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    Catherine gazed into the mirror and turned her face this way and that and gave her refeclection a small sweet smile. No longer did her face show that of a child, and her body had changed, almost seemingly overnight in her eyes. She had grown taller and her hips had gotten the shape of that of a women and she had full high breasts. Turning her attention to the candle resting on the table next to the mirror she saw from the notches that it was time.

    Rising she ran her hands down the front of her dress, smoothing out the fabric. It was a lovely dress of white with a light gauze laying over it. The gauze had been crafted as if by magic for the gauze simmered many different colors and had a design of butterflies and flowers. The dress hugged her upper half perfectly and flowed in rivers of silk. She grabbed a cloak and wrapped it about her for she knew that it was going to be cold until she made it to the ball.

    Once she made sure all was quite and the door was locked, She knelt down before a panel in the wall and trace the well known pattern in wood so the magic door would open. She always watched in amazement as the door glowed and opened into the other world. Slipping inside she walked down the path that led to the lake, it was snowing gently. Once at the lakeside she slipped into a boat.

    The boat gently slide through the water and slipped on shore. There she was met by her old friend Raisa who quickly wove white flowers into her locks and took her cloak. Music could be heard and it was a lively tune. "Hurry or you will miss the opening dance!" Quickly she went into the fairy circle. Light shown from lanterns that look like flowers hovering in the air and many creatures danced about the circle. Quickly Katherine joined in the dancing and she twirled and wove through the dances quickly getting a sheen of sweat that lightly covered her chest and making her cheeks a rosy hue. She laughed and danced with many partners but soon grew tired and had to take a rest and so she went to the sidelines and set on tree root just beside the dark forest.
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    Schadde watched the ball as he did every full moon. After all it was with his permission that the faefolk were allowed to even have it. It was only fair that he be allowed to watch and make sure all went all right. Of course though anyone who knew of the ball was invited to come, for they would turn no one away. For now though he stayed near the shadows as he had no plan of dancing or anything of the like. No for now his plan was to watch a girl. She had been coming to the balls ever since she was a little girl. She was human of course, unlike him and the other fae. Personally he was amazed that a little girl like her was even able to find and open one of the gateways to their realms.

    However that was all in the past as now she had grown to be a fine women indeed. With all of her womanly features being the right size. He was quite interested in her, for she was quite beautiful, for a human that is. Not to mention unlike most humans she didn't delve into the drinks or food, nor did she appear to pose any threat to the fey. At least none that they knew of. He was curious if she only came back every full moon for the balls or if she came back for a more different reason. For a while he has been waiting for a chance to be with her alone, so that he could see more of who she really was.

    However it appeared to be that tonight was his chance. As he saw her go and sit down on a log near the edge of the party. He narrowed his eyes and backed more into the shadows as he walked around the edge of the party until he quietly came up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder. "Well well well. What do we have here. A human inside the land of the fey. Not only that but at a ball? You must be one special person if you can wander all by yourself to this land without getting lost. What is your name?"
  3. Catherine watched the dancing, her smile was large and she let out a giggle as she watched the fey twirl around. She watched one of her other close friends Alvie, a women the size of a three year old, danced with a man that was much larger then her and looked as if he was some sort of tree. Catherine let out a few giggles as she watched the man dance with her friend and almost step on her toes a few times. Quickly she covered her mouth, but she was beaming with happiness. She loved coming to these balls because one get become free.

    Unlike her own world where she had to be prim and proper and do as the adults told her to. She was not allowed to dance freely and always had to watch what she did. That was why she loved coming to these balls. She enjoyed letting her hair down and dance as she liked and not have to worry about how she behaved. She was able to speak her mind as she wished and be able to ask the fairy folk questions and to learn more about their kind.

    The touch on her shoulder made her jump slightly and she turned and stared up into a strangers face. She blinked for she had never seen him before and he looked to be human. Her lovely bright green eyes swept over the man, she had to admit he was handsome. She shrugged her shoulders upward. “I guess, I am Catherine and you are?”
  4. "Catherine? What a beautiful name for a beautiful lady." He said with a smile as watched her before sitting down next to her. "My name changes based on who is asking. However I guess most of the fey know me as Schadde. I must ask do you recognize my name?" As he asked he had a sort of mischief spark inside of his eyes as he looked at her. He adjusted partially how he was sitting, making the twin swords on his back more visible. He wasn't adjusting for that reason though, he was adjusting because with the both of them there it made it so he had to sit a certain way in order to make it comfortable for his back. Most fey who didn't know what he looked like would know who he was simply by the swords.

    After all even though he was king he was known simply as the fey king among the fey. The human world knew of him as the dark king. Very few, only those who had met him somewhere, knew that his name was Schadde. However everyone knew the names of his swords. Their blades were made out of two different types of metals. His left blade was black like the night sky and his right blade was white as snow. Both were sharper than any metal humans could mix together. That was because his blades though were made of fey metals, and were enchanted with magic during the forging processes. Their names were Yin and Yang, and no one had survived their touch. That was because though the blades had a special hollow slot in the hilt. If a tiny button under the hilt was pressed by the user, poison would slide down the blades. This poison was rare even among the fey and only him and a few others had the cure to the poison. The poison was very deadly especially among the human world were the herb to make the poison was even more rare than it was in the fey world.
  5. A rose colored blush swept up her neck and then over her face at his words and she smiled shyly and she looked down at her hands in her lap. “Thank you, you are really to kind.” She muttered and felt her face turn hot. She was not used to people saying such things. Her fingers toyed with each other and she lifted her gaze back up to him. She tilted her head slightly when he said his name changed upon who was asking and she looked puzzled. She shock her head. “No, I have never heard of you before...though it is a pleasure to meet you.”

    When he shifted her eyes caught sight of the swords and she felt a pang of fear struck her and she became a little uneasy. She was not used to seeing weapons at the fey ball. She shifted and for a brief moment her side brushed against his. “How odd, I have never seen weapons at the ball before...” She murmured tearing her eyes away from the weapons and forced her attention back to Schadde. “But then again I have never seen you here before either. Have you been here before and where did you come from?” She had found out that there were many lands inside this realm and that many traveled great distances to come to the ball. She loved learning about the other realms. “I am sorry but I must ask, why does your name change depending on who is asking?”
  6. "Excuse my weapons, I have them with me for my protection. As for why my name changes I am afraid it simply changes because people and fey choose to call me different things. Why? Well why does anyone choose anything." He thought carefully on every question. He didn't want to reveal he was the king. Not just yet. After all she was human and most humans did indeed fear him. However the next answer didn't require as much thought to answering. "I am at almost every ball. However like now I tend to stick to the shadows. Someone like me isn't really welcomed at ball. As for where I am from, I am from the capital fey city. I live and work there."

    He focused his attention straight onto her eyes though staring right into them. "Now it is my turn for some questions. Where are you from? I have noticed that you have been coming to every one of these balls for quite a while. It makes me curious as to where you come from since most humans fear our very existence and would never willing come to all of the balls." He said as he continued to look into her eyes.
  7. When he said he needed it for his protection she couldn't help but arch a brow and tilt her head. Was he a bad person? She had never heard of the fey fighting. Everyone that she had talked to were peaceful and she had never heard of them fighting. Then again she had never heard about a dark fey. She knew that some fey were not the best, but she had never heard about the dark fey. She had only heard whispers about a king but no one ever talked about him. They seemed to afraid. “Really, I have never seen you here.”

    “I live by the edge of the forest.” She had to look away from him and his gazing into her eyes. “Most of my town is, but I was raised with a nurse who taught me that not all fey are bad and most want peace.” She looked back towards him and smiled. “So when I found the magic door and went through I was met by a fey and was quickly taken in and shown this ball and I fell in love with this world and enjoy dancing here.”
  8. "You've never seen me here, because I have always chosen to not be seen." He listened to her answer the rest of questions though. Another person who was not afraid of the fey. This was both a bad and good thing. If people were to come to understand the fey more that would obviously be better. However it could also lead to humans starting a war. After all if they don't fear the fey anymore, what's to stop them from attacking.

    "I would be careful saying you fell in love with this world. After all you have only seen this part of our world. Just like the human world there are many lands in our world. Some ugly, some beautiful. Filled with all kinds of fey, some evil, some good." For the past few years he had been working on guarding their borders but also capturing outlaws and bandits with in the fey's land.
  9. “That is true, but I love it here.” She motioned towards the ball. “I love this ball, its one of my favorite things. I always look forward to it.” A sad look came over her features and she looked away from him and bowed her head. “Sadly soon I will not be able to come here anymore.” Her voice had dropped and sorrowfulness filled her tone. She was getting older and soon would have to make her own life, which meant marrying and leaving this world behind her.
    A part of her wanted a family and husband but another part wanted to have adventure and to explore and to learn about other worlds and countries. If she married she would not to do that, men always held women down and did not like them doing such things. Her father had been seen as odd for allowing her to have teachers and to learn. The sound of her name being called made her lift her head and she looked out and saw a group of dancers calling for her to join them. “Oh please excuse me...” She rose and smiled down at him. “It was a pleasure to meet you.” She gave him a little curtsy and then she was off joining the circle of dancers. She spun and twirled and kicked her feet and her skirts went flying around her and she laughed while she danced.
  10. He just continued to sit there and watch her with his eyes narrowed at her. Maybe it would be time for him to once again see the human world. After all her not coming here anymore that was something he very much did not want. He wanted her to be his all the time. However he knew that his reputation wasn't always good. After all most looked upon his acts as evil, simply because they did not understand that it was better to have an evil king. After all if he didn't take care of the more distasteful stuff himself the humans would attack and their very existence would be threatened. However a human wife. That could be a way to access the human world without war, so that they may gain stuff. Though what was there for them to gain was little for their magic and life style was more advanced than that of mere humans.

    However something about her pulled him to want to dance with her now. He decided that he would, after all it was because of him that this event was even allowed. He stood up from where he was sitting and walked over to where she was. He could tell that eyes were watching him as he entered the area and walked up to her extending his hand out to her. "If you may not be coming for much longer may I have this dance then?"
  11. Catherine laughed as she twirled and danced with a dwarf of a man who leaped around her and took her hand and spun her. She giggled as the man did a little jig in front of her and she tried to copy him but was not as quick and could not do all the steps and she laughed a bit embarrassed for she thought she looked like a fool and she couldn't help but blush and she covered her face for a moment as the music slowly changed.

    Her hand fell from her face and she caught sight of the dancers face, most looked a bit shocked and looked towards one way. She turned to see what or who they were looking at. She saw it was the man she had been talking to just a little bit ago, Schadde. She watched as he came forward towards her and she gave him a soft smile as he held out a hand to her. “I would love to.” She came forward a little and placed her hand gently in his, the music had shifted and turned to a slower tone. This meant their bodies would be brought close together.
  12. He smiled at this thought as their hands became one. He pulled her body closer to his for the dance was a slow dance. "You never told me why you would have to stop coming here." He said with a smile as they moved to the tempo of the slow dance. As they danced he could see that people were watching him. Some were watching with fear, afraid of what he might do. Others were watching with happiness, remembering the peace he brought to the fey realm. Others still, watched him with curiosity, wondering what he would do, something good? Or something bad? He planned to keep them waiting on an answer for he had plans to dance with Catherine for a while now.

    He also had plans to travel into the human world. He wanted to do research, scouting, information gathering. As well as seeing what it was exactly that she was up to. He had contacts in the human world who were secretly fey disguised as humans. It would also give him the chance to give orders to his agents, to spread chaos in any region that might need it for any reason.
  13. Her body pressed into his as he drew her closer and she felt her chest crush into his hard one and she couldn't help but take a deep breath. She danced with him, one hand on his shoulder and her other grasped in his. Her eyes looked about and saw the faces of the creatures and then his voice drew her attention and she lifted her gaze to him. “Oh, well I am of age to be married and soon will have to chose a husband...” More so her father will be choosing to whom she marries.

    She was not comfortable with speaking to him about it, but she knew she had to answer. She moved with him dancing along with the music. Dancing with him, her body pressed against his she felt small compared to him. His hand was rough compared with her soft one, he must work with his hands a lot.
  14. "What if you ran away from your life and married a fey? You wouldn't be the first human to have moved to the fey world after all. Then you would always get to come to the ball for the rest of your life. As well as get to see some of the other amazing places in our fey world." As he danced with her, he planned on visiting her father for he wanted her.
  15. 'Oh no I couldn't do that, it would brake my fathers heart...” She looked away from him. She was close to her father and though she loved this world she knew she didn't belong. Also she knew that once a human came into this world and eat and drank they would never be allowed to leave. Also time was different in this world, one day here could be months or even a year in the human world. Soon the music came to an end and she took a step away, creating space between them. “You are a very skilled dancer.”
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    "Yes well due to my life and occupation, knowing how to dance is a very important trait among many. You yourself though are a pretty good dancer. I assume you must be a pretty high noble would that be correct? After all, most noble born women just act proper and won't give me the time of day. Then there are the more important noble women who give any proper looking man the time of day for a dance. After all, they never know if that proper man is actually a prince, another noble man, or even a king. I feel sorry for all the women who wouldn't even give me the time of day. After all I carry a lot of status, both in this world and in your world." He walked closer to her and grabbed her hand bringing it to his face where he kissed it. "It is getting late and time does not move the same way in our worlds. If you would like I can escort you back to the portal." He said with a charming smile.
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    As he talked she couldn't help but look a little confused, she wondered what he did that would mean for him to dance. Had he not told her he wasn't really welcomed here? If he couldn't be welcomed here then where would he be able to dance? She laughed softly and shock her head. “Oh no I am not very noble, true my father is powerful but he is a merchant...” Though her father was trying to get into the noble homes. He had enough money and land to do so. “If you desire to, you may do so.” She blushed as he took her hand and kissed it and she drew it away and turned and started to walk to the boat, her eyes searching for her friend Raisa who was standing to the side lines.

    “I must fetch my cloak.” She went to Raisa who seemed a bit stand offish. “Will you not walk with me?” Raisa shock her head and glanced toward Schadde. Raisa reached out and grabbed Catherine and pulled her down so she could whisper into her ear. “Cat, you must be careful! He is not a safe man to be around...”With that Raisa handed over Catherine's cloak and then was gone. Turning she took a deep breath now a little uneasy.
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    Her father wasn't a noble but was a powerful merchant. He probably wanted to become a noble. He could actually possibly use that to his advantage. After all he may be the king of the Fae but in order to keep his borders safe he did have to have another identity in the human world. After all he had agents in the human world. His identity in the human world was that of a powerful noble in the mountains. A noble who is rarely seen by other nobles but carries power. Which is true since most of the time he is here, he has his subjects in his noble house, carry out all the necessary work that is needed.

    His mind was brought out of all this thought though when he watched her go over to her friend. He also noticed that her friend whispered to her before giving Catherine her cloak. He smiled when she started to come back though. "If I may ask, what is your father's name? I may be fae but like some fae I freely go between our world and the human world, partially because of my job. You're someone I would like to continue to see, even if not at the ball. Maybe we can get some tea or something. Or maybe I can accidentally wander into your families merchant shop looking to sell some wares." He said with a smile at her.
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    Catherine started to walk to the boat, her fingers clasping her cloak closed and she didn't look at him but she did listen to his words, but she didn't answer right away. She though about lying about her fathers name but decided against that option. “His name is Henry.” She spoke and stopped when she reached the boat. Raisa's words echoed in her ears the man who she walked with was not a safe man and now he wanted to see more of her.

    “My father is not home at the moment he went to the far east to collect some rare items. Though he should be home soon...” She looked towards the boat and then at him and smiled briefly. “You can stop by the shop, if you so choose though I don;t think you will find anything to your likely.” She grabbed the side of the boat and started to get it. “I thank you for walking me this far, you should go back and enjoy the rest of the night.” She felt the need to get rid of him and she had completely glossed over having tea with him.
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    "I already know one thing that I have found to my liking." He said with a smile to her. "Well the night is late and morning will be coming soon in your world. As you have business to attend to over there I have business as well. I hope to see you soon." He bowed after that and turned around. He walked with his hands behind his back, however he did not go back to the party. He instead went to where some of his troops were standing by, waiting for orders. After a moment or two he finally came to them and one of them came forward. A fairy with wings as black as the night. "Go to my castle and inform them that I am moving into the human world. That I have found someone worthy of becoming my queen and that as such, I am going to begin taking actions in the human world. Tell the generals and advisers to move forward with the plans." The dark fairy nodded and left on his own.

    Schadde turned his head to the two others. One was a werewolf in beast form currently, and the other was another dark fairy. "You two are to come with me. As my protection detail. We head for the large portal in the summoning rings right away. We're going to go to my noblemen base and find out where she lives." With that he started to walk off in the direction they would need to head, with the other two following him.
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