Undead Plague Break Out In Space

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  1. -Pressing his left index finger against the radio recallbutton over his hear, an order came in about a new incomer about the open spotfor the position "Squad Leader 2" with a suspensions look to hisexpression, he radioed back with “Copy” in a response. Heading off to the frontoffice HQs, he kept his rifle tightly strapped to his back, his badge of honorin a perfect pattern across his left shoulder to show he has much respect andhonor for his nation. His hair came down just to his eyebrows in a clean cut,black gloves that were cut off at his knuckles with a half shown biohazardtattoo printed in-between his thumb and index finger on both hands. He hurriedto the front so the new comer wasn’t waiting for long.-<o:p></o:p>
  2. Chiyo Masamoto waited outside the building, tapping her foot impatiently. It wasn't in her nature to be patient about anything, something which had nearly got her killed on many an occasion. She sighed, and checked her watch. The young woman didn't have all day to wait around, especially since she held the belief that time was money. Money which she couldn't afford to spend.

    Suddenly she saw the door open, and her brown eyes flashed for a second. "Good day." She greeted the man, "Watashinonamaeha Chiyo Masakidearu to watashi wa hanchō no ichi no tame ni koko ni iru." When she realised she was slipping into Japanese - one of the languages in which she was fluent - she quickly changed back smoothly, "My name is Chiyo Masamoto, and I am here about the Squad Leader 2 position."
  3. -Stepping down the steps, Boku's eye would lock on her's, something he was taught many years ago, if the person he stared at long enough would blink a certain amount of time or can feel that he/she was scared, he would know that he/she was not up to or capable for the jobs he needed to fill. But by exaiming her closely, both his amrs where behind his back, in a fasionable stance and hold to show he was a high leader in the organization he ran here.-
    "Your rather good in the Japanese language, but there won't be any need for it here, so english will be good enough. Also, do you know what we do up here, do you know the secrets we kept here at Ground Zero?"
    -He spoken to her with words so deep in his voice, he'll make sure that she got it in her head that he was not someone to play around with or to take him jokingly.-
  4. She could see clearly that he wasn't one to take any rubbish from anyone, and that instantly gained him some respect in her eyes, being a similar person herself. Chiyo stood tall, her posture giving the aura that she wasn't a softy. Not one bit. Her dark eyes met his full on and she refused to look away or blink, knowing how that often showed as a sign of weakness.

    "I am indeed aware of what you do up here, and I also know that I am up for anything that might happen here. I will take orders, but I will also take the initiative if the situation arises. I'm strong, and I have no family back home, so I will not get homesick easily." Her voice was clear and fearless. "I can use various weapons with ease, and I am a quick learner in case you wish to train me in a certain type of weapon which I am not familiar with. I assure you that I will work hard and without failure, should I get this position."
  5. Hearing the tine in her voice, the attitude she was giving her when speaking and from eye contact, he knew she would be perfect for the position he was needing for the situation on base. Keeping his eyes locked with hers, he stood forward and inspected her to see if her stance was perfectly in line, and from what he was seeing he saw nothing out of place: her feet, hands, body language and all were perfect for his standards he was looking for.

    "I'm please to hear about that, we don't need any weakness or family home sick up here, because from this moment on, you are now the Second Squad Leader for this base. You and I will be taking orders from each other. I have no need or time to teach you anything new, I would only like for you to take what you know now and put that to use for me here. There will be days to relax and have a bit of free time to do what you wish. But when your on an order, I expect you to do em with out question, as the same with me. We are a team. Is that understood?"
  6. Chiyo listened to what he was saying, and even though her first instinct was to jump up with jubilance at getting the job, she suppressed that, and instead replied coolly with little inflection in her voice, "I understand completely. Now, where will I be staying while I am here?" She looked directly at him as she made this inquiry. Years of practice in suppressing of emotions was coming in handy, especially since this guy standing here in front of her was actually quite good looking.

    However, she ignored this thought, and focused on the fact that he was her colleague. Colleague, not anything more. With a simple move, she stepped forwards so she was right in front of him. The intention here was not to intimidate, but to show that she wasn't one to be easily intimidated herself.
  7. "We have a seperate barracks on the campus for females and males. There directly across from each other. If you follow me i'll show you your room to where you will be staying at."
    He took a simple turn with his feet and began walking out the front door, though he was a Leader and a Captain over everything here, his walking formation was normal, not really showing he was all that. He didn't want to show her that he was all that and perfect over her. He wanted to show they both were equal.

    Stepping up to a farely medium sized building with large sized windows on both sides of the door, he easily pushed it open, showing a living room with a 60" tv, leather seats and recliner chair on each corner. A glass table in the center between the seats and tv, hooked with dual "Bose" systems scatter across the room. The living environment wasn't cheap or for just anyone.

    "Hope you like it here, I desighed it my self, and sadly with my own money, so treat it with care please. If we go on down the hallway, feel free to choose any room you please and make your self at home. Its against the rules for me to step inside another females room without permission from the female, herself."
  8. Chiyo followed him, her dark eyes taking in everything she was being shown. When they reached the building that she was informed was the barracks, she was impressed by the classiness of the living area. She listened intently to what this man was saying, and nodded in understanding. "I understand, sir." She replied, and nodded to him. "I prefer to have a room that is relatively separate from the rest - I like my privacy."

    She headed down the hallway, and her eyes lighted upon the door at the far end of the hall. Instantly the girl knew that this was the one she would be in. Chiyo carried her single bag down the hallway and entered the bedroom. Immediately she felt at home in the airy room, which was modern and yet very much...her.
  9. Heading back to his own barracks, he told a few of the female guards that watched her barrack from others going in to inform her about the meeting he was setting up just for the 2 of them to discuss rules and job regulations. He made sure to tell her to bring her weapons if she had any. Boku went on ahead to his barracks finally to grab a clipboard and his Scar-H rifle, he threw it cleanly around his back to head to the conference room located right behind the dome that held all the infected.
  10. Seeing the man with the clipboard and rifle walking toward him Dj would gather his bags from the floor and make his way toward him stopping a few feet ahead of him. quickly noticeing his outfit ."excuse me Comander my name is Dj i am hear Because i want to be a part of your program that you are running i was refered by my squad leader back home." Dj would stare at the comander awaiting his response.
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