Under a Acid Horizon

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  1. Looking at the projected hologram detailing the bounty Jaime paid little attention to the man sitting across her as she filtered through the minimal intel and gruesome pictures. Her chin-length light-brown hair was kept in place with a pair of shooter's safetyglasses while blue eyes studied each and every picture without even flinching.
    Completely at ease in the noisy, smoke-filled bar she didn't even flinch as a brawl between to rough men broke out just a few feet away. Others pulled away and watched the scene while no one interfered. And while she could've easily interfered, a minimum injury ensured by the specially made, armored clothing, her interest was not on the strangers, but on the marking that was painted next to every single body in the picture. "Do you think it's a calling card or a warning? The mark." Drawing a circle around the mark she showed her copy of the picture to the man, and giving him attention at last after a long silence. "I'm betting on the last."
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  2. Unlike his companion, Chase was somewhat distracted by the brawl. Though more to keep an eye an out for wayward fists than any true fascination with the violence. He was drawn from the spectacle when Jaime flashed the hologram his direction, grabbing the device he gently pulled closer towards him for a better look. They had nothing on these guys, no motivation, no weapons, no DNA, no e-signature. All they had was this marking and it might as well have been nothing for all he knew of it. "I don't know," he answered honestly, "If it was a warning you'd think they'd give us something else to work on. You know, something to actually warn against." pausing a moment to think he searched his mind for possibilities, "Of course, it's probable this threat isn't meant for us. Not yet anyway." He chuckled lightly, "The best we can do at the moment is find someone familiar with this symbol and leap off from there."
  3. "It depends on who the warning was for, if it is one." Answering lightly she leaned a little forward, her high neckline inadvertently protecting from any casual glances, and brought up the pictures of the victims again. "Have you crossed paths with any of these people?" Their PDAs had been stolen and the police cared little about some nameless little people, but because of all the questions in the case the bounty had been set high.
  4. Chase looked through the pictures again, this time paying more attention to the victims themselves. Many had been mutilated to to a point where it was impossible to tell their original gender, let alone any more specific details, but he eventually stumbled upon one. A woman who had been spared a gruesome death, at least outwardly, she laid on the faux-cobbled steps as if she were sleeping rather than dead, the only thing indicated a connection to the other murders being the marking crudely gouged on the concrete. "Kenzie?" he mumbled to himself and began to scan the woman's features more closely. Artificial blonde hair, slightly upturned nose, drawn on eyebrows; If her eyes were open the irises would most certainly be violet. He continued staring for a moment before gathering his bearings. "This woman," he drew attention to the picture, "This is... er, was Kenzie Jervais. I knew her a few years back, when she was just some street prostitute. Last I heard she got her act together and co-owned a club downtown. Mack And Kenzie or something."
  5. Nodding lightly Jaime made a small note, "I think I know the place you mean." Having studied the photos intensely herself she added: "If it doesn't strike out with her then we can check out a few different leads. There's always that mark." She had already saved a particular photo among her personal investigations for when they'd split up later. Downing the rest of her drink she got up smoothly, ready to move on. "Come on, no time to waste."
  6. "A go getter, eh?" Chase chuckled, "No time to waste indeed." He pulled out his PDA and drew it t his mouth, "Car, meet me here." the device bleeped in confirmation. He turned to his companion and looked her up and down. "It's probably best you change from those clothes, walking about looking like a thug will surely tip someone off. If not just attract the police. I'll swing by your place if you want, unless of course you want some of my spares." He winked and went to leave, his car silently pulling in front of the establishment as he did so.
  7. "..." Looking at him in silence she sighed softly to herself. Great, just great. "I live by Greystone Road, it's not too far." Following him out she called for her own mode of transportation, a hoverboard that had suited her needs well for years and would do so for countless other years.
    Outside she easily caught her board as it came towards her, it had it's fair share of scratches and even one or two small dents on the metal. "I can always meet you at the club."
  8. "You could, or we could go together so that we have each other's backs in case things go south. Besides, you already have a few drinks in you, those damn boards are deadly enough without the added risk of inebriation." He flicked through his PDA eventually coming to an option that opened the door. With a light hiss it lifted up, revealing a spacious two-seated interior undecorated excepting a pair of pink fuzzy dice hanging from a fake rear view mirror. "Well," he started, "It would be ungentlemanly of me to not offer you a seat so, like, ladies first. Try not to track too much dirt in."
  9. Fuck, he was making too many good points. Grumbling to herself she glanced between the car and the hoverboard. The dents were a good reminder of the one or two times she had in fact crashed while drunk. She wasn't drunk now, of course, but Chase didn't know that and she had a feeling he'd get at least suspicious if she began to refuse his offer, especially since she did want to get to the bottom of the case and obtain the bounty. Sighing softly she gave in, resolving herself to popping a pill later. "Fine." Getting into the car she wasn't even in the mood to make a verbal note of the pink, fuzzy dices.
  10. Chase following into the car, the door swinging closed with a soft hiss, "Don't look too defeated now, I'm offering you a free ride not putting down your dog." The car's interior lit up and a mechanical voice erupted from the speakers "Greetings Mr. Elliot. The usual spot I presume?" Chase's eyes flashed with a moment a fear, "No, no, no. No. This is purely business Lloyd. Start heading to Greystone road, futher instructions will be given on the way there." The car, Lloyd, took off and Chase sat wordlessly for a moment or two eventually turning back to Jaime, "So, what is it you do for fun? I don't seriously think you spend your usual off days rescuing stray pets."
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  11. "Usual spot?" Grinning lightly she wasn't going to let that go, not when it horrified the boy scout enough for him to backtrack to other things. "I won't tell~" Soon enough he'd have enough entertainment at her cost anyways as the car had started and a small queasiness started to grow. "You can't possibly outdo me anyways."
  12. "Oh, it's, uh, nothing too interesting." He tried to maintain a straight face. "Just a place I've taken women to, well, you know. It's nothing too special really, I'd just rather Lloyd here didn't go assuming that every woman that steps into him is one of my more, uh, intimate companion. Not that there's anything wrong with you of course, we're just here to do business. That's all." He paused for a moment to collect himself, "And what the hell do you mean by 'can't possibly outdo me anyways'? If you wanna make this a contest just spit it ou-" Lloyd lurched suddenly as it made a hard left turn quickly throwing the pair together and out again.

    "God fucking damn it Lloyd, what the hell was that?"

    "Pothole." The car replied simply, leaving Chase more confused than ever.
  13. That explanation wasn't awkward at all. Thinking it sarcastically to herself she watched him getting more and more embarrassed by his explanation. At the sudden lurch she cursed a heavy string of swearwords under her breath, the ever popular 'fuck' and 'shit' barely decipherable. Leaning on the side of the car she had now paled slightly, closing her eyes she tried to breathe as evenly as possible while ignoring her temporary work partner.
  14. "God damn." he mumbled again. There was a reason a perfectly fine car was so cheap and Lloyd's actions made him ever more aware of it every time he got in. Sighing, he chanced a glance at his peeved passenger and annoyance was suddenly replaced with, well, a different sort of annoyance. Her sudden change of complexion and silence was disconcerting. "Please don't throw up in the car." he was half-tempted to try to comfort her, but he also pretty sure she would rip his arm off if he tried, "You should tell Lloyd here exactly where you live, unless you want him to circle around Greystone for a couple of hours."
  15. "Apples, shut up." Eyes closed she remained focused on not getting worse, this is why hoverboards were so much better for her. A few moments later she recited the exact address to her place, not wanting to even let her mind wander to the possibility of Chase's earlier concern.
  16. He rolled his eyes at the comment as the car, again, swerved left, this time in response to Jaime's directions. If Chase didn't know better he would assume Lloyd was doing it out of some malicious intent, but of course that impossible, AIs could not possess Ill intent. "Arrival in approximately 4 minutes, 17 seconds," spouted the car's navigation. The next few minutes of awkward silence ended as Chase was struck with a moment of genius and reached under his seat eventually producing a small bag which he then tossed over to Jaime, "Just in case."

    After what felt like much longer than four minutes the car came to a sudden stop, the passenger door swinging up without command, "We've arrived at our destination, you two enjoy your night now."
  17. Grabbing the bag she crushed it in her hand, focusing purely on breathing while inwardly cursing at the troublesome AI. The four minutes felt like torture, but she managed to hold on.
    The very moment the door opened she got out and stepped up to the door that lead inside the building holding her apartment. "Entry. Resident Page plus one guest." Turning to Chase she gestured for him to name himself.
  18. Chase was not aware until this moment that he was even going to be invited inside, but didn't hesitate on giving his name when asked, "Chase Elliot" he stated and turned to page, "You know, it's usually customary to buy someone dinner before inviting them into your place. I'll think I should be able to forgive the faux-pas this time." He winked coyly.
  19. "I can revoke it and have you kicked out," answering back lightly she headed inside and towards the elevator. She wasn't as rude as to let someone wait outside while she got change, not she she needed to find the damned clothes she needed to fit in somewhere that her usual style tagged her as a thug. "So, fancy place or a club?"
  20. Chase raised a brow in confusion, "Didn't you hear me before? Kenzie was a former prostitute that turned her life around, she was far from 'fancy' material. I haven't been to Mack And Kenzie's for a while, but if it's anything like I remember expect loud music, blinding lights and big bouncers that put up with no shit. Really, if we get out of there without a few extra bruises or STIs I'd call it a successful day, even if we don't get any tips." The elevator beeped, the doors opened and Chase skipped in.

    "Of course if there wasn't any chance of violence I don't think you'd come along."
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