Under The First Spring Moon

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  1. It was a beautiful spring evening on the coast. The wind blew gently, fluttering tree leaves and creating ripples on the water beneath the pier. The sun was setting behind the clouds in hues of warm gold, as if it was melting. Song birds were flying back to their nests for the night, tucking their heads beneath their wings to sleep. And a young mother named Song was taking a stroll on the pier with her baby girl.
    Shops to her left with their windows lit, and the sunset to her right, she found herself at ease. This was the first time in a long time that she had been able to come to the pier. She loved the smell of the water coming up to her, refreshing her senses.
    As she walked, she felt a raindrop. An occasional drizzle wasn't out of place on the coast. She pulled the stroller's visor up and placed a blanket over the opening to protect her little one. In no time at all, the rain picked up, forcing Song to stand under the alcove of a gift shop for shelter. "I should've brought an umbrella," she said to herself as she watched the raindrops dance.
  2. William was enjoying his walk through the streets, it was calming after some long hours in a courthouse. It was part of the job, yes, but sometimes it was just plain tiring. He walked with no real destination in mind, but that didn't stop him from wandering the city. Before he knew it, he reached the pier, though he didn't notice. He was only snapped out of his daydreams after a small water droplet hit his skin. He looked up to see heavy nimbus clouds over him.

    He sighed and opened his satchel to take out an umbrella. He was going to continue with his stroll but hesitated when he saw a mother and child under an alcove. 'They're fine...' He wanted to reassure himself but that made him feel like even more of a jerk. He slowly approached the two and held up the open umbrella for the woman to take. "You can take this, I think you might need this more than I do." He said.
  3. Song lifted the blanket a tad and peeked inside. Hope was a small ray of sunshine amidst the sheet of gray falling around them. If she was honest with herself, that was true of her life, too. The last six months since John's death had been brutal, and had it not been for her daughter, she would be in a deep emotional rut right now. She smiled lovingly at her sleeping baby before letting the blanket down, her focus returning to the rain.
    And a very handsome man headed in their direction, holding an open umbrella to his side, the rain quickly drenching him.
    She frowned a bit, wondering what he wanted with her.
    Her maternal instincts on high, she straightened up and gripped the handlebar tight in case she had to make a run for it. She was certain she looked like a deer ready to bolt when he walked up and offered her the unused umbrella. Song looked at him for a moment, and when she decided he wasn't a threat, she relaxed slightly. "Thank you so much," she said over the downpour. "I wasn't sure if I would be able to wait this out. It's coming down pretty hard."
  4. He nodded, "I know what you mean. The weather he can be pretty nasty huh?" He said, offering to make a light conversation while eyeing his watch. It wasn't too long before he had to go back to a meeting, and even this was cutting it pretty close. He frowned for a second before turning to back to the beautiful pair in front of him. He hated remembering her, or anything that made him think of her very existence, but he sometimes he just couldn't help it. "Hopefully the rain didn't ruin your day too much." He continued. He was honestly just rambling to waste time. There was a good chance he would never meet her again anyways.

    Once the tall hand reached twelve, he made a polite bowing gesture and said, "It was nice conversing with you, but I'm afraid I'll have to go. Goodbye." He didn't exactly rush but he did quicken his pace from before.
  5. She watched after him for a moment longer before setting out in the opposite direction. It was a nice walk back home despite the rain. It wasn't until after she'd put Hope to sleep that she thought about the man who's between nice enough to give her his umbrella. Wait a minute. He gave us his umbrella. I can't keep it. But I don't even have his name. How will get it back to him?
    Song went to sleep on her couch as usual so she could be close to her daughter if she woke during the night, and woke up in the same spot the next morning. Thankfully she had the day off from work, so she decided to go on another stroll that morning. Maybe she'd run into that handsome stranger again. She figured she would ask around, so her first stop was a bakery. The girl at the front didn't know anything about him, but managed to get her to buy half a dozen donuts and a large coffee. She had no luck at a few other stores and was about to call it a morning when she remembered that she wanted to get some flowers for her kitchen. She walked into the shop with its little bell ringing as she opened the door. "Hello," she called out. "Is anyone here?"
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  6. A little bit clumsy, Terrence fumbled on his watering can when he heard the door chime. His little girl was much faster and was at the doorway already. "Hi! Do you like flowers?" She greeted, holding out a rather pathetic looking daisy.

    It wasn't a peak season, so Terrence and Amy weren't doing much but playing. She had a little wreath on her head that Terrence made and he had a flower tucked behind his ear.

    Terrence picked up his daughter. "Sorry you had to see that." He told his customer. "What can I get you? Decoratives? Gift arrangements?" He put Amy on the counter. She clambered to the high stool for cashier's and observed. "I have hibiscuses that are pretty in lately. They make great floating flowers." He walked over to the small pots and presented a lovely pink hibiscus in full bloom. It was about five inches in diameter and proud of its glorious color.
  7. It was definitely a beautiful bloom. Song had loved Hibiscus flowers at one point. That was before John, and during... But she couldn't bear the sight of them anymore. "That is beautiful. But I was wondering if you carry anything less exotic. Like pansies, maybe. I love pansies. They're such beautiful spring flowers." She adjusted Hope in her arms, gazing at the flora around her.
    "I like to keep my choices simple yet elegant
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