Undercover Operations

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  1. This is a place not known by anyone. It's a legend, a folk tale. You have been one of the few selected to join. You will be placed in the Combined Ops Force, also known as the C.O.F. You must be cunning, smart, and loyal to the others on the team. Welcome to C.O.F. Squad Omega.

    Character sheet:

    Name: (character's real name and code name)
    Age: (range is 16-50 years)
    Personality: (Optional)
    Specialties/Talents: (Optional)
    Weapon(s) of choice: (Optional)
    Likes: (Optional)
    Dislikes: (Optional)
    Family: (Optional)


    Roleplay link:
  2. Name: Meinrad Jaeger, A.K.A. Scorch
    Age: 26
    Specialties: Demolitions expert and major pyro.
    Weapon of Choice:
    Other: When on mission carries a rucksack full of explosives and rations.
    Personality: Very optimistic, especially when he has explosives. Brightens the mood whenever he can.
    Rank: Seargent
  3. Name: Kate Rasti, code name Jay
    Age: 16
    Weight: 120 ib
    Height: 5' 7''
    Birthday: Friday October 19.
    Appearance: Jet black hair, one green eye, the other is blue.
    Personality: She is very nonsocial until someone starts the conversation with her. She can be very very temper mental, and she is VERY caring and loyal to all her friends.
    Specialties/Talents: She is very inquisitive and analytical (in word wise).
    Weapon(s) of choice: She is very good with most sniper rifles, automatic guns, and semi-automatic guns. She isn't very good with pistols or guns like grenade lauchers, RPG's, ect.
    Family: Both her parents where killed in a car crash. Her brother is in college, and believes she went missing in a school trip to Germany.
  4. Name: Shichiroji Cryptic Yamashita "Bonez"
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 210
    Eye Color: Slightly blacker then normal, the inner eye itself is a red dot
    Hair: Ear length, black hair, the tips are slightly curved upwards. Bangs reaches down passed his eye lashes
    Position: Either one. Better at being a student, never to good at teaching
    Talents: Being able to take command in battle with tatics. Taking out enemies quickly and quietly with just a winchester double edge knife
    Personality: Quiet most of the time, unless spoken too. Very easy to get along with, only has problems when someone demands something of him
    Weapons of choice: A Scar-H Assualt Rifle, with a grip holder. Led sunfire flashlight to the left equiped with a red dot Acog scope. A 9x9 mm Waltherp99, German semi-automatic pistol. Winchester double edge knife
    Class: Ex - Spec Ops
  5. Since it's night and more than half of our characters are asleep what do we do? Lulz
  6. I don't know, but I've got to go to school. You can resume and I'll help when I get back, but for now I have no idea
  7. Alright have fun at school c:
  8. Anyone want to make a second character, the general? I don't really want to do it 'cause it makes me feel like I'm controlling the roleplay. Anyone up for the job? =D
  9. I'm not much of a leader type, sorry.
  10. Was never to good at being leaders
  11. Character sheet:

    Name: Raven Solace a.k.a Shorty
    Age: 17
    Weight: 190
    Height: 5'5"
    Appearance: Black female, soft facial features. Busty, but not overly busty. Short bob haircut, black. Always dresses in black. Goggles.
    Personality: Strong, nurturing type.
    Specialties/Talents: Melee combat, fists, boxing pro. She's short, but she's got speed. Stealthy.
    Weapon(s) of choice: Fists/Knife or (if I have to) Assault Rifle.
    Likes: Strong people
    Dislikes: Overly happy people
    Family: Father was a commander.

  12. Thanks for joining ZeniaGrey! RP is here: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=19273
    Welcome to team Omega!
  13. How is this for Team Omega's transport?

  14. Looks awesome, I think it'll be great =D Does everyone else agree?
  15. I was specifically looking for something with a tank cannon on it. xD
  16. Like they say, no such thing as Overkill!
  17. Ok, I'll play the general, but the team won't meet him in person so I won't have to make another character. Is it ok for me to go ahead and throw in a mission?