Under the shadow of the night!

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  1. The airplane shook under the night sky where a team of marines got ready for their next mission, a man stood up and began talking "Alright boys, we are going in for a H.A.L.O. insertion, all of you have been trained and knew the procedures regarding this jump... when the red light appears begin breath." he paused for a moment as they all nodded "Okay our mission is, eliminate enemy presence in the castle and capture any and or all high ranking terrorists. We need to squeeze them dry of information and because of that we need them alive, but do not hesitate to shoot if you find yourself endangered by them. Also watch for weather conditions as we drop, here might be dry but under the clouds is a wet mess." a voice came over through the speaker of the airplane "2 minutes out, prepare for drop." all of them stood up "Alright marines! Hooah! Let's go!" the cargo door slowly opened up, a red light came on and all of the placed their masks and goggles on. Shortly after that the green light came on "Drop, drop, drop, drop." the man said and one by one they jumped out of the plane. "Split drop, split drop." he said over the radio and the squad dispersed he continued his descent often checking the altitude meter. After some time he reached the right altitude, he opened up his parachute and slowly descent unto the castle, as he landed in one of the castle tower "Comms check." he said as he took off his jump gear, a line of voices saying check came in through the communication channel. "Proceed with caution and clear the castle, we don't know it's layout so be careful." he said as he held his weapon and moved down the stairs of the tower carefully checking his corners. As he made it to one of the hallways he saw a dead body, he quickly took cover and scanned his surroundings "I got a dead body." he said and continued towards the body, he checked it and saw it was a terrorist "We might have other company here, watch out." he continued into the courtyard of the castle.
  2. She was sleeping peacefully until she was woken up by yelling and scampering foot steps near her room. She got up so swiftly and traveled fastly to the nearest person she could smell as she broke their neck and drained them. She moans in pleasure since she hadn't drank blood in years. She hears more people entering the castle as she quickly hides, seeing you and another man checking out the man she just killed. She got a intoxicating scent from you and needed to have you. She made a plan to kill every other person in the castle except for you. She slowly picked of all of the people in the castle discretely. It was you and 2 other men left and she couldn't get the two other men to leave your side, she hesitated before jumping down in front of the three of you. Smiling evilly.
  3. "Bang, bang, bang! Cover!" He took out a flashbang threw it in the air and dove for cover behind a sandbag wall, the other two dove into cover slightly away from him "What the fuck is that?" said one of the men "Who the fuck cares? Shoot the god damn thing." he said and raised from cover releasing a full clip into the woman that suddenly appeared in-front of them. As he saw the bullets went into her but she was still standing he came back into cover and reloaded "I fucking shot that thing! The bullets went right into her!" he said and saw one friend charge her up-front "No! Don't!"
  4. She laughed amused by these humans. She looked at the one charging towards her and in no time he was on the floor dead as she swiftly made her way to the other guy who looked like he was about to cry and broke his neck. She looked at you with lust and desire as she slowly crawled closer to you. "You are the special one" she whispered in his ear, as she stood up and started to walk away
  5. He jumped up out of surprise and saw his comrades dead... anger and rage flew through his body as he looked at his dead comrades lying there on the floor "Anybody alive? Anybody?" silence only came through the radio as he saw her walk away. He threw his gun and ran at her, he jumped and knocked her down to the ground, he placed his hands on her neck and started to choke her.
  6. She giggled and flipped you around so now you were the one underneath. "You like it rough hey?" She questioned with a playful tint in her voice. "Are you even wondering why I didn't kill you? You could be dead right now" she smirked on top of you.
  7. He didn't care no more the only thing he was looking at was only her dead face, he couldn't accept it but she was stronger than him, he couldn't even try to shake her off as she pinned him down to the ground "I don't care you freak! I just want you dead!" he glared at her through his mask.
  8. She laughed and pulled off your mask. "Your quite attractive you know for a human.." She trailed off smiling. "I could just eat you all up!" She said and bit her lip. "But I won't, since you have something special that I need. I'll let you go if you please" she stated in all seriousness
  9. He looked at her with a angry face "Go fuck yourself you fucking bitch." he continued to glare at her "Why won't you die? Just fucking die." he said and looked her in the eyes, she was not a normal human being far from it. "I won't plead for mercy, not from you."
  10. She looks into your eyes. "Your different from other humans, you have real courage and strength. Just what I need" she laughs and kisses you, catching you off guard
  11. He glared at her as she spoke "What the he-" he was caught off guard by her kiss, he flinched as she did so with the last strength he had in his hands he pushed her off him and proceeded to run where he threw he gun at, he rolled and grabbed his gun continuing the run through the castle he came over his dead comrades bodies and took their ammo and dog tags "You will pay bitch!" he yelled out and continued running.
  12. She smirked and whispered to herself "you will be back" as she made her way back to her bedroom
  13. As he returned to his base the next day his commanders were speechless a full investigation was launched but no evidence ever came through... as they looked through the situation they sent him on vacation for a year, during that year he devoted most of it learning new ways of killing, martial arts and increasing his strength. He decided that he would take revenge on the person that killed his squad and so he returned to the castle. He called a few friends and managed to get himself a fighter jet that lands and takes off like a helicopter making access to the castle very easy... autumn approached and he finally took flight towards the castle, he shortly he reached it and landed in the courtyard. He jumped out and assumed a combat stance scanning his surroundings for that thing that killed his unit.
  14. She hadn't been able to get him off her mind since a year ago when they had met. She admits that they did get off to a bad start but will he come through for her? She was lonely, very lonely. She needed someone, and she needed him. She woke up to his scent, she got a grin on her face as she got up and ran out into the court yard looking for the guy that makes her heart flutter. She secretly loves messing with him and being cheeky and dominant but she just wants him to stay with her forever. She sees him as she hides and smiles watching him, calling out and then running away playfully
  15. He heard a voice came out of somewhere so he ran in it's direction, it was her he could feel it "Come out, come out wherever you are." he continued to walk carefully as he checked his corner with his gun, he turned on the flashlight as he got into the dark interior of the castle, he moved very slowly and carefully making sure he got every place in the room covered.
  16. She laughed as it echoed through the room they were in "do you think you can really hurt me?" She asks as she drops down behind him
  17. He turned towards her "I do now." he pulled the trigger and emptied a whole clip in her... he threw the gun away and rushed her knocking her to the ground and pinning her to it "Currently thanks to your encouragement and a year of bloody harsh training I managed to achieve peak human strength."
  18. She laughs "but honey, I'm not human" she says as she flips you over and you two are once again in the position you were a year ago
  19. He looked her in the eyes glaring at her "Do I look like I care? I just want you dead." he grabbed her hands and tossed her off him, he got up and assumed a fighting stance "Come on, let me see what you got." he clenched his fists and glared at her
  20. She laughed and ran behind you in vampire speed as she slapped your ass and came back in front of you. "That's a great ass babe" she said as she giggles. (( I'm trying to make this kinda funny XD ))
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