person, but the same soul.
    "Oh. Hello, you must be Siren. I'm Vampy."
    She sensed a being watching them. "MMMHMMM. . . There is somebody watching us." She pointed to a being almost entirely out of sight and view.
    "Shall we go after him? I'd like some fresh blood, and to test out my powers. I don't get to use them often."
    She started walking outside, her arm forming into a liquid blood arm, which absorbed the machete, turning it into a blood sword. "Are you coming?"
  17. Siren's eyes widened. "Oh, alright. You had better save the body for me." they walked out, her kitchen knife in hand.
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