Under the Full Moon (for Sayuri)

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  1. My character: Anna
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: 5'6", she has dark auburn hair, blue/grey eyes and extremely fair skin
    Other: Anna is introverted and while she prefers to spend most of her time reading and studying astronomy, she's in decent physical shape. She's aggressive when necessary and has gotten into a few fights with other girls at school. She doesn't get scared easily but has a strong fear of dogs

    Anna awoke slowly, disoriented and unable to focus on anything but the dull throbbing in her head for a few moments. What was going on? She couldn't remember falling asleep; her last memory was of walking home from school, sneakered feet thudding against the pavement one of the only sounds she heard as she cut through the forest that separated her house from the high school she attended. Now she had an unbearable headache, and as she awoke completely and became aware of her surroundings, she realized with a start that not only was she lying on a hard plastic surface instead of in her bed, she also couldn't see, her eyes covered by some kind of cloth. She was still disoriented, and the blindfold blocking her vision didn't help as she struggled to recall what had happened. When she sat up and tried to remove the blindfold, she felt the rough surface of rope chafing her wrists, which were tied behind her back. The realization that her hands were tied behind her, however, brought back the memory of what had happened.

    She'd thought herself completely alone in the forest, then suddenly she was hit over the head from behind, the shock of it more than the pain bringing her to her knees as gruff voices spoke to each other around her, a large pair of hands tying a ragged piece of cloth over her eyes. "What-" She began to shout, reacting as quickly as possible to the unexpected attack, grabbing at the hand that pulled the blindfold over her eyes and biting down hard. There were muttered curses, another pair of hands dragging her hands and pinning them firmly down as they were tied with the rope, and then her body reacted to the original hit over the head and she passed out. It had been over in under a minute. She didn't really know what was going on, but at least she remembered how she'd ended up here- wherever she was. It seemed she'd been kidnapped by at least two men, and she didn't allow panic to overtake her at this realization but instead rested her hands on the ground behind her, feeling the surface she sat on while she listened for any sounds that indicated where she was. A car engine, and the sound of tires treading over a bumpy road. To her right, someone was whimpering in pain or fear; she couldn't tell which. Anna couldn't hear the voices of the men she'd heard before, but they were evidently driving the van she sat in the back of, and apprehensively she spoke up to anyone else who might be in the vehicle- particularly listening for a response from whoever had been making soft noises from the other side of the car. "Hello? What's happening?" A wavering female voice responded from surprisingly close beside her. "Some guys kidnapped us. Do you have a phone? They took mine." The same voice of the person who had been whimpering cried out for help, and a sigh could be heard in the back of the van. "This girl has been freaking out since they put her back here. I think she's in shock." The same voice from before went on. Meanwhile Anna pawed at her back pockets in search of her phone. It was a long shot, she thought, but- the car came to a halt suddenly, sending her falling back and banging her head on the ground. Before she could sit up again, she heard a set of doors opening, several voices at once, a few more female voices screaming before being silenced, and finally her blindfold was removed and she was dragged out of the back of the van, a firm hand wrapped around her arm and guiding her forward. She squinted as she looked around. They were in the middle of nowhere, it seemed, trees all around them, 'them' being almost a dozen women and just five men, all of whom were tall, well built and formidable looking. The men spoke to each other in low tones and growled- actually growled, she noted nervously, like dogs- at any one of the women who made a sound.

    It seemed like they walked for hours. Night was falling upon them and Anna was in a state of shock like everyone else who'd been kidnapped was. One of their kidnappers had just turned into a wolf in front of them, body transforming in a gruesome fashion, and he barked and growled at a woman who had been causing trouble from the beginning. None of the other men looked surprised by what was happening, so she could only think that they knew, and were probably capable of turning into wolves too. She still didn't understand why they'd taken her, though she'd heard muttered mentions between the men of "the hunt" and they'd been discussing bringing several of the women to a market. She'd thought this was a human trafficking group, but the transformation of the man into a wolf left her confused as to what she should think. The only thing she was sure of was that she had to get away, especially now that one of her kidnappers had revealed himself to be...what? A shapeshifter? A werewolf? Whatever he was, she'd had a phobia of dogs since childhood. She wasn't sticking around to be eaten by a shapeshifting dog. For at least an hour she'd been pulling against the ropes binding her wrists, chafing her skin but slowly loosening the knots that held her. As soon as the man pushing her along turned his attention away from her she yanked on the ropes and broke into a sprint, racing through the forest aimlessly in a pathetic attempt to outrun her capturers. There was no way it would have worked, until suddenly she stumbled, falling and rolling down a steep hill that was more of a cliff than anything. It left her scraped and bruised but she landed a good fifty feet away from the top of the hill and by a rushing stream. She could hear the men shouting as several of them took chase, so she scrambled to her feet and leaped over the small river before continuing to run, desperate for a chance at escaping.
  2. sounds great but just wondering so my character has been kidnapped also? yes?
    im slow im sorry that was an amazing opening paragraph by the way
  3. okay i read over it so my character will end up meeting and helping eachother
  4. Haha thanks, and it's cool. I was thinking your character would be either a wolf escaping the pack or a wolf from another pack that meets up with my character, or you could play a human, I'm totally okay with either and suck at making plot decisions ;u;
  5. name:jake
    looks:5'7 (human form) wavy dark brown hair just past his ears he has a fringe that covers his ice blue eyes (wolf) well built and has thick dark nearly black fur with those piercing blue eyes which makes him stand out sharp fangs but uses his claws alot.
    personality:sarcastic doesn't take alot of stuff seriously which gets him in trouble with his pack. he is curious and a vicous fighter but doesn't kill mindlessly
    he finds it fun to scare others (part of a different pack from the one that kidnapped)

    he was stalking those wolves all day as he was told to do he wondered what they wanted with those humans.he lurked in the shadows following there every step making sure not to be seen. when the girl ran he couldnt help his curiosity and followed her to where she fell he saw the others coming and ran up to her.
    "girl they are coming follow me" he said anxiously in his wolf form looking staright at her not remembering talking to a human
  6. She was ready to keep running for as long as she needed to until she'd gotten away from her captors, but suddenly a wolf stepped into her path. The sight of the creature caused Anna to let loose an involuntary shriek of surprise and fear. So all of them are shapeshifters, she thought, believing this was a member of the group that had kidnapped her. As she'd shown during her escape, Anna was quick-witted and able to react to danger at a startlingly fast rate for someone who seemed so withdrawn and quiet, but the sight of any kind of dog rendered her frozen in fear.
  7. "quick they are coming" he said angered and started nudging her in the direction he wanted her to go in but on of the other wolves was here already and pounced at jake taking him down and injuring one of his hind legs but jake fought back by biting at her neck then kicking her off and ripping her throat open. he looked back to the girl ears pointed and blood dripping from his mouth "come now there are to many" he nipped at her arms signalling her to get on his back with a look if worry in his eyes that were shining in the moon
  8. "I-" She sputtered, too afraid to form a rational sentence. Suddenly another wolf appeared, attacking the first one, who quickly and brutally killed it while Anna watched, her dark blue eyes wide with horror. Now with blood on its snout, the wolf gently bit at her and she yelped but did what it wanted; this wolf had just made it clear by killing one of the monsters chasing her that it wasn't part of the group kidnapping women, so as much as she wanted to avoid anyone capable of turning into a canine, she decided to trust this particular wolf.
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  9. he howled long and loud "hold on i wont notice if you fall" he began running his feet pounding the earth through trees faster and faster until he heard one howl.... then many many more he slowed and pranced along beside a river he let out one last howl and then stopped he panted "you can get off now only a short walk"
  10. Anna wrapped her arms cautiously around the wolf's neck, only getting up the nerve to hold on tightly once it began to run and she had no choice but to tighten her grip or fall off. They moved at a speed she hadn't thought possible considering the wolf was carrying her on its back, her long hair flying back from her face. Finally they slowed and came to a stop, and she stood up on shaky legs, looking disbelievingly at the wolf. "You..." She shook her head, red hair a tangled halo around her pale features. "You're one of those shapeshifter things...but not one of the shapeshifter things that wants to kidnap me and hunt me. Who are you? And, um- would you mind turning into a person? Can you do that? Just turn into a person the same way those guys turned into wolves?" She babbled somewhat nervously, shuffling her feet and keeping a safe distance from the creature now that she was off its back just in case it turned out to be dangerous after all.
  11. "person...what do you mean person im all monster and took you to eat all to my self" licks the blood off his muzzle

    "pfffffffffffffffffffft naw im a werewolf not a shapeshifter im joking about eating you by the way" he smiles and transforms to human his fur shedding and skin shrivling up to make a smaller form and his talons slowly sinking back into his hands then his fangs one by one replaced by human teeth
    "beautiful to watch me transfrom right? hahaha" he smiles and washes the wolves blood from his mouth in the river and stands back up
  12. Her eyes widened once more at the wolf's response and she prepared to run away once more when she realized the comment about eating her was a joke and rolled her eyes. "Not funny.." She grumbled, arms crossed over her chest as she watched the wolf change into a male that looked about the same age as her. "You're a werewolf? How old are you? Does.." She gestured to his now-human body, "changing into another body like that hurt?"
  13. "only the fist few times then yo get used to it" he smirks
    "hey so did those guys kidnap you? or what im guessing they did.. but i wonder what for"
    he stands infront of her "are you a pixie or something?"
  14. Anna looked slightly doubtful of the male's answer; the shift from human to wolf certainly looked painful, at least to her. She was still wary of this stranger but didn't step away when he came to stand in front of her, no longer thinking she might need to run away from him without warning. He seemed more friendly and sane than she'd expected your average werewolf to be. "Yeah, they did. And I'm not a...pixie. I'm human. They were talking about involving us- me and the other girls they had- in a hunt, and said they'd bring the rest of us to some kind of market. I don't know what they were talking about." She eyed the area they stood in nervously. "Should we keep running? What if they find us?"
  15. "the market a hunt god those idiots they are more of a stupid clan though, oh well you lucky lil lady" he eyed her up and down
    "and were safe here no outsider clan would dare enter our land-unless they have a death wish of course"he smiled and turned around
    "we should go to pack leader he'll sort ya out" he walked ahead
    "come in now oh actually whats your name? im jake of the south dragon tongue clan nice meeting you" he shakes her hand hard
  16. "I wouldn't exactly call myself lucky..." She muttered. Sure, she'd gotten away from a pack of werewolves alive, but how many people actually got kidnapped by werewolves in the first place? She wouldn't consider that lucky. A faint blush heated up her features and she fidgeted awkwardly as the male looked her over curiously. "I'm Anna." At first she was surprised by the handshake, her slim hand gripping his tightly as he shook it. "Pack leader?" The teen shook her head in protest. "I don't want to go to your pack leader; I need to go home." Though she found it unlikely that she'd be able to get home just now on her own. She didn't even know where she was.
  17. "well id consider yourself lucky! you dont want to get involved in markets they would be selling you... human slaves or whatver are very expensive and rare because it is illeagal to trade humans, yes we to werewolves have laws and rules " he explained
    he poked her on the nose "anna huh? well hello anna banana" he said in a babyish tone
    "oh and home? pfft nope off to pack leader we go!" he whistled and marched toward a huge tree
    "hurry up im hungry and i wouldnt mind getting wolf blood outta my mouth" he said excitdly "ya know ive never talked to a human like this befor, i thought you were all dumb-shits " he told her with a smirk on his face
  18. She raised her eyebrows at the male and shrugged. Getting kidnapped by werewolves still wasn't lucky, but he had a point about her escaping. When he poked her she scrunched up her nose and attempted to look annoyed but ended up smiling instead, though the amused expression quickly disappeared at his next words. "Why do I have to go to this pack leader?" She demanded, adding snarkily, "Well, I've never talked to a werewolf before until today and I thought you were all tall and strong, not short little teenage boys."
  19. "cause you have to its rules now come here" he grabbed her round her shoulders and the started sinking through the ground "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" he chuckles as the go through the ground and land on leaves "anyway how old are you, twelve?" he teases as he gets up
    men women and children walk around busying them selves and some kids play games on the streets "welcome to our little market type thing we keep valuables and children down here its also sort of a trading centre " he explains and reaches down to pet a boy in his wolf form "hi milo" he says warmly and hugs him
  20. Before Anna could protest she found herself pulled closer to him, and suddenly they were...dropping through the ground? She shrieked as they landed as quickly and unexpectedly as it had begun, but now they were in an entirely different place, one bustling with people and more wolves. "What was that?!" She shouted, favoring him with a scowl at his comment about her being twelve. At least he explained where they were, reaching out and petting a small wolf who Anna tried not to shy nervously away from.
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