FANFICTION Under Red Mountain (Elder Scrolls)

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  1. During the events of red year, many attempted to take refuge in the dwemer ruins of vvardenfell. Many succeeded, though were buried inside, prevented from leaving. They cleaned up the no longer working dwarven automatons and began tunneling to other dwemer ruins, mostly out of hope for other survivors.

    They found each other and created their society, under the ashes of red mountain. All of them revoking their old gods as having abandoned them. Though they lived in peace for many years, the dunmer remained segregated from the men who made it inside, until 50 years after they had been buried, the child of an imperial and an elf was born.

    He saw how the nords and the imperials who had been buried were becoming stronger through their mingling and multiplying, while there were still few elves, and he rose in power amongst the people as a charismatic leader. Soon he urged his people to all come together as one and they did, becoming greater for it. They then began to build their society up with plans to eventually make it to the surface...