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    image thanks to yohrin on tumblr. edited story thanks to machinawriter here on iwaku.


    Four days before Christmas, in the year 2048, there was a global terrorist attack against various names across the world. Coordinated to deadly efficiency, the days following that initial attack were the most dangerous. Nowhere was safe. Populated residential districts were attacked, along with government buildings and smaller military bases. Just when things seemed as if they couldn't get worse, the terrorists introduced a new weapon during their attacks. A virus that caused one out of every five people to fall ill. The body count was unlike anything the world had ever seen. It wasn't until March 20th of the year 2049 that the United Nations finally announced that they had suppressed the majority of the terrorist organization. Nearly three months of death and terror.

    The incident became known as Lost Winter.

    It is now the year 2051, nearly three years since the events of that terrible period in human history. The UN has established a special covert branch, headquartered near a small, discreet village in Switzerland. The only purpose of this facility? To search out and eliminate the remaining members of that terrorist organization, along with anyone associated with them. To the outside world, this branch is seen as nothing more than a high class academy for students of all ages. Strictly invite-only, the International Academy [IA] is today the most prestigious school in the world.

    However, the International Academy is just a cover-up. They use the name and prestige of the school to discover and recruit students from all over the globe, each with their own special ability. These students are forced into serving an elite death squad. Call it immoral. Call it unjust. But if it means taking out those responsible for the single greatest calamity the world has ever seen? It's worth it to the IA. These special students are selected and trained to hunt down and assassinate any and all who have powers like themselves. They're not allowed to choose sides. No option is given, especially not failure. Because to fail means death. Not just for them...but for those they love.

    Because if you don't comply with their request to join? They will force it from you. You, and everyone you care for, has been rigged with a micro-cranial bomb, along with a microscopic virus capsule in their bloodstream. A modified version of the very virus whose creators you're forced to hunt down and exterminate. Everything you say or do is closely monitored and recorded, through a battle chip embedded in your brain.

    And in the event that the UN commanding officer determines you've fallen out of line?

    Your loved ones suffer the consequences.

    ❖⋮ Please follow Iwaku's Terms and Rules

    ❖⋮ PG-13. Please monitor your writing, anything that may be a potential trigger should be spoiler tagged (if in doubt, just spoiler tag it). Romance is all fine and dandy, but anything that goes below the waist needs to fade out to black and timeskipped. No exceptions.

    ❖⋮ Respect one another. Tears and drama are all nice, fine and fun when they're in in character, but not when it's amongst the role-players. Let's all be friends and get along?

    ❖⋮ Please make your posts legible. First person, third person, whatever makes you feel comfortable. I won't set word counts or anything. As Kurt Vonnegut once said, "Every sentence must do one of two things — reveal character or advance the action."

    ❖⋮ No godmodding or auto-hitting unless the details have been previously discussed between role-players.

    ❖⋮ There will be no character limits. If you want just one or three, then that's perfectly fine. If you want eight, I'll let you, but I will expect that you be capable of keeping up with them all. If I deem you cannot (and you need to be reminded of poor X who is constantly sitting in a corner), I might start killing some of them off for you.

    ❖⋮ I don't really care if you message or post your profile. If you post it and I give you a cookie, then expect to see your character profile up soon. If I am hesitant about your character for whatever reason, I shall message you and we can hash out the details there.

    ❖⋮ I held a poll, and majority is in favor for anime pictures. However, i have taken note of the description-preferring members, and will allow you to type up a description of your character if that is what you prefer. Basically, anime picture or description or both.

    ❖⋮ As a rule of thumb, the best way to contact me is probably to quote or tag me in the ooc (that would be in here). I am highly forgetful by nature, so if I end up replying to you days later, it is most likely because I was forgetful, not because I don't like you.

    ❖⋮ Have fun~ Role-playing is meant to be a fun past-time and posting is not meant to be a chore.

    Character Sheet:

    Agent ID⋮ leave this blank, I will generate a random number for you
    Grade⋮ High School/College + current year
    Ability⋮ include disadvantages
    Class⋮ please select one. Special Ops/Technician/Support/Espionage/etc.
    Personality⋮ paragraph or at least five adjectives describing good and bad traits
    Appearance⋮ anime picture or description. if you are using pictures, please spoiler tag it. but if it's big enough to stretch the screen, please hyperlink instead.
    History⋮ a little bit about their life prior to the Academy
    Collateral⋮ who the Academy is threatening
    Enrollment⋮ how did the Academy find and enlist them?
    Summary⋮ a tl;dr version about their history, collateral, and enrollment.

    character sheet thanks to peterpantsu and ethereal here on iwaku.

    (appearance section has been edited; with some experimenting I found that spoiler-tagging images works quite nicely)

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  2. International Academy Student Roster

    College (open)

    Seniors (open)

    Juniors (open)

    Maverick. Axel B. (open)

    Name⋮ Axel Blaise Maverick
    Codename⋮ Lockon
    Agent ID⋮ 274314
    Age⋮ twenty
    Grade⋮ College Junior
    Nationality⋮ Welsh
    Ability⋮ Axel's heterochromia isn't for show, his left red eye has enhanced eyesight and is basically his ability. His right blue eye is normal at 20/20 vision, however his left eye is significantly sharper and has been gauged to be about 20/2. Because of this, his ability is dubbed as "Hawk Eye". Unfortunately, using both eyes at once affects his sight and depth perception (it was common to see him walking or crashing into walls and objects). It also causes him headaches and, worst case scenarios, temporary blindness. To counteract this, Axel wears an eyepatch over his left eye as he goes about his general day and only uses it when the situation calls for it.
    Class⋮ Sniper
    Personality⋮ Armed with a lukewarm attitude, Axel has a fierce sense of loyalty, a sharp and cunning wit, yet tends to be cynical at times. He is not a socialite and has a lone wolf mentality, but that doesn't mean that he's antisocial. On the contrary, he doesn't mind being with others - especially friends. It just so happens that he prefers being alone whenever he can get away with it.

    He comes across as cocky and self-centered at times, but he is far from selfish, proving himself to be caring and very reliable. It shows up in strange ways, from helping you pick up your dropped papers to warding off that sinister looking guy lurking in that alley you're planning to pass through. He's not at all vocal about it though, preferring to silently finish up whatever one needs aid in and leave once they're fine. Another thing you should note is the fact that he's just content with a "thank you" - he's not at all interested in big fancy prizes for helping a person in need.
    Appearance⋮ here

    Sophomores (open)

    Freshmen (open)

    High School (open)

    Seniors (open)

    Juniors (open)

    Sophomores (open)

    Freshmen (open)

    Update Notes (open)

    08/26 11:02 PM Incomplete College (Junior) Profile Added
    08/26 06:24 PM Character Roster Set Up
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  3. Holding for character spot
  4. Reserving, still trying to figure out an ability.
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