Under the Sea -MxM- Rp Request! {open | seme desired!}

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    Looks around 19 or 20


    Extra Information:

    He has a human form, however he's never used it, in fact, its lost history, mer's don't even know about this ability anymore.


    MC is a merman, he lives in the beautiful ocean where other merpeople thrive and live, deep in the water. YC is a hunter, he loves collecting different supernatural beings. He has heard of Crystal Ocean, an ocean so beautiful that it makes a man want to stay there and just float endlessly on the crystal waters until he is lost... And YC has also heard of merpeople that live in the depths of Crystal Ocean, stunningly beautiful sea creatures, often known also as 'sea angels.' That can be extremely hard to catch. YC has heard of a mer creature so beautiful it could drive a average man mad with desire for it... The prince of the Mer... My character. So MC's parents hide him away so he is never seen by the humans who would most definitely steal him away from them.
    One day however, MC, slips away from his parents and his bodyguard and makes his way up to the surface. He is curious, too curious for his own good... And not soon after he reaches the surface does he get ensnared in a trap... YC's trap, and to say the least, he is very pleased with the outcome.


    I am looking for someone to play the seme/hunter character.

    2. I'd like at least one solid paragraph of 5-7 sentences please! No one liners! More is definitely and encouraged! 2+ paragraphs would be great! :)

    3. I only rp descriptively and in third person and I expect my partner to do the same. Please also have good grammar and punctuation. I am not a grammar nazi, I just don't want to have to decipher your posts is all!

    4. Please tell me if you have any triggers or no-go's! I'm pretty much fine with anything like mpreg, non-con, or incest. However I will not do extreme bloodplay, vore, mutilation of my characters, anything to do with piss, feces, or vomit!

    5. This will take place in threads, I do not rp through pm's or email.

    6. Please tell me if you are getting bored! We can work things out! I want you to have fun most importantly! Pm me(I'll respond quicker if you do this) or post below if you are interested! You can send me your character sheet right away and then we can get started! ^.^​
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  2. Still looking! :)