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    When humans who have a balanced scale or never got a true chance at life die, they go to live in the Undercity for a year. The Undercity is the more popular name for the Underworld. It is ruled by Hades, his wife Persephone and it is managed and overseen by his Reapers.

    The Undercity resides between Heaven and Hell and is adjacent to Earth. However, without having judgement passed upon you, it is impossible to leave the city and enter those places.

    The Undercity is filled with skyscrapers, and just about every establishment that you would find on earth save for any establishments relating to physical health, and death.

    Every room in a skyscraper serves as an apartment for a single citizen. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, you will always have a home in the Undercity until your judgement day. All of the rooms are the same size and consist of a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. If desired, it is possible to acquire a terrace or patio in which to garden, however in order to acquire one you must submit a request to Persephone.

    The city is split into two parts by the River Styx. It is impossible to cross through the River of Styx without being dragged into hell. In order to cross to the other side of the Undercity, you must make use of one of the bridges passing over the river.

    Arriving in the Undercity
    When a human dies, their soul is pulled out of their body and they have the option of remaining in place or wandering. Either way, a reaper departs from the Undercity to fetch the soul and lead them to the Undercity. But that is only if the soul fits the requirements of citizenship in the Undercity.

    The Reaper brings the soul to the entrance to the River Styx, where they board a boat, and begin their journey to the Undercity Port. Upon reaching the port, the orientation of the soul begins.


    The Reaper who brought the soul to the city informs the soul who has now reaquired their previous human form, of their purpose in the city.

    A human who has done an equal amount of Kalos (good) and Kakos (bad) deeds, cannot enter Heaven or Hell and therefore must enter the Undercity so that their destination can be determined. The purpose of their citizenship in the Undercity is for them to live their life. How their life was lived will determine if they go to Heaven, Hell or if they are given a second chance at life and are reincarnated. You have 365 days to determine where you will go.

    In order to keep track of the Kalos and Kakos deeds that they commit, every human is given a stone tablet. One side is rough and the other side is smooth. The rough side represents the Kakos side of life and the smooth side represents the Kalos side. When a human commits a bad act, a tally mark is added to the Kakos side. When they commit a good act, a tally mark is added to the Kalos side.

    One the 365th day, Reapers will come and escort the human to the palace of Hades, there Hades will count the amount of Kakos and Kalos marks. If there are more Kakos marks than Kalos, the human will go to hell. If there are more Kalos then Kakos the human will go to Heaven. If the amount of marks are equal, the human will be reincarnated.

    Now go. Live your life. And I, being the one who brought you here, will see you in 365 days. Here is the key to your home, as well as your tablet. Keep in mind that tablets cannot be destroyed or marked by a human.

    Undercity Beings
    Hades is the God of the Underworld and the ruler of the Undercity. He is never seen until one exceeds their time in the undercity and must attend their judgement day. The only ones who know his appearance are his reapers, his wife and the citizens that attend their judgement day.

    Persephone the Goddess of Spring Time, unlike her husband she is rarely seen but does make appearances when someone’s garden flourishes. She is also the one a human must submit a request to if they wish to have a garden.

    Reapers are creatures that oversee the Undercity, lead humans into the city and run various establishments in the city. Reapers resemble humans in every way save for their gray skin color and gray eyes. Reapers wear black and speak in low, whisper like tones however they are capable of screeching when angered. Unlike in human lore, reapers do not carry scythes to reap the souls of humans. They instead collect the waiting souls at the time of death with nooses that they loop around the souls essence.


    Undercity Ctitzen Requirements
    In order to be a citizen of the Undercity, a human must have been;

    In a coma. [Moderate]

    A suicide victim. [Common]

    Someone who did an equal amount of good and bad things. [Rare]

    Someone with schizophrenia.* [Common]

    *When these people are brought into the city they no longer have mental health issues.

    Life in the Undercity
    A citizen can choose to work, start a family, commit crimes or spend all of their year mourning their own death. There are no laws to restrict them.

    A human can submit a request to the Goddess Persephone, to be given a plot of fertile land to garden. The success or neglect of this garden will impact the Kakos and Kalos marks. If the garden flourishes, Kalos marks will be given. If the garden is neglected and dies, Kakos points will be given. If you don’t have a garden, nothing will happen to you.

    Both wild and domestic animals are present in the Undercity. However if you wish to have a pet, it is encouraged to adopt one at a pet store or a shelter. If a wild animal is taken as a pet, Kakos marks will be added to the owner’s tablet. However, if the animal is happy living with the owner, the Kakos marks will be removed and Kalos marks will be added. If the animal, wild or domestic is unhappy living with the owner, Kakos marks will be added.

    Children do not go to the undercity. It is possible to have children while you are a citizen in the undercity, but if a child dies on earth they will go straight to heaven. In the Undercity when your time is up, the children that you had, get reincarnated as actual children on earth.


    • I will private message you with the status of your tablet every in game day
    • Include the amount of days left in the Undercity in all of your posts
    • No Godmodding
    • No Special snowflakes, Mary Sues, Gary Stues etc
    • Site Rules Apply
    • Sex scenes should fade to black and/or taken to pms
    • You don’t have to be JK Rowling, but you need to know how to write properly, and use proper spelling and grammar.
    • Two paragraphs (one paragraph is 5-8 sentences) minimum, per post.
    • If you are a new citizen, the rp will start at the time of your death. You roleplay the reaper that reaps you. Please keep in mind the description and personality of reapers.
    • If you read the rules put Tombstone at the end of your post.
    • Reapers have Greek names.
    • Hades, Persephone and the Reapers are NPCs. (Except for when a reaper is bringing you to the city)
    • At the time of your character's judgement the reaper that brought you to the city will take you to see Hades for your judgement day. I will rp Hades.
    • Each day in this rp is 6 real life hours (3 for day 3 for night). After each day I will make a post stating something along the lines of. 'Day 1 over onto Day 2.' or something. Please do your best to keep up.
    • Try to stray from 'death due to abuse' backgrounds, please.

    Character Sheet

    Appearance: Description or Picture (real only)
    AoD: (Age of death) [18+]
    CoD: (Cause of death)
    Place of Birth:
    Place of Death:

    Remaining Citizenship Time:
    Personality: (Description, no list)
    Background: (At least two paragraphs)
    Traits: [Out of 10]

    • Compassion:
    • Empathy:
    • Creativity:
    • Mental Flexibility:
    • Passion/Motivation:
    • Education:
    • Stamina:
    • Physical Strength:
    • Temperament:
    • Initiative:
    • Restraint:
    • Agility:
    • Strategy:
    • Teamwork:
    Kalos Marks: (only if you aren’t new)
    Kakos Marks: (only if you aren’t new)

    Requesting a garden?
    Occupation: [Optional. Former and desired. ]
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    Name: Lorelei Willford, Lor or Lori as nicknames

    AoD: 20

    Gender: Female

    CoD: Like many others who suffered from respiratory failure, Lorelei slipped into a painless coma while she was in her room. During the night Lorelei passed, unable to breathe.

    Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington

    Place of Death: Seattle, Washington

    Remaining Citizenship: 360 days

    Personality: Like many others who enter the Undercity, Lorelei has become the exact opposite of what she was on Earth. She loves interacting with all kinds of people; however she is unaware of her own social awkwardness. The knowledge to tell the difference between lies and the truth has yet to be gained, and as a result Lorelei is very trusting of others, extremely gullible, and easily manipulated. Because of having schizophrenia, very few people interacted with her on Earth, and Lorelei hated that. She hates being alone, so she adapted and became a social butterfly—no, a social lion. She does have a few slight handicaps when it comes to interacting with others. There’s still some trouble putting her thoughts into words, and she’ll often stutter when she can’t think of the word she wanted to say. There is also still some remaining confusion when she does simple tasks, like she’ll momentarily forget how to do something before the idea pops back into her head.

    One of the greatest things about Lorelei is her independence, though it can be considered an extreme independence. All her life she needed help doing things, she now that she’s capable of doing things herself she never asks for help. She tends to take on more than she can handle more times than not, and is reluctant to ask for help even when she knows she needs it. Despite that, her independence is one of her greatest highlights. It has led Lorelei to be very motivated to do things herself, which in turn expands her knowledge about many things. It can also be said that Lorelei has a one-track mind; once a task or goal is set for herself, she doesn’t stop until it’s done. She’s very driven, and loves the feeling she gets when she accomplishes something by herself.

    Lorelei tends to come off as clueless. She’s bubbly and happy and friendly, but at the same time she’s gullible and ignorant and bull-headed. By no means is she ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’. When one enters the Undercity, they aren’t given any extra knowledge that they didn’t have on Earth. What they had then is what they have now, but they have the means to grow it. Lorelei hasn’t had enough experience to understand some things, which is her fatal flaw.

    Background: Lorelei suffered from schizophrenia when she was on Earth. While she did have her share of hallucinations and delusional thoughts, she suffered mostly from a disorganized thought process. She had a hard time comprehending what people were saying as well as articulating her own sentences, which were often completely incomprehensible to those she was speaking to. Over time she also began to develop a shortness of breath. Lorelei became tired and found it difficult to keep her breath doing the simplest of tasks—ones that she often did with the help of her parents because she couldn’t understand how to do them—and she couldn’t formulate a comprehensible sentence for her parents to understand. Her skin eventually took on a barely noticeable grayish color the longer she lived with her symptoms. The shortness of breath and grayish pallor were results of her respiratory failure, which was the cause of her death.

    Lorelei Willford is the eldest daughter of Thomas and Jacqueline Willford. She is the only one of the three Willford siblings to have schizophrenia. Her younger sister Caroline is Lorelei’s closest friend, and is usually the one who helps Lorelei with anything she needs help with. Caroline is 17, three years younger than Lorelei. Her youngest sibling is Grant, who’s only 10. Despite being young and naïve, Grant has grown to dislike Lorelei because she was such a hassle due to her schizophrenia. The kids at school would tease him because of her, and as a result Grant doesn’t like her.

    Outside of her immediate family, Lorelei didn’t have many friends. Even members of her extended family didn’t like her, and as a result her family was basically ostracized. Lorelei lived her life in ignorance. Due to her disorganized thought process, she had a hard time understanding things. She never knew that Grant didn’t like her, or that her extended family didn’t like her; she also never recognized when people were mean to her.

    Traits [Out of 10]:

    --Compassion: 6/10

    --Empathy: 3/10

    --Creativity: 5/10

    --Mental Flexibility: 3.5/10

    --Passion/Motivation: 9/10

    --Education: 5/10

    --Stamina: 6/10

    --Physical Strength: 5/10

    --Temperament: 6/10

    --Initiative: 9.5/10

    --Restraint: 7.5/10

    --Agility: 7/10

    --Strategy: 4/10

    --Teamwork: 3/10

    Kalos Marks (Good): 2

    Kakos Marks (Bad): 2

    Pets: None

    Children: None

    Requesting a Garden?: No, thank you.

    Occupation: None, so far. However a job that involves a lot of interaction with people would be desired. Will look for a simple job once she settles down.

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  4. WIP


    Name: Emily White

    AoD: 22

    CoD: She was a schizofrenic with the wrong diagnosis, who OD'd on the pills the doctors gave her.
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  5. *Loud giggle* I'm so excited! :D

  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Grace Baek
    AoD: 26
    Gender: Female
    CoD: Head Trauma / Coma
    Place of Birth: New York City
    Place of Death: New York City

    Remaining Citizenship Time: 259 Days
    Personality: When she was alive and living in New York with her fiance, Grace was kind and an all around good Samaritan. She often put others well being before hers and rarely ever complained. When she was sad or upset she kept those feelings to herself in order to not ruin the moods of others.

    As a citizen of the Undercity, Grace is the polar opposite of her former self. Realizing that good people always get the short and shitty end of the stick, she began to look out for her and her only. She did as she pleased with zero regard for others comfort and feelings. However, she isn't all reckless and mean. She doesn't bully or harass people unnecessarily, she just does whatever makes her happy.

    Background: Grace was born to two less than suitable parents in New York city. Now her parents weren't completely horrible. They didn't abuse her or neglect her or let her do whatever she wanted. But they did force their idea of a 'perfect' child onto her. You see, her mother was a accountant and her father was a lawyer and so they were always busy and despised cacophony of any kind. From the day that Grace was born, her parents discouraged vocalizations going over the level of 'inside voices'. When she cried they gave her a pacifier. When she wanted entertainment they gave her soft toys that didn't jangle or crash against anything if she threw them.

    At age 8, Grace's Aunt Eun Hi, came to live with them. Eun Hi was a sensitive woman. Sensitive meaning that she was afraid of and didn't like anything. In order to ease her nerves and make her permanent stay comfortable, Grace's parents laid down some new rules for their daughter.
    1. No play dates at the house.
    2. TV Volume must stay at 5.
    3. And no pets.
    Now Grace didn't mind the first two, because she didn't really have any friends to begin with. It was the third rule that broke her little heart. She had been begging her parents for days for a pet and finally they had given in and told her that she could get a dog. But a quiet one that didn't require much care or exercise. But then, when her aunt had come, they had retracted their statement and said, "Aunt Eun Hi is so sensitive and frail. Can you imagine what the presence of that animal could do to her? You don't want that to happen do you?" And Grace had said "No. Of course not."

    At age 13, Grace's want for a dog faded away as she gained friends and popularity in high school. At her school, Grace was known for her kindness and willingness to help out and so she was nominated for student body president. However, Grace didn't really want to be apart of the student body, but because everyone was counting on her, she reluctantly participated in the campaign and won, unfortunately. Being student body president was quite hard. Grace had to put a lot of her time and effort into completing her duties as well as listening to the wishes and complaints of the student council. This causes her a lot of stress and caused her to become isolated from what little friends that she had.

    At age 17, Grace became a loner who's main concern and interests were family oriented. She was no longer the student body president, and she no longer had any popularity or friends. All of this didn't bother her because she thought that she could finally focus on what she wanted to do. But this was not the case. With the loss of demands from her social circle came the demands of her family. Because of her Aunt's frail status, and her parents busy lives, Grace was tasked with taking care of her aunt, and she did quite a good job. She didn't have any social obligations so she could focus her undivided attention on her Aunt. Her parents noticed how caring their daughter was and began to pressure her to become a nurse. This was far from what Grace truly wanted but her parents twisted and manipulated her until she gave in and went to school to become a nurse.

    At age 22, Grace graduated from nursing school and got a job at the local hospital in her neighborhood. By this time Grace was so far from what she wanted her life to be, she simply gave up on her one true dream and resigned to the life of a nurse. Her patients adored her and sometimes they--the men in particular--developed crushes on her. But as soon as they were released from care, their immature feelings went away.

    But sometimes they didn't.

    Florence Nightingale Syndrome is what killed her.
    Grace was assigned to an older male patient who had broken both of his legs. His case was very important because he couldn't move much due to the gravity of his injuries. So he relied heavily on Grace and they spent a lot of time together. Grace simply saw him as another one of her patients to be treated delicately. But he saw it as her giving him special and tender treatment. When it came time for his release, the man proposed to her. Naturally Grace turned him down, thinking his feelings were irrational and simply due to their extended time together. She told him as such, and he became enraged. Before anyone could restrain him, he lunged forward, striking her. Grace pitched backwards and her head slammed against the tile floor.

    She went into a coma after that and her parents kept her on the machine for a four years before pulling the plug.

    Compassion: 3/10
    Empathy: 4/10
    Creativity: 6/10
    Mental Flexibility: 5/10
    Passion/Motivation: 7.5/10
    Education: 9/10
    Stamina: 7/10
    Physical Strength: 9/10
    Temperament: 2/10
    Initiative: 7/10
    Restraint: 6/10
    Agility: 7/10
    Strategy: 6/10
    Teamwork: 1/10

    Kalos Marks: 15
    Kakos Marks: 35

    Pets: A Red Footed Tortoise named Ian
    Children: None.
    Requesting a garden? n/a Already have one
    Occupation: Nurse [Former] Trucker/Writer [Current]


    Name: Noah Felix
    AoD: 18
    Gender: Male
    CoD: Fell off a bridge
    Place of Birth: Beaufort, South Carolina
    Place of Death: Beaufort, South Carolina

    Remaining Citizenship Time: 365
    Personality: Noah is a sweet guy who hates seeing people upset or sad, so he always tries to cheer them up. He is very sensitive and old fashioned so he always acts like a gentleman and he never went beyond a peck on the lips when he dated. However the girls that he dated always wanted more than that, so he was usually broken up with within a week of dating. But he didn't mind. He always knew that he'd meet his soul mate one day and that they would respect his traditions and boundaries.
    Background: Noah grew up in a small town, raised by his grandmother. His mother had him when she was a teenager and his father has never been in the picture. At first his mother wanted to leave Noah at the local hospital and be done with it, but her mother who felt quite guilty about how her only daughter ended up, wanted a second chance with Noah and so she legally adopted the child. Seeing that she was free of responsibility, Noah's mother forced her mother to promise to never reveal Noah's parentage to him and then she ran off and never looked back. Although she was disappointed by her daughter's actions, Noah's grandmother raised Noah to the best of her ability. She did the exact opposite of what she had done when she raised her daughter, and Noah turned out to be a sensitive and kind gentleman.

    Noah had always been a sweet boy, he always put others before himself and he loved animals. He always told his mother (grandmother) that when he grew up he was going to become a vet and make lots of money and give her all the good things that she deserved.
    Before Noah died he had been so close to that goal. He had just graduated and had a full scholarship to a veterinary college in the city. But the day before he was to leave home to move into his dorm, Noah went out on a celebratory walk. He was never one to turn to alcohol or partying when he was celebrating and so he went on a walk about town. It was at the town's main bridge that his name appeared on death's list. Some cruel soul had tied a bag of kittens to the bridge and they were dangling over the water below. Noah climbed over the edge and untied the bag and slung it gently onto the other side. By appearance only, the kittens seemed fine, maybe a bit scared. Rejoicing, Noah began to climb back over when he lost his footing and fell into the river below.


    Compassion: 9/10
    Empathy: 9/10
    Creativity: 6/10
    Mental Flexibility: 8/10
    Passion/Motivation: 10/10
    Education: 7/10
    Stamina: 6/10
    Physical Strength: 7/10
    Temperament: 9/10
    Initiative: 7/10
    Restraint: 10/10
    Agility: 5/10
    Strategy: 4/10
    Teamwork: 7/10

    Kalos Marks: TBA
    Kakos Marks: TBA

    Pets: None.
    Children: No.
    Requesting a garden? Yes.

    Occupation: Former - High School Grad/College Freshman. Desired - Veterinarian
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  7. I'm definitely going to join this.
    Are we allowed to have multiple characters? Or create new ones as time goes on?
  8. You can have as many characters as you can handle. And yes you can create new ones as we go along. ^^
  9. Awesome, thank you! C:

    Alright, another question, though: say you've got a person who is transgendered, pre-op, and they end up in the Undercity; would their body be the same as in life or would their gender and sex match up?
    Like if you've got a trans guy, will he still have a female body if he enters the city before he could change his sex, or would he be male?
  10. They would die in whatever state that they were in pre death. Say if a woman who wants to become a man, starts taking hormone replacement therapy and so she has a beard, and maybe her voice is a little deep. If she gets killed she would still have the beard, deep voice etc when she went to the undercity. However because there are no medical facilities in the undercity, she would remain in the middle of her transition.
  11. I'm really interested in this but I have one question. If a kid dies and comes to the Undercity would that kid have to live alone or is it arranged so the kid gets to live whit a grownup?
  12. This is really interesting and I might join. I just have a few questions...
    "Death due to abuse". My character has been abused by foster parents, but she killed them, and that was long ago. She was molested by her legal guardian before she died, but the cause of death was a plane crash. Would that still be considered "death due to abuse", and would I have to change the history?
    Also (random) is there technology in the Undercity?
  13. @Aika

    Actually, and I will add a note about this, because I totally forgot. Children do not go to the undercity. It is possible to have children while you are a citizen in the undercity, but if a child dies on earth they will go straight to heaven. In the undercity when your time is up, the children that you had, get reincarnated as actual children on earth.

    Thanks for asking that question!


    The Undercity has all the technology that Earth does at this time. So ipods, flat screens, hybrid cars, it has all of that and more.

    No, because abuse didn't kill her, a plane crash did.
  14. She was a person who did an equal amount of good and bad things. However, she truly viewed herself as a bad person, which most people thought she was, but she and others didn't realize how much good she's done. Her good deeds were done in a way that were perceived as amoral. If she were to end up in a place like the Undercity and discover why she is there, she'd be confounded.
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    If I ever post my character sheet on here, you can tell that I sort of based her off Lisbeth... Not sort of, but a lot. Ha. I love Lisbeth.
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  16. Almost done with mine. Just a bit more editing. It'll be completed by the end of the day.
  17. So sorry >.> I lost the thread and never got started then I started more rp's so I don't have room for this one now..... Sorry bout that
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