Undead: Nomads

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  1. He stepped out of his car, shot gun in his hand. His combat boots picked up off the ground, then landed back down with a loud THUD. It was dusk. No sign of dawn for hours. He was out of gas, but not energy luckily. To his left, death. To his right, desert. Behind him, a fate much worse than death waited for him. The only way to go was straight.
    As he walked the only thing he could hear was the sound of his own feet hitting the pavement. There was no sign of life for miles, even in the gas station he stumbled upon. No lights. Only cars flipped on their sides making a wall around the station.
  2. "Dammit," the woman muttered, holding an empty canteen upside down. No water, of course. She'd have to find more soon. She sat against the counter of the gas station in her dirty old hoodie and cargo pants stuffed into her boots. Next to her rest her crowbar that'd gotten her out of more than a few situations, as well as a M1911 pistol that she'd refrained from using so far. Ammo was hard to find, and there was no point in wasting it.

    She stood to her feet and grabbed her backpack from the counter behind her. She'd found a lonely can of ravioli, but that was it. The place had been cleared out by scavengers some time ago, and she counted herself lucky to have found anything. She grabbed her pistol and shoved it in her waistband then grabbed the crowbar before going back to the storeroom. It was locked with a big ol' padlock, so her crowbar wouldn't do much. She could try shooting the lock, but who knows who or what could be out there right now...
  3. He took off his trucker cap revealing a shiny bald head. Hr was only 21shaved his hair off to make him cool down faster, and not get as hot easily. He placed his gun on the hood of a flipped car, and with all his upper body strength vaulted over the car. He looked at the gas pumps, most of them were at half empty, he looked over at the gas station, the door looked propped open. Leaving the gun on the truck he walked over to the door and called "hello?"
  4. The woman flinched when a voice called from the other side of the door and she scrambled for her pistol. The last group of people she'd met were none too friendly, and she didn't want a repeat of that. She turned towards the door and pulled out her pistol again. If she was gonna go against another armed person, it was definitely worth the bullets. Then again, last time she didn't even get a proper greeting so maybe this would be different.

    "Hello?" She called back, keeping her gun lowered but ready. She flicked the safety off and maneuvered around the counter, blowing a strand of her brown hair out of her eye. She should probably cut it again, she'd let it grow down to her neck which was longer than she usually let it go.
  5. Ryu walked ever onwards, a "stubby" shotgun in one hand while the other kept a tight grip on the hand of his sister, nearly a foot and a half shorter and some seven years younger at only thirteen she struggled with the pace at which the siblings seemed to march. Ryu sighed as he felt another drop of sweat run from the tip of his nose, for hours the sound of their footsteps on tarmac and gravel seemed like a thousand continuous explosions; but now there is nothing but an endless expanse of silence and concrete. There is a sound off in the distance, indistinguishable but there, a flock of birds; fifty strong engulf a block of the bright blue expanse. Ryu feels a tug on his arm and remembers himself. The girl is on her hands and knees, "Hey, you ok sis?" The girl gives her brother a weak nod. He looks around frantically as he brings the child to one side. He flinches as he hears someone nearby. He slips the weapon into his backpack and draws a beaten m1911 as he waits.
  6. Selena stares and watch's the people around her while hiding behind a bush. She wore blue jeans with a black hood. She has long red hair with blue and blond streaks that she keeps in a bun. she wears black tennis shoes. She is around 9 or 10. The sweetest girl you would ever meet. However she will do anything she can to protect her friends. She learned how to shoot a gun by a friend which was killed because the noise drew the zombies. She later found another group which she just found now. "I wonder who they are?" she thought to herself when all the sudden she brushed her hand on the bush and made a sound she then gasped but quickly put her hand over her mouth.
  7. Ryu flinched again, getting to his feet, looking around he grits his teeth in anger. He reaches into a bag at his side withdrawing a suppressor which he attaches to his pistol, he waits... Endless silence follows as he stands his ground. There is something close by. He looks across the road, seeing an small shop. There was no telling if it was safe though but then his sister couldn't stay out here much longer. He crouched beside his sister, who looked back at him with empty eyes. He handed her a bottle of water, "you need to drink this. I'm going across the road to that shop," he looked at the girl for a moment before hugging her. "Kiyra, I wan't you to hold on just a little longer, I'll come get you when it's clear; scream if anything happens." He stands, striding across the road a look of harsh determination in his storm cloud grey eyes.

    He pushed open the door raising his weapon as he heard the hiss of the walking dead, he lammed his finger against the trigger and the thing collapsed now missing an eye and the rest of it's head on the far wall. He looked around seeing several sleeping bags and a back pack next to one containing: four cans of beans, some crisps, biscuits, paracetamol, bandages, a small revolver with a full chamber and four spare rounds. Next was the door to what was possibly the store room where four people hung by their necks.
  8. Helen Davenlore wasn't your typical everyday female, especially in this day and age. While most people when the world went to shit grabbed pistols or shotguns, she went for what she knew would help keep her alive so much more. Her late husbands specially modified Sako TRG sniper rifle. Before he died three years ago, he modified it so that in case of emergencies, she could use it even if it ran out of proper ammunition. All she'd have to do is find something small like a decent sized rock or marble to be a substitute and the gun could still use it as a projectile.

    She had long forgotten what city she resided in, but she knew that it had both the undead and the living. To that end, she usually tried to thin the numbers of those damnable creatures while protecting what people she could. As she leveled the butt of the rifle against her shoulder, she glanced down the scope towards the street below her rooftop hiding spot. A few walkers were making their way towards a little girl outside a shop on the street. Damn kid...gonna get killed!

    She took a deep breath and felt her long red hair flow onto her shoulders. Firing off a shot here might possibly draw more, but whoever was with that kid would come out hearing the shot too and take care of her. Her finger squeezed the trigger and the gunshot echoed out as the bullet flew and smashed into the zombies skull, sending it spiraling to the ground.
  9. She runs down the hillside, silent but quick. This is Sylvia, a thirteen-year-old girl, with silvery hair. In one hand, a pistol. In the other, a pair of binoculars. Living on her own, with no one wanting her as part of a group. She sits at an abandoned porch. The house is empty, and her body is weak.
  10. Sylvia's head snapped up. Oh no. she thinks, I fell asleep! Her eyes scope the landscape, a herd of walkers a mile away. Crap. Her pack suddenly feels heavier now. The walkers are getting closer by the minute. A silvery strand of hair brushes her cheek. She grabs her pistol. "Go back downstairs, you zekes!"
  11. She hears the gun shots and runs out towards the people who are firing. When a walker came right next to her she grabbed a wooden plank and smacked his head off. She then ran faster scared half to death to the other people around that were shooting. She then sees a baseball bat and picks it up to defend herself. She then runs to the women that drew her out and stands next to her.
  12. James watch what was happening from afar not sure if he should help or take this chance to sneak away while the commotion was going on. He know that if sneak he would had hate himself for it. So he slow walk close to see if he could help them. He made should that he did not step on anything that would alert something to his location. He had his compound bow in his right hand. When he was close enough to the zombie he took out a arrow from his backpack took a deep breath and fired his arrow in to zombie's head.
  13. Ryu hears the gun go off, he turns on the balls of his feet he heard his sister scream, six of them and more to come by the looks of things. egnoring the bodies he took an axe from the wall and ran to his sister taking out three of snapping corpses. A fourth holds the child by the neck slaming her in to the floor as it attempts to tear into her flesh. "Like hell you peace of shit..."

    Kiyra fumbles through her bag, and then in a bush where she finds a large nail. Gripped with fear she pushes at the thing to no avail. She screams driving it in to the tings arm smashing the elbow into a bloody pulp and then the eye. The second strike merely grazes the skin.

    "C'mon you fat..." Ryu swings for the things side with all his strength smashing a rip and throwing the thing aside before a strike across the face. He stands in the mess of blood and brutality with blood up to his elbows. He looked in the direction of the shooter with a grim smirk.

    Kiyra lay amidst the carnage, her breaths short and panicked. She feels he brother pick her up, "are you ok?" she lookes in the direction of the shooter, "what about them?"

    Ryu nodded as he held the girl in his arms, walking in to the shop, "Just worry about yourself for once. If they want to join then their free to. Before the sun goes down anyway."
  14. Helen watched the mass confusion below her. Looks like they got most of them...As she took her eye from her scope she saw movement coming down the street. A slew of walkers..had to be at least 30. Shit..those guys are dead if they don't get barricaded soon. She stood up and took a small bag of marbles from a backpack that sat next to her.

    This was going to get hectic real fast. She stood at the edge of the ledge, glancing down at everyone. "EVERYONE GET INSIDE! HURRY!" She cocked back the bolt loading the next shot and began to open fire on the approaching horde, watching the undead fall shot after shot. She couldn't take them all, but she could slow them down enough to give them some time to get to safety.
  15. Selena was scared after she started to hear gun shot after gun shot. She quick ran inside to find other people. She knew they wouldn't question her since she was a little girl however she was still shaking since she knew she couldn't trust anyone these days. "Please don't shoot me!" she said as she saw people with guns.
  16. James was confused about the hell was going on. All he kept hearing was gunfire and people screaming. He follow people into a building to find safe from the walkers. When he got inside he had to caught his breath. He always hated running even when he was younger. He look up and there a good amount of people here. All of them look like the somewhat armed.
  17. Round after round, the gun fired. Then, it was empty. The walkers lurched forward. "No, no, no!" she rattled her pack for the sound of bullets. Empty. Not good.
  18. The walkers were closing down the street. She had already started digging into her bag of marbles and loading them into the chamber. Each one sliced through the undead flesh just as easily as a bullet would have. Whether it was the sound of the shots or just because there were more in the vicinity than she anticipated, the throng of zombies seemed to have doubled...maybe even tripled since they started lumbering their way close.

    Hope those guys found some kind of safety. If not, then they're in for a rude awakening. She grabbed the last of her marbles in her hand and loaded them in the chamber, gazing down her sight and launching off another few rounds.
  19. Down in the basement of the house, she shivered. The doors were barred, but they wouldn't last long. If there was some stuff down here, she could probably escape. After searching, she found ten bullets, a hammer, a knife, and a walker's arm. She remembered running into a group before, one who smeared zeke guts all over them so that they wouldn't be harmed by walkers. I guess I can try it.
  20. Selena started to shiver. "It was nice of that lady to protect me but still." She thought to herself. She then proceeded to the roof of the building to find the women that protected her. She then got something out of her pocket. It was a bag of marbles she had been collecting. "Here this might help" she said to the women.
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