Undead Plague Break Out In Space

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  1. In 2056, NASA began a secret plan to move a group of highly educated and trained Scientist to a Lab located at "Ground Zero", Far eastside of the Moon. This sight was not visible to any scopes from earth due to it being clearly on the other side of the moon. Different types of creatures were being tested on for further studying. Of course the creatures being test done weren't normal creatures, it were human beings that seemed to have lost all their normal habits and nature attitude, they've grown to be something entirely different than what the scientist has every thought of. That had kept at least over a hundred thousand of these creatures in a contained box, covered around with Plexiglas, reinforced with titanium steel bars that ran across the lower, middle and upper half of the entire dome which kept the creatures in for extra strength. The ground had only kept a few handfuls of ex-military fighter’s thatwere very high in the organization to protect the scientist from an outbreak, if one would ever happen...<o:p></o:p>
    After so many years of studying and testing these things, they've come to conclusion that there wasn't any cure for such an infection,once you would turn, you would never be human again. The name they would begiven would be a handle full of things; Zombies, The Undead, Walkers, etc. After finally deciding to destroy the creatures, one doctor took off behind allthe others, and decided to do one last test on one of the creatures, As he accomplish on taking one back to the Safe Zone to do test, he had accidently forgot to latch the lock completely down, allowing the horde of zombies that constantly banging on the doors to have it un-latch, and swing open. Each and every single zombie within this dome was not rushing out like a huge rampage.The gunners upon top of the Safe zone would begin to take a few down, before hecould come close, he had to hit the emergency shut down button, immediately shutting all entrances and exits with titanium doors, all windows beings covered with a Plexiglas.<o:p></o:p>
    That last survivors are the little few soldiers, scientist, and doctors. They would all have to set aside their differences and begin working together to escape "Ground Zero" to get back on earth before they get exterminated.<o:p></o:p>

    Please begin giving a short description about your Character.

    Name: Boku Cryptic Yamashita "Bonez"
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 210
    Eye Color: Slightly blacker then normal, the inner eye itself is a red dot
    Hair: Ear length, black hair, the tips are slightly curved upwards. Bangs reaches down passed his eye lashes
    Position: Squad Leader One
    Talents: Being able to take command in battle with tatics. Taking out enemies quickly and quietly with just a winchester double edge knife
    Personality: Quiet most of the time, unless spoken too. Very easy to get along with, only has problems when someone demands something of him
    Weapons of choice: A Scar-H Assualt Rifle, with a grip holder. Led sunfire flashlight to the left equiped with a red dot Acog scope. A 9x9 mm Waltherp99, German semi-automatic pistol. Winchester double edge knife
    Class: Ex - Spec Ops Commander
  2. Name: Chiyo Masamoto
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 200
    Eye Color: Dark brown, but with a single fleck of blue in the iris of her left eye.
    Hair: Waist-length black hair, but she keeps it up in a tight bun on the top of her head out of the way. Her bangs however, are choppy and exude fearlessness.
    Position: Squad Leader Two
    Talents: Being able to both listen to her superiors, but also take initiative and do things on her own. Being able to work with whatever situation she gets into.
    Personality: She has a feisty, and tomboyish nature, but at first glance she seems like a sweet and innocent young woman. This deceptive though, because she can slice a person open within seconds with her weapon of choice.
    Weapons of choice: Chiyo prefers to use her poison dipped shurikens - ninja stars - which have been handed down through her family for generations. However, she also uses a 'kama' and a .22 Mossberg Brownie.
  3. Accepted. Were just gonna need a few more people to join the squads
  4. No problem :)
  5. Well, would you like to begin the RP with just us?
  6. Sure - could you start the thread up?
  7. Sure thing.
    Were going to start where you had just became the Squad leader ok, then were go on a little before the zombies begin attacking
  8. Great - just post the link here when you get it done.
  9. Name: Say paco

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'9

    Weight: 200

    Eye Color: green blue eyes.

    Hair: spiked into aupward position a light brown

    Talents:very skill full with linear thinking and out side the box thinking. meaning he finds more then one to preform a task. good with making things picking
    locks and moving through an area unseen and at a moderate speed. skilled in the art of Parkour.

    Personality: Quiet until he eels comfortable, minds his business but if he feels threatened he will not be nice when dealing with you. is very friendly and playful likes to joke around on the job when times feel down.

    Weapons of choice: 1 spaz 12 shotgun equipped with explode on contact shell.,2 mp5's with red dot scopes and extended mags and silencers. 2 mp9's each silenced and daggers 1 katana blade smoke grenades and and specialty goggles.
    Class: Ex -black ops team 1 annalist/tech