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  1. Under Wraps

    Alba was a bit confused on why he was here in the first place. Well, actually, he was only a bit perplexed. He knew Sara had been trying to set him up with people for a while, but he had really thought she had given up at this point. After all, he never really took to any of the people she introduced to him; they weren't really his type, after all. It had been a few months since her last try, around the time he had told her that he accepted that he and his cat, Gyro, were going to be the only ones living in his house, ever.

    Obviously she hadn't given up, though, as she had randomly sent him a place and a time, and told him to be there. So, here he was, sitting at a booth and checking his phone. He was pretty sure that he was either early, later, or the other guy was late. It was one of those three. He wasn't particularly sure which. But that was fine, he had worse. He could wait five minutes for....WHOEVER this was to arrive. He wasn't that impatient, after all. He's a artist! He's bound to have patients out the wazoo. Or, whatever that saying was. He was pretty sure it was wazoo.

    But, the point was, Alba was perfectly content playing flappy bird for the next hour, if he was completely honest. He wouldn't be bored if the guy never showed, and he wouldn't be disappointed because he didn't KNOW him. He didn't even know if he was hot, really. He knew it was a he, though. That was it. That was all Sara had given him to work with.
  2. Akoni often lost himself in thought when he was swimming. Swimming made him feel so at peace. He could swim for hours, not caring about how wrinkly he would be when he got out. Swimming just helped him relax. It helped him figure out answers to his problems. Though swimming in the pool was not the same as swimming in the ocean. Ugh, the ocean....He could feel his bones just long to be in that salt water. Feel those waves crash against his body. He missed the ocean....He missed his home. Opening his eyes, he looked up at the sky, wondering what time it was....Time....He had something to do today right?....Shit.

    Akoni splashed out the water hurrying out his uncles pool, to grab his phone. 12:34pm. His friend Sara had set him up on some random date at one. At this rate, he'll be late. Running into the house, he quickly ran the shower, and then ran to his room before picking out a decent outfit. Tucking his thick black locks behind his ear, he grabbed his outfit and took it to the bathroom with him. As he quickly got undressed, he hopped into the shower, feeling the warm water run all over his body. He had to move quick, he couldn't be late for his date, he didn't want the other person think he didn't care...That would be just rude. After a quick shower, he got dressed, his hair still wet from his shower, and he hurried outside, not without grabbing his car keys. Hopping intobhsi black pickup, Akoni hurried to the restaurant Sara told him to be at. It was already 1:17pm. Ugh...He was so late...

    By the time he arrived Akoni was already thirty minutes late. He was told by Sara that he would be looking for a boy with glasses, and Eskimo hat, and was fairly short, but he wasn't supposed to bring up his height. Sara said he had a bit of an insecuritied about his height. Once his eyes landed on the other male, his light pink lips slowly curved into a rather lazy, but hot smile. Slowly, the tall Hawaiian made his way over, slightly clearing his throat. "....Hello? You're a friend of Sara's right?" Akoni asked. Akoni's voice was literally amazing.it was so deep, and rich sounding. Like his voice sounded like chocolate melting or something. It was just so smooth. He wore a black shirt, that hugged his body, showing what a nice body he had under. On his lower body was tan khakis, stopping just below his knee. On his feet? Black flip flops. He wore his chain with his mother's wedding ring around his neck. His long hair was curled at the ends since it was still wet, and laid on his shoulders. Even though he was dressed so simple, he made it look so hot. His face was right out of a Calvin Klein magazine.

  3. Alba
    Oh. Oh. So, he was hot. Super hot. Like, his fathers chili hot. Alba hadn't been prepared for this. No, no, he'd been prepared for a mediocre guy, with a normal ol' face. The Hispanic man bit the inside of his cheek to keep himself from saying anything as he placed his phone in his pocket rather quickly. He wondered for a moment if he could drive the other away by speaking rapidly in his native language. That might do it.

    Now, it wasn't that Alba didn't like Sara. No, she was sweet and all. But, again, it never worked out. He'd rather have a happy life with his cat than an unhappy hour with a hot guy, who seemed to have a nice six-pack. After all, happiness before...hoes? He didn't really know. The point was, he and Gyro were in a very committed friendship. The cat would get jealous. That was obviously the reason for this. So, for the sake of Gyro, he would drive this man away, and apologize to Sara later.

    "Vaya, hola. Bueno, usted es caliente, pero en realidad, yo estoy en una relación comprometida con mi gato. Él se pone celosa, y no puede ser que tenga que. Él es un gato celoso enojado. Que arruinaría mi casa. Por lo tanto, el hombre surfista caliente, es probable que no se puede entender nada de esto, pero sabes qué? Lo que sea. Guay. ((Oh, wow, hi. Well, you're hot, but really, I'm in a committed relationship with my cat. He would get jealous, and I can't be having that. He's a angry jealous cat. He would ruin my house. So, hot surfer man, you probably can't understand ANY of this, but you know what? Whatever. Cool.))" Alba spoke, trying to make it so he didn't take a breath in between. He decided not to answer the question. Maybe the other would think he didn't speak English. That could work out rather well, right?

    Hopefully he didn't speak Spanish, or that spiel was going to be rather embarrassing. Actually, not rather; REALLY embarrassing. He was just going with the assumption that the man didn't. He could totally be wrong here, and that would be awful. Really awful. Like, he would go under a rock and die kind of awful. He vowed to himself to leave immediately if the other showed any sign of understanding what he said
  4. Akoni blinked a few times, before holding his hands up, as a sign to slow him down. "Whoa, whoa dude, take it easy there....I heard cat? Maybe? I'm not entirely sure." The Hawaiian looked at the boy, obviously confused. Sara told him that he was Spanish, but surely he spoke English right? The man sat down, finding the small Spanish man to be rather adorable. He was really cute with those glasses on. Maybe he though Akoni was Spanish? He got that once before.

    Raking his fingers through his long hair, he gave him a 'Colgate' worthy smile, before holding out his strong hand. "I'm Akoni. Um...Do you speak English? Hope my a cutie like you do." He smiled, giving him a wink. He slowly sat down at the booth. "Sorry I'm late, I got a bit lost into something, I hope I didn't make you mad are anything."

  5. Alba
    He was nice? And thought Alba was cute? This was a bit much. And he understood a word of the Spanish! This all had the man at a loss for words, really. Maybe he could TRY speaking to the guy. But, he'd keep it on a friendly level. Totally friendly. Amigo level. Pal area.

    "It's....fine. I wasn't waiting that long." He paused, before shrugging a bit "Spanish thing is a nervous habit? I do speak English. Fluently. If...it wasn't obvious." He flashed a awkward smile, rubbing the back of his head.

    This would be difficult. But, he believed in himself. He could do this. Make friends with the hot guy. Avoid potential disasters. Avoid OFFENDING hot guy. The perfect plan, and Sara would stay off his back about all this. That would be great. She did love to pester him over all these sort of things.
  6. "Nervous? Surely I don't make you nervous, right?" He causally teased, , flashing another one of his smiles, causing his deep dimple in his right cheek to appear. This boy wasn't so bad. Sara was right, he was really cute, and he seemed really nice.

    Akoni never really been on a blind date before, so he didn't exactly know how it worked. Well, when in doubt, be yourself right? And people tended to like his personality. And hey, maybe they could become something. Sara said that Akoni would end up liking him, he seemed like a really nice guy. "Well since I told ya my name, I should probably ask you your, huh? So what is it." He asked, folding his arms on the table with a smile. A few waitresses had looked over at Akoni. Obviously finding the surfer really hot.
  7. "Alba." He responded, finding the table to be a great thing to stare at "I usually go by Al. So...yea. Al. Nice to meet you? Sorry about ignoring your hand. I think. You offered a handshake, right? I don't really remember." He began to ramble, hands moving rapidly as he spoke "I'm forgetful. It's a thing. I don't remember what I had for breakfast this morning."

    It was true. He didn't. He was pretty sure it was eggs, but he couldn't be completely sure. It might've been cereal. Then again, he wasn't sure if he even had that in his house; he might not. Or milk. He probably didn't have milk either.
  8. "No its fine, I get it. Your nervous, and I'll have to admit that I am too. This is my first blind date. Actually this is my first date in quite some time. A year I think? And Sara was insisting that I should go, so hey why not? Besides I love trying new things." He smiled, looking at him with a curious glint in his hazel eyes.

    "But I'm happy to share my first experience with you, Al. Can I call ya that? You can call me Koni." Grinned the tall man, his hair getting into his face. He took his tan long fingers and tucked it behind his ears, studying the others features. "So tell me, what ya into?"
  9. "Sara sets me up on lots of blind dates. I'm a lonely cat man, so I don't think you really struck gold here, man. I literally paint and hand out with my cat. And...knit. Do artsy things with my cat. Soon to be two cats. I guess I sort of like surfing the web, too. Is that a hobby? Looking up memes? I'm not sure." Alba said, fingers tapping against the table in a rhythmic beat, and he bit his lip slightly

    "And, uh, you? I guess? If you're into talking about what you're into. I mean, I'm assuming your previous statement is non-sexual. Like, if it was, probably wouldn't have answered. But that's off topic." He took a deep breath at the end, before adding an awkward "So, yea."
  10. Awkward...This boy was very, very awkward. So awkward that it was actually cute. He couldn't help but let a deep giggle pace through his lips, as his pink lips laced into a smile. "A cat man? I don't think you qualify as a cat man if you only have one cat, you have to at least have 10. If you don't have a double digit then you don't qualify." He teased, chuckling at the boy.

    "And I'm into mostly surfing. I used to surf a lot back at home. I'm also into fixing things u . Mostly cars. And I also like swimming. Anything that has to do with water basically.' He smiled before looking at the menu. "Have you ordered or did you wait for me?"
  11. "Oh. Cool." So the guy DID surf. Not surprising, he looked the part. And he fixed things? O la la. That was certainly something. Alba couldn't fix anything, really. He breaks a LOT of things, so it would be useful if he could, but no, no, he sucked at fixing things he broke. It was awful, along with the rest of his skills that weren't exactly useful.

    He soon after noticed that there was a question asked, and shook his head "No, I didn't order. I was waiting. Patiently. Figured it would be rude or something to order when the mystery person hadn't arrived yet." he answered, shrugging a bit, and pushing his glasses up so they were in the right place.
  12. "Well let's order, and get whatever ya like, it's on me, alright?" Stated the Hawaiian man, as his eyes were now locked on the menu, skimming through it to find something he liked. He never really been to this restaurant, so he didn't even know what they had. Sighing, he looked at Al, and smiled.

    "You know, back where I come from, most restaurants were outside. Yeah they had like a tall gate surrounding it, but no roof. It was cool. 'Specially at night. You could have dinner under the stars. And plus you could hear the ocean. And they would do these cool fire tricks while you were eating." Akoni chuckled at the memory of eating there with a few friends.
  13. Alba was getting a appetizer. He was not making this man pay too much. That would just be rude, really, and he was not a rude person. In fact, he liked to think he was the opposite of rude. He was polite, and that meant that he was going to order the least expensive thing on the menu.

    He glanced up momentarily to listen "Outside? Really?" he leaned his head on his hand, which was propped up by his arm "That's a lot of stuff going on at once. Eating, stars, the ocean, and fire? Jeez. I'm not sure I'd have time to eat between all of that...."
  14. "Huh, you'll be amazed." Answered the surfer, as he decided he would just order some pasta. "And all of their food was caught from the ocean. It taste really fresh and good. I hope I can go back there one day."

    Akoni satbhis menu down to the side, and looked at his date. He wondered what the other was thinking. He hoped he was boring the other, but it was hard to tell. Al was really hard to read...Hmmm, well he wasn't smiling much...Maybe Akoni was boring the other. How could he get the other to smile? He didn't even know what kind of humor he liked. Just then a waitress came other, chewing on her bottom lip, her eyes on Akoni. She looked like one of those blonde bimbo types.

    "Can I start you fellas with some drinks? Or are ya ready to order?" She smiled, twirling her hair eroundbher finger as her eyes drank in Akoni's lovely body.

    "I'll have your grilled chicken and cheese pasta...With a strawberry lemonade." Answered Akoni, still looking at his date.
  15. The least expensive thing on this damn menu seemed to be a plate of mozzarella sticks. And you know what? Fine by him. As long as he was discreetly being the politest person, ever. Or, semi-close to. Maybe he could slip some cash in, later. After all, he had come prepared. Sure, it was most of the extra money he had, but it wasn't like he was going to use it for much more than another cheap app game. This was more important.

    Alba looked up at the waitress, not entirely pleased with the way she was staring at Akoni. He mentally hit himself, reminding himself that no, this was not actually a TRUE date, and she was free to do what she liked. He just really hoped his dislike of such wasn't too obvious. That would be bad.

    "Could I have....er....the mozzarella sticks? And water?" He asked, feeling a bit dumb, as it didn't sound much like a proper meal once he said it out loud.
  16. Akoni thought the same, arching a brow at the order. "....Al you can get what you want, its all on me. You sure you want that, it doesn't seem....Filling." The Hawaiian mumbled.

    The waitress blinked wondering why Am on in would be paying. She pouted, realizing they mist bs on a date or something. But that wasn't going to stop her from flirting. Besides what was this hunk doing with a boy who barely seemed interested. Maybe he wasn't interested she could continue to flirt.
  17. Alba flushed red, and practically went to hide his face behind his upright menu "Haha, well, uh, I...I'm good. I feel bad." he admitted, fidgeting "I can get stuff later, you know? It's cool. I'll survive. 'Sides, a little less food should do me some good anyway......"

    He peeked over the menu, shrugging a bit. God, this was going downhill. Really downhill. He was failing, and this is why these things never worked out for him. He was a failure blind date, and this guy would probably hate him without Alba actually making an effort. Which should be GOOD, but Alba wasn't actually too pleased about it. Quite the opposite, actually. He just wanted this to be all over soon so he could dive under a rock and die.
  18. "Your already as skinny as a twig, you should get a little more." He offered kindly, and smiled. "Don't worry about me...How about some fries with that? Can we get a large order of fries. Thank you." Akoni smiled, finally looking up at the waitress.

    Jotting it down quickly, she nodded, before leaving to go get their drinks. Akoni looked back at his date, seeing him kind of shrink down. "...Hey, Al. No need to be nervous. I promise I'm a nice guy."
  19. "I'm bad. With dates and stuff in generally." He said, slowly putting down the menu and rubbing the back of his head "Again, you didn't really strike gold here, buddy. I'm probably the worst person on blind dates."

    And it was true. He always seemed to mess up with that. So, he had just gone to assume that that was the issue, and that's about when he stopped trying to impress and started trying to avoid. Sure, probably not the best thing to do, but he was really uncomfortable with all of this now. Of course, Sara didn't seem to give a shit, and kept setting him on these anyway.
  20. "You shouldn't talk about yourself like that. I think I struck gold. You seem like a really nice guy, and nice people aren't really around nowadays." Stated the man as he looked at his date. Giving him a warm smile, he reach to place his hand over the others. "Look, I promise I'll try and help you have fun today okay? And if you do have a good time, in return I would like you to talk more positive about yourself. Okay?"
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