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  1. 4 friends meet a mysterious girl who ends up being close to heart with them and and then strange things start happening and they end up getting trapped in another dimension where they are looking for the girl.
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    Sounds like it could be interesting....I'm in
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    -smile face-
    I like it :3
    I'm In
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    I'm in :D
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    ok cool thx
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    you can make your own characters ill make the strange one
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    images.jpg name : kisa
    age : 16
    Personality: Reserved, shy, doesn't know her good qualities ,and has been through hard times (her parents and her brother, Light , had been murdered when she was 3 years old so she lived with her grand father until she was 12 and came to the real world)
    she was also in a relationship but lost him in a fire, but she never gave up
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    never mind i give up :(
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    Why do you give up? If you add more detail to the story, flesh things out a bit more, make it so that an idiot like me can see what you're thinking (ramble if you want, even) then I'd definitely be in. I just don't understand the full extent of the story as it is now.
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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Don't give up. I couldn't get my character in because of homework D:
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    k thx ill make it better :)
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    im so neww at this
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    Sorry have been busy with school, will post it as fast as I can
  14. If you span it out a bit more, and gather everything together, I'd love to join as well. :3 It seems interesting, keep going!