Undead Rebellion (Just random name, not what ya think)

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  1. http://pastebin.com/P4M9bHbM

    Hello! It's me, Arnold! So, I just dilly dallied a bit and with a few people, basically finalized the basic idea of an RP idea. That link is to something that was typed for it, in a sense. Like, possibly give you the idea of the character I have or... I dunno.

    Anyways, down to business. The RP idea itself is neat in my opinion. There will be a very long war, one lasting over centuries, possibly, but only intensifying as it nears its maybe 500 years after it started? Still in "development." The war will be between a faction of very strong undead, lead by an Arch Lich and whatnot. The necromancers would act like healers and all that jazz, because summoning and death and whatnot. The other faction would be against an extremely religious faction of paladins and clerics and priests and all that jazz. Yeahh.

    I... I don't know if it would be good against all that power, referring to the paladins and stuff. I might just make the war something like a rebellion, as the title says. It's still something running through the head.

    Alright, an interesting idea would be that anything that was controlled by The Undead would be dark, mysterious and have very unique flora that is very beneficial towards none-living animate objects, like zombies. Simple necromancers would be able to brew some powerful potions that only affects the undead. And, now that we are on this subject, the parts that held by the human faction, whatever you want to call it, I dont know. Thought about the WAYWARD LIGHTS. The Wayward Lights areas would be all warm and fuzzy, having lush grass and all that jazz!

    The Undead would be varied in what is in it. They'd most likely accept anything that was once alive, or sorta in between, like zombies. And they would classify undead to different tiers, maybe?

    The technology/setting/genre/whatever would be medieval fantasy, but heavily influenced by modern tech. Like, mortars! OR MAGICAL C4.

    Anyways, I pretty much talked too much, made too many lines? Haven't slept very well, so forgive me. Anyways, if the idea interests you, feel free to shout. IF YOUD LIKE TO HELP, by all means let me know!
  2. I don't know my genres! Sorry! Also, think a bit deeper on the idea...

  3. Are you planning on doing this? If so, I'd like to help you out with this. This seems interesting yet uncomplete, and I have some ideas...

    PM me if you're interested.
  4. I'd certainly be willing to help. First off, how about making it so that the undead aren't mindless drones for once, but sentient beings just like the humans? I have plenty of ideas for it, but I'm tired and I have 6 subforums to check before I go to bed so I'll tell you them later if you want me to.
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  5. Oi, that was the whole meaning of the undead. They are sentient x3 Especially since my already made character for it is sentient
  6. Oh, well that's easy then.
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