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  1. Grace Baek
    Days: 259
    Kalos: 15
    Kakos: 35

    “And I’m saying that you got it wrong. I asked for a crease in the pants, I don’t know what the fuck you did, but that’s not a crease, it’s a fuck up.” Grace snapped at the dry cleaning and mending reaper lady who just refused to admit that she was wrong and give the deserved refund.

    Pointing at the pants, the lady insisted in a monotone voice. “You asked for me to take in the waist line a bit, and that’s what I did.” The reaper stated and Grace swore she was about to bust a vein.

    “Why in the fuck, would I ask you to take in the waist? And even if I did, you didn’t just take in the waist you took in the pockets, and the crotch area. How am I supposed to wear this shit when it looks jacked to hell? I want my money back!” Grace snapped, shoving the ‘no longer pants thing’ back at the reaper and holding her hand out for the payment. There was no way she was leaving without getting some type of justice.

    The reaper narrowed her eyes at Grace and within the two minutes of silence, Grace knew what was about to happen. Damn, she should have brought her ear plugs.

    SSKKKKRRREEE--- The female reaper began but before she could let out a full blown screech, another reaper--a male-- stepped up to the counter and murmured something in the lady reaper’s ear. The first reaper’s jaw snapped shut and she seemed to go back to normal. “Oh I’m so sorry Miss, it seems I mixed up your order with someone elses. Here’s your refund.”

    Completely satisfied, Grace walked out of the Dry Cleaners and Mending shop, ignoring the incredulous looks that the other customers gave her. She couldn’t care less, honestly. She wasn’t going to be anyone’s punk. Striding towards her truck, she unlocked the door and climbed in. Of course she didn’t have the trailer with her, that one was at the wash. She didn’t get any jobs this week so she was free to do as she pleased. And at the moment she had a strong craving for a calzone.

    Noah Felix
    Days: 365
    Kalos: 0
    Kakos: 0

    What had happened? One minute he was smiling at three small kittens and thinking about where he was going to take them to get checked out, and the next minute he was standing in the river below the bridge beside a mangled and bloody body. Not just any body. His. It was his face that he was staring down at. His face that looked so shocked and frozen in terror and agony all at the same time.

    How in the world had this happened? He had just been trying to save those kittens. Now what was going to happen? What about his grandmother? The sheriff was going to find his broken body and he would have to let her know. Oh God, how would she take that? Her only son, gone. Fallen from a bridge because he was a fool. A damn fool!

    “Oh Mom, I’m so sorry!” Noah whimpered falling to his knees beside his body. He reached towards his body and tried to grasp it, but his transparent fingers slipped through and grabbed at nothing but air. He thought that maybe, he’d be able to get back inside, like in the movies. And maybe he could pretend like nothing happened and he could just go back to how things were. He would never put his life in danger ever again! If he ever saw trouble he would call the police like he should!

    “It is impossible.” A monotonous voice murmured from behind him. Noah whirled around to see a young lady with light gray skin and equally light gray eyes. She was dressed in a loose black dress and she was holding a red noose in her hands. “Once a soul leaves its body, it can never return unless it is reincarnated and even then, it is given a new body.”

    “Wh-who are you?” Noah whimpered, backing up, to get as far away from the woman as possible. His efforts turned out to be useless, as the woman reached his position in two quick steps. She held the noose out to him.

    “I am called Dionne and I am a reaper. It is time for you to leave this world. However because you have done an equal amount of good and bad deeds, you cannot enter Heaven or Hell. You must come with me to the Undercity where you will live again and your actions will determine your destination. Come now.” Before Noah could react, the woman slipped the noose over his neck, down his shoulders and around his waist. The noose tightened and Noah found that no matter how hard he resisted and fought, he could not get loose and he was forced to follow the strange gray lady.

    “Please just let me say goodbye to my mother!” Noah pleaded.

    “It is impossible.” Was the only response.

    As they walked, Noah’s body became just a spec in the distance, but he could hear the police sirens and the screams of the poor guy who had found him. He hoped his mother was nowhere around and that she hadn't seen his remains.

    “Get in.”

    Noah’s thoughts dispersed as he realized that he and the reaper were now standing in front of a simplistic looking boat. It was made entirely out of wood and there were only two seats, one for him and the reaper probably. As soon as Noah stepped inside the boat, a fog suddenly fell and he could only see what was in front of him. A dark river, that pulled them along without the reaper needing to row. It seemed like forever that they were floating along the river, but they were soon bathed in warm sunlight as they approached a port. Noah’s jaw dropped as he stared at the bright city before him. It looked like the pictures of New York that he had seen on postcards! Everything was so...Beautiful!

    When they docked, Noah scrambled eagerly from the boat and would have walked off to explore if the reaper hadn’t pulled him back.

    “Wait. Two things are necessary before you enter the city. First, I will give you back your physical form. Second, I must give you your orientation. It will take at least three hours. Listen well.”

    When the Dionne was finished explaining how life worked in the Undercity, she gave Noah directions to his new home and let him go.

    Clutching his stone tablet to his chest, Noah entered the city.
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  2. Amadeo Acocella - 365 Days - 0 Kalos - 0 Kakos, blue

    Amadeo had only just arrived at the restaurant in which he worked--La Lanterna di Vittorio--3 minutes ago. He walked in and...that was it. It was all black from there. Well, Amadeo had seen two paramedics, who seemed to be tending to him. This was before he everything went black. Of course, it was just a dream. A small nightmare...right?

    He awoke, eyes opening to see a white ceiling. This wasn't his ceiling, and he realized this. His eyes slowly came into focus, and he started to blink. Amadeo looked around, finally registering the fact that he was in a hospital, he quickly sat up in the hospital bed. He looked down at himself, and saw that he still had on the same clothes he wore to La Lanterna, shoes and all. Why do I still have this on if I'm in the hospital? Wait...why am I in the hospital? he thought to himself, fairly perplexed.

    Amadeo rose from the bed, looking at his surroundings in suspicion. And when he turned...there, he saw his body, laying peacefully. His face had multiple cuts on it, as if shards of glass fell over his face, however the blood was all cleaned up.

    "Che diavolo?" he says in a confused and panicked tone. He was beginning to think he was crazy. It's just a dream. Just a strange dream, he thought. "Yeah...just a dream."

    "It is not a dream,"
    an unvaried, male voice said from behind him. Amadeo swivels around to his right, nearly losing his balance. When he looks up, there he sees a man. The man was no ordinary human...Amadeo was certain he wasn't human at all. This man wore an all-black suit. He had gray eyes and strangely...gray skin. And he had a dull expression.

    "Who are you? Why am I looking at...myself...in a hospital bed?" Amadeo said in his Italian accent, pointing to his beaten body on the bed. His accent was still there, though he had been slowly but surely losing it with the passing years of being in America.

    "I am the reaper Cepheus. I've come to collect you--a soul who has met their end on Earth," the man says in a low voice. Just as he says this, Amadeo sees the noose that he holds in his hands. This makes him begin to back away to the hospital room door.

    "No, but...but I'm alive. I'm here. I'm here, dannazione!" Amadeo curses. When he reaches the door, he tries to open it and run. However, he merely stumbles through the door, finding himself standing in the hallway. "What the hell?" Two male nurses come solemnly walking down the hall. One opens the door to Amadeo's room, and the other walks in. Amadeo observes as the nurse inside pulls up the white blanket to cover Amadeo's face. And it was only then that the soul Amadeo heard the sound of a lifeline going flat.

    The nurse starts to roll the bed out into the hall, given that the many wires that would have been connected to Amadeo's body were already detached.

    "You died while you were in a coma. And because of this, your soul cannot go to neither Heaven nor Hell. But a place called the Undercity. Everything will be explained. But you must come with me," Cepheus says, standing near Amadeo. Without further speech, Cepheus wraps the noose about Amadeo's waist. He turned and began to walk, pulling Amadeo behind him.
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  3. 0 KAKOS
    Rhonwen had actually bought the ingredients of her death days before she'd thrown them together. On Monday, she bought a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of advil, and a bottle of sleeping pills. But the whiskey got her in the mood to drown herself in alcohol, and she went out clubbing in hopes of getting a girl for the night. She did, and that dashed her plans. On Tuesday, Rhonwen put the three items together in a cabinet that was bare of anything else, and called back the girl from Monday. Wednesday morning, the girl confessed that the sex was great, and the booze was what got her past the personality.

    Wednesday night, Rhonwen opened the cabinet. Then she shut it in favor of three beers still in the fridge. Thursday, she didn't bother getting out of bed, except to drink the last beer in the fridge and shut the blinds. She spent the day in and out of slumber. On Friday, Rhonwen drank the bottle of whiskey, and when she woke on Saturday, she bought another bottle of it. On Sunday, Rhonwen was disgusted with herself. She drank the bottle of advil dry, and took tips of the whiskey and the sleeping pills- some together, some apart- and sat in her apartment. After her
    cocktail, Rhonwen was aware of the bottle slipping from her hand, but she was asleep soon after.

    Later, she was still in the apartment, but how she was standing up. It was some early hour of the morning, and when Rhonwen looked down, she could see herself sitting their in the light of the streetlamps outside. She frowned; perhaps that was too rash a decision. But either this was a crazy dream, or it was too late now. Shame. If she'd gotten another chance, Rhonwen decided, she would have made herself look much better than that. Instead, she was curled up like a body that you could see at the museums, and there vomit all over her body and in her hair. "Stupid," she mused aloud.

    "Very," a neutral voice agreed. With a jump, Rhonwen span, and
    berated herself internally for being scared. She was dead now- what was this punk going to do to her? "I take it you've noticed that you're dead. No going back."

    "Well, I ein't that dense, er..." The retort was ruined by her searching for a name for the young man that stoof in front of her. He was skinny and wore only black- long sleeved shirt, pants, shoes. Even his hair was dark. But his skin was grey, and his eyes were also grey. He looked completely apathetic, but swung a noose in his hand. Clockwise, counterclockwise, clockwise...

    "Kallias," the young man offered. "I'm here to take you to the Underworld. Suicide earns you a year at a chance for redemption. Or damnation. Not very different from life, except you know the time limit and that you're being watched," he added. He would have sounded bored, but there wasn't even enough emotion in his voice for that. But finally he stopped swinging the noose aimlessly, and approached Rhonwen. She didn't say anything, but merely watched with a disapproving look as he slipped the noose over her, and tightened it around her waist.

    "Is this necessary?" Rhonwen eventually asked as they walked. Kallias gave a dull "yes" in response. Realizing that he wasn't the chatty time, Rhonwen followed in silence, and wondered how long it would be until they found her body. Probably not until the rent was due. She wondered what her family would think of her suicide. Though she suposed it didn't really matter how they chose to remember her- or not- now. Not unless she saw one of them in... Wherever she was going.

    Somehow, they'd approached a river, and Rhonwen could only assume it wasn't the Hudson. There was a boat that Kallias prodded her into it, and he pushed the craft along the murky waters. They approached a dock, and Rhonwen wrinkled her nose. "You made a wrong turn," she informed Kallias. "We're back a' New York."

    "This is the Undercity," Kallias started, and explained how things would work here, then handed Rhonwen a tablet and released her into the city, with directions to her home. She set out
    immediately for the skyscraper that would house her for the next year, and looked at the empty tablet in her hands, considering how to fill it.
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  4. Cassandra Covington
    Days: 356
    Kalos: 0

    Cassandra remembered getting into the car to go to a photoshoot and the bright lights of another car coming at her out of the darkness. She didn't remember any of the events after that as her eyes slowly opened to look at a white ceiling that could only be a hospital. If she thought about it, she couldn't smell the cleaning supplies used, or feel the cold that was always associated with such places, in fact, she couldt feel anything at all which should have seemed odd to her, but she took it rather calmly as she slowly sat up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. She could see flowers in her room and a pile of letters, probably get well cards from the staff or some fans that had heard of her accident. She didn't care just then as she wondered just where her parents were. Wouldn't they want to be there when she had come to? It seemed not, always busy with planning her next photo op or potential movie gigs. She hated that they used her for their own means, but she couldn't do much about it, they had roped her into a contract before she was old enough to know how binding the damn things were.

    So, not seeing them in her room wasn't really a big surprise. What was a surprise was realizing she was in her regular clothing and not in a hospital gown, or that she didn't seem to have a scratch on her. How long had she been in the hospital anyways? She started to look for a calendar, but stopped in her tracks when she saw the body... Her body, laying on the bed and the mangled mess she had become. It was kind of funny really. No one would believe that bruised mess could be her, and somehow she didn't really care. Only the sound of a monitor squealing informed her that she had actually died in the hospital. How ironic. She had wanted out of her life and now that she had that option she didn't want to go. Though that seemed to be the crisis of all humans wasn't it? They complained about what they wanted and when they get it they change their minds.

    Sadly she didn't have the option to think on this further situation as a clearly male voice spoke behind her. Cassandra Covington, I take it you are aware of your death? She turned to look at whoever was speaking to her and took a step back. What she saw was a man that could have been called handsome for most people, save for his grey skin and eyes looking directly at her. If she had to say anything about him, he resembled a corpse, at least he did in her opinion. She suppressed a shiver as she nodded slightly. "Yes, but who are you?"

    My name is not important, only the task at hand. I am here to collect your soul or essence and bring it to the undercity where you will being a new... life as it were. Since you died before you had a chance to fully enjoy life you are going to be given a second chance. What you do determines if you will be reborn, go to heaven or sent to hell.

    Well, that didn't sound like much fun.

    However, she wasn't really given a chance to say as much as a noose was slipped about her waist and she was pulled down to the city. The rest of her orientation was rather dull and at the end she was given a tablet to mark her good or bad deeds at the end of each day. She wasn't totally sure how any of this would actually work, but it was worth a shot. Maybe she could have freedom here that she hadn't experienced before in her actual life. As she carried her tablet she thought about what possibilities there were for her, for the souls in the city as she walked to her new apartment.
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  5. Lorelei Willford
    Days: 360
    Kalos: 2
    Kakos: 2

    Thin fingers elegantly danced over the smooth side of the tablet. Four marks decorated the tablet: two on the smooth side and two on the rough side. Two good and two bad. Her stomach twisted in an anxious knot and her delicate face tensed with anticipation. The choices she made now would affect the rest of her eternity. Only 360 more days to decide where she would end up. The five mornings she had in the Undercity thus far were spent dwelling over the tablet, checking to see if she had gained any new marks. Lorelei had to admit; when she got her first mark she was really excited. It was the first time she was able to make her own decisions and lead her life in whatever direction she wanted to. But as more marks began to appear, the inklings of dread began to settle in the pit of her stomach. Sure, it was exciting living her own life and making her own decisions, but that didn’t change the fact that she was dead and only had one year to live the way she wants to.

    Lori took in a deep breath, filling her lungs up with as much air as she could. Inhale, hold, exhale. With that exhalation all her worries left her being, a weight left her shoulders. She got up from her bed and stretched her arms far above her head to shake the stiffness from her bones. After that she got dressed for the day, ate a meager breakfast of dried fruit and nuts, and left her apartment—the home given to her when she entered the Undercity. Today her major goal was securing a decent job. Lorelei had never had a job before, so it was really exciting. Hopefully she didn’t mess up; hopefully she’d meet new people and make new friends; Lorelei’s mind was a flurry of thoughts as she carelessly made her way down the sidewalk with a happy skip in her step. The dark thoughts concerning the tablet were all but forgotten as she set about her day.

    The brunette found herself stopping in front of a quaint little bakery that was located right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Undercity, perfect for business. The reapers who worked there had helped her find her way to the apartment complex, given her some scraps to eat, and company, so she hoped they would give her a chance. Just as her hand touched the cool metal handle of the door, a sound reached her ears. Crying. She turned around and saw a little boy crying, people walking by him without batting an eye. Brows furrowed with worry as she made her way over to him.

    “What’s wrong?” She asked, placing her hand on his small shoulder to get his attention. The boy didn’t reply, instead he flung himself at her, clinging to her legs tightly. Her hand found its way to the soft blonde hair on his head as she tried to calm him down enough to talk to her.

    “We were going to the pet shop so I could get a puppy, but I stopped to tie my shoe. When I looked up she was gone! Mommy was gone!” More tears sprung in the little boy’s eyes at the mention of his mother, but he soon pointed to his shoe. “And my shoe’s still not tied!” That seemed to cause even more pain for the little boy and his wailing grew louder as he tried, and failed, to tie his laces.

    Lori’s hands took the short laces from the boy’s, and after several tries she managed to tie them tight. “There. Now how about we go find your mother? I’m Lorelei, by the way.” The woman remained kneeling as she spoke, extending her hand out to the little boy in greeting. The boy hesitantly took it, hiccupping as the last of his tears streamed down his face.

    “I’m Ethan…”

    Lorelei smiled when he introduced himself, which, in turn, caused Ethan to smile as well. Her hand loosened its grip on his as she stood, but his grip only tightened, not wanting to let go. Lorelei’s smile grew, and to comfort him even more she gently squeezed his hand. “We’ll go to the pet shop and see if you’re mother is there first, does that sound alright?” Ethan nodded his head, following close behind Lorelei as though he was afraid he would get lost again.
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  6. Noah Felix
    Days: 365
    Kalos: 1
    Kakos: 0

    Reaching his apartment was relatively easy. Dionne gave impressively descriptive direction and he never took a wrong turn once and got to his destination in no time at all! Well kind of. On the way he had stopped to help any old lady carry her bags to her car. And then he'd stopped for a few minutes to stare at his tablet that had suddenly acquired a mark on the smooth side.

    "Wow." Noah breathed, realizing now that everything was so...real. He had been in a daze before, and hadn't really gotten the full impact of what was going on, but...This was real. He was going to live in this place for a whole year in order to determine whether he went to Heaven, Hell or got reincarnated! "Wow." Noah repeated, unable to say anything else.

    Brushing off his shock, Noah stepped forward and entered the apartment building, gasping in surprise when a blast of cold air hit him full force. "Whoa!" He exclaimed, wrapping his arms around himself, whilst holding the tablet close. "It's freezing in here!" He commented to no one in particular, but the lobbyist answered him anyway.

    "Yeah, we got a few guys in here, who hack the thermostat system and turn it way low. They're always pumping iron, so it just has to be oh so cool for them." The lobbyist grumbled, making air quotations as he spoke. "Nobody can figure out how to block public access to the thermostat, so they basically decide whether it'll be hot or cold." He grumbled.

    "Oh, well, I wish I knew how to help, but I'm new here and plus I don't know much about any system really. Can't you call the HVAC person or something? Err...If there is one?" Noah suggested.

    "Yeah, I tried but the dude's not answering. Like most business dudes around here, he's a reaper, so I guess he went to Earth to fetch somebody. I'll probably try again when he gets back. Thanks bro." The lobbyist said, giving Noah a nod before turning back to the front desk.

    Getting onto the elevator, Noah took out the piece of paper that Dionne had written his floor and apartment number on. Floor 12, Apt. 104. The elevator dinged and Noah stepped out and made his way up the hall.


    Grace Baek
    Days: 259
    Kalos: 15
    Kakos: 35

    Grace was sitting in her favorite Italian restaurant, at her favorite seat, eating her favorite meal. A buffalo chicken calzone. Hot sauce, chicken, ranch. What more could a girl want? Taking a large sip of her lemonade, Grace leaned back in her seat and stared out of the far window, thinking about what she would do afterwards. Honestly. She hated free days. What the hell do you even do on a free day?

    Trucking was her life, and when she wasn't trucking, she was at home, staring at Ian and trying to figure out what the hell she should do. Like now. Minus Ian, because he was at the local pet shop getting his shell scrubbed. Not that hanging out with a tortoise was exactly fun. But Grace didn't really have anyone else to interact with. Maybe she should get some friends? Or just one.

    Turning to stare at the rest of the restaurant customers, Grace found herself watching the little to large groups of people interacting. Laughing, talking, kissing...Save for the last part, Grace wanted all of that. At the moment the only people she spoke to were her clients, and one or two reapers. But having a close relationship with a client was a big 'NO' in the working world and trying to joke around with a reaper was like trying to eat a brick. Painfully embarrassing and impossible.
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