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  1. MC accidentally finds a club called The Underground, a club for "monsters" to party and let loose. Humans are allowed in but anything can happen. MC ends up becoming whats called a Blut Dirne (Blood whore) and feeds a head of coven. YC wants her on first glance and now must find away to get her away from the other, love just happens on the way. The only thing is the feeling of being fed on gives humans a high feeling that MC is addicted too.

    YC can be of any humanoid "monster"


    Your Character Sheet (open)

    Demon type:

    My Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Annabelle "Belle"
    Age: 18
    Ect: Addicted to being fed on and her vape pen

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  2. Must be willing to reply, no less than, once a day.
  3. I don't mind doing this with you at all, if you're ok with having 2 RPs going with me ;)
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