"Under the Dog" (Futuristic/Sci-fi/Superhuman/Angst)

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  1. How it Started....

    My brother just recently shared me a kickstarter page for an "anime science fiction action thriller" named "Under the Dog" (I would link, but I fear that would not be appropriate for this forum). However, the general plot of the story piqued my interest so much I wanted to see if it was at all possible to derive a role-play from it. However, seeing as I am relatively new to this site, I would very much wish to recruit a few people who are willing to help me make this idea possible. Given the fact that this anime has not yet been produced, I hesitate to call it a "fandom" role-play, yet I think this will more than likely be heavily based on "Under the Dog". As such, I refuse to take credit for this story idea, but I will be making a few adjustments to it (such as setting and possibly additional plot information) so that a role-play based on it can be possible.

    tl;dr:: this role-play is based on an anime that hasn't came out yet.

    "Under the Dog" Story Outline...

    Several years in the future, there was an attack from a specially enhanced terrorist group. To counteract this rising threat, the United Nations formed a special covert branch, stationed primarily at [location here]. The only purpose they serve is to search out and eliminate the terrorists, along with anyone else that could possibly be connected with them.

    As a cover-up for the ongoing covert operatives, they established the International Academy and used the name to discover and recruit students (primarily high school and college), who each has their own special ability. These students are forced into serving an elite death squad, responsible for hunting out and assassinating any and all who have powers like themselves. They're not allowed to choose sides, and failure is not an option. Failure means death, not only for themselves, but for the ones they love. The International Academy coerces compliance into their agents by rigging their loved ones with micro cranial bomb. In addition, all agents' action and speech are closely monitored and recorded through a battle chip embedded in their brain. In the event the UN commanding officer determines an agent falls out of protocol, their loved ones immediately suffer the consequences.

    tl;dr:: Specially enhanced terrorist attack. Specially enhanced law enforcement branch is formed. Agents of said branch are literally just coerced students. Failure means death to themselves and whoever they love; family, friends, classmates, etc.
    Story Rewritten
    (with many thanks to MachinaWriter for edits and Rainjay for input)

    Four days before Christmas, in the year 2048, there was a global terrorist attack against various names across the world. Coordinated to deadly efficiency, the days following that initial attack were the most dangerous. Nowhere was safe. Populated residential districts were attacked, along with government buildings and smaller military bases. Just when things seemed as if they couldn't get worse, the terrorists introduced a new weapon during their attacks. A virus that caused one out of every five people to fall ill. The body count was unlike anything the world had ever seen. It wasn't until March 20th of the year 2049 that the United Nations finally announced that they had suppressed the majority of the terrorist organization. Nearly three months of death and terror.

    The incident became known as Lost Winter.

    It is now the year 2051, nearly three years since the events of that terrible period in human history. The UN has established a special covert branch, headquartered near a small, discreet village in Switzerland. The only purpose of this facility? To search out and eliminate the remaining members of that terrorist organization, along with anyone associated with them. To the outside world, this branch is seen as nothing more than a high class academy for students of all ages. Strictly invite-only, the International Academy [IA] is today the most prestigious school in the world.

    However, the International Academy is just a cover-up. They use the name and prestige of the school to discover and recruit students from all over the globe, each with their own special ability. These students are forced into serving an elite death squad. Call it immoral. Call it unjust. But if it means taking out those responsible for the single greatest calamity the world has ever seen? It's worth it to the IA. These special students are selected and trained to hunt down and assassinate any and all who have powers like themselves. They're not allowed to choose sides. No option is given, especially not failure. Because to fail means death. Not just for them...but for those they love.

    Because if you don't comply with their request to join? They will force it from you. You, and everyone you care for, has been rigged with a micro-cranial bomb, along with a microscopic virus capsule in their bloodstream. A modified version of the very virus whose creators you're forced to hunt down and exterminate. Everything you say or do is closely monitored and recorded, through a battle chip embedded in your brain.

    And in the event that the UN commanding officer determines you've fallen out of line?

    Your loved ones suffer the consequences.​

    Character List
    Commanding Officers (also serves as Professors/Teachers)
    Rebels/Terrorists (their playability is up for discussion; should they be a character option or NPCs?)

    What I need help with...

    First of all, if you stayed and read through that wall of text, I'm elated, and please have a cookie~ ( : : )

    People who can help me plot! What I have in the Story Outline section is really all I have right now. I would appreciate help with plot details such as the setting, missions, superpowers (what can we have and not have) and possibly anything else I cannot think of right now.

    People who are interested in joining! Depending on how many people are interested, the larger or smaller this rp can get. If just one person is interested, then it can be a one x one. If just a handful of people are interested, then maybe we can form a class in the International Academy. If there's even more people, then ermygawd, let's try to have the entire Academy! But that would be rather ambitious, so I would be more than happy to have just a class, or a small special ops task force vs a terrorist group they're constantly at odds with. I'm fickle. I don't know what I want yet.
    Interested Users

    Urdnot Grunt

    Current Character Sheet!
    (created with plenty of help from Peterpantsu & Ethereal)

    Grade: High School/College + current year
    Ability: (include disadvantages)
    Class: Special Ops/Technician/Support/Espionage/etc.
    Personality: paragraph or at least five adjectives describing good and bad traits
    History: A little bit about their life prior to the Academy
    Collateral: Who the Academy is threatening
    Enrollment: How did the Academy find and enlist them?
    Summary: a tl;dr version about their history, collateral, and enrollment.​

    Whew! I think that will be everything as of right now. If you had stayed all the way up to the end, I sincerly thank you. c':​
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  2. Hmmm....
    Well, I definitely interested in this and have an interesting idea for a female student as well.

    I'm also up for collaboration on the things you mentioned.
    And might I just state, that in my eyes almost any superpower could be allowed as long as there's a way around it or a limit to it? Such as mindreading and invisibility are faulty, or there's something that can trick certain powers into glitching?
  3. I wanted to try this too. It's seems interesting. Is the anime your brother working on canon because I really like the idea for the plot.
  4. Hermione!! It's wonderful to see you here!! :D
    At this point in time I haven't thought of any characters yet, I just wanted to see if turn this idea into an actual, play-able rp > A <

    As far as superpowers go, I was hoping for it to not be the entire focus of the rp. The more unassuming it is, the better -- because my vision for this is that everyone is (for the most part) still reliant on technology and weaponry.

    Hello, RareSecret!! As far as the anime is concerned, my brother is not (in any way) a part of the production crew for "Under the Dog". The only thing he did was link me to their kickstarter page. ^ ^

    If they do get the funds they require, then the anime will be made (and therefore; canon)
  5. Count me in. For both plotting and joining c:

    So would you like for the powers to be not so prevelant? as in, they aren't something drastic like invisibility, mind reading etc.?
    Maybe the powers could be like elemental control or heightened senses? Just throwing ideas around. I would prefer too if the soldiers were more reliant on tech. RPs need more cool tech. :B
  6. It's very nice to meet you, Squarewave! C:

    And yes, that is where I'm leaning towards -- I would stray away from mind reading and invisibility. Heightened senses is a green light from me, and elemental control I can probably take if it's minor enough. Definitely cannot conjure their own element, they'd have to pull it from somewhere -- so fire-users will probably carry around their own matchbox or lighter, while water-users maybe carry around an extra bottle or hope they're near some sort of body of water.

    And yes!! I'm looking to make this gravitate this a little more towards sci-fi. c:
    So we still got to rely on the guns, blades, and conventional transportation methods -- motorcycles, helicopters, and maybe even APCs.
  7. I would love to join this and I could help contribute to the plot @.@ (Depending on my day and how creative I feel)
  8. Interest, interest, interest! Yay! xD

    I flipped out just little bit when I saw who made this thread.cx
    *evil grin*

    Yeah, the only reason I have a charrie planned is because I've had my darling Duanzia in my back pocket for months now. cx

    And makes sense -- tech is pretty fun, at that. xD
  9. It would be nice to have you with us, Urdnot Grunt!! C:

    AHAHAHA~~ x'D Flipped out, eh? Well I guess I can understand! x'DD
    But, yes! More tech than superpowers because I'm somewhat in the midst of trying to think of how these abilities came out; virus, drug, infections, or something else entirely. As such, because it only recently came out, it would make sense (to me) if the powers were relatively small and minor.

    Of course, this also means that whoever is suspected to have an unnatural ability are sometimes innocent. But we have the power of human fear and paranoia. Which unfortunately means that they would probably die regardless. It will mostly depend on how they can get powers.
  10. Just here to say i'm interested, this seems like a fun idea.
  11. How many players you looking for?
  12. it's nice to meet you too. <3

    That sounds like a great idea. So then they would be inducted into the service because the people running it think "hey, that guy has powers. put him in this super secret army."? Also, I'd think that they go through some sort of training before going on their first mission

    About the helicopters and motorcycles- argh, that sounds so cool *-* buncha secret soldiers on motorcycles, yesss.
  13. @TheGDeer; Yay! Thanks for dropping by, Deer! C:

    @Urdnot; I'm actually not really sure... I'll edit the first post to update how many users are interested, and then depending on how many I'll either form a single task force, or a class (which would mean multiple task forces)

    @Squarewave; Yes!! That's pretty much how it is. For the most part, everyone is coerced into the service; I'm not exactly looking to make exceptions to that rule so I can hope to breed some form of camaraderie. "Oh? They're threatening your parents? They've got my younger sibling" and etc. (granted, I highly doubt any of them will be very willing to speak up about the whole ordeal)

    And, yes! There will be training, the International Academy is their cover to train their agents. On the outside, it looks like a normal school, but they're forced to train in marksmanship, tactical maneuvers and each has to sort of hone their own ability to make the best use of it.

    And, yes! Motorcycles! XD As long as you're legal, of course ;3
  14. First post has been edited
    Interested Users List has been added
    Thread Prefix has been changed from "Interest Check" to "Group RP Plotting"
    Since we have six users, that is more than enough to create a task-force at the Academy! C:
  15. This definitely sounds like my cup of tea. If you could use another person, count me in.
  16. I would be more than happy to add you Rogue! And might I add welcome to Iwaku? C:
  17. Great! And yes, you may, haha. Thank you very much!
  18. You are more than welcome, Rogue! C:

    It'll probably take some time, but I have started work on this roleplay! With luck it should roll out within the next week or two (provided that I don't get too horribly distracted by other things)
  19. @Aegylic
    What I am understanding of you wants from superpowers I think you should take an Alphas take on powers. Alphas is a TV series that states humans have powers due to genetic standing and super strength comes from something that overproduces, or can produce on the spot, adrenaline. But that is merely an idea. If you wanted superhero powers or the idea I suggested, I would be more than happy to work with you and others.

    And I agree with the others that powers should be limited, but not specific ones, all powers should be limited because they all have the ability to create a powerful character. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to give a downfall of using the said power. An example of an Alphas way is that after the superhuman strength, the person becomes tired. And there are plenty of possible limits with regular super powers.

    But that is just me cannon-balling into this conversation. Hello all~
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  20. Well, there is an anime called "Darker Than Black" where they have 'superpowers' but everyone that has this superpower has to 'pay' a contract. For example, one person could freeze any liquid when using his Contract, but after using that 'power' he had to smoke cigarettes. Failure to 'pay' your contract results in death o.o

    You don't have to steal this idea 100%, but it will give you something to work off of and depending on the power may depend on what price you have to pay.

    In the show some people had to Ex: Smoke, Drink, Drink Children's Blood, Sleep, Kiss the Opposite Gender, Eat Flowers, Fold pages, etc. The list is endless on what needs to be done.
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