UNDA DUH SEA Plot Discussion

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  1. Here we are. We can discuss characters and plot here.
  2. Jolly good, chap. Where do we begin?
  3. Okay, so for ease of reference, here's the link to the song we'll be keeping in mind through the roleplay:
    I Love You - Woodkid

    It has lyrics and the song itself, that way we can hear it and read what's being said at the same time. :D Yaaay.
  4. Sweet. I think big Mers name will be Sobek
    He'll be a bull shark.
  5. Sweet. I'll post tomorrow in here with a bio on my mer. :3
  6. Name: Sobek

    Type: Bull Shark

    Personality: Sobek is serious but stubborn and haughty with most everything that involves him. He's a cocky cock and has been known to start fights unprovoked. He cares deeply for a certain Oarfish and won't hesitate to show it, or beat anyone the ridicules it.

    Other: Sobek may or not be an occasional cannibal, as it has yet to be proven.
  7. Name: Milo

    Type: Oarfish

    Pic: Milo.png

    Personality: Being a deep-sea fish, he has always been a depressed merfolk. There isn't much sunlight down there. He attaches to others easily, but at the same time has trust issues, because the deep crevices of the ocean are dangerous and others don't last long. An earthquake shook Milo out of his ravine and sent him to shallower waters. A Bull Shark was the first one he met upon entering new waters, and since then has become extremely attached to him.

    Other: He eats shellfish and squid. Yum.
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  8. He such a cutie I love him
  9. I am in love with his mowhawk. I need to practice drawing it, though. Lol I can't draw it from a front view. XP So, what do we do next?
  10. Oh okay let's get the outline for the plot typed out and then I'll go create the thread for it once we're done with that.
    Like the concept and stuff.
  11. Okay. So, I know we're wanting to base it off of the song, but at the same time, if we did that it would move too quickly. We could roleplay their interactions for a bit, that way we can get a feel for their personalities and understand how their relationship and interactions work.
    Then we can go into the sadness. A storm, probably a monsoon/hurricane/tsunami, hits and separates the two. One gets pushed further out to sea, the other ends up washing on land. I think we decided that Milo was going to be the one that got stranded.
    The interactions between the two characters at that point are going to be limited, since Milo is on land and Sobek is still in the water.
    We could go about this in many different ways.. One would be introducing temporary side characters for the sake of keeping some kind of RP connection with the two main characters. Like, I have several other merfolk I can call upon, including another shark, or a whale. :D I kind of want to play the whale character in this case. He's like Chien-Po, from Mulan.
    Anyway, we can go about the rest of the RP from there in several different ways--either it can continue to get sad, and Milo never makes it back out to sea, or their relationship never heals.... Or they live happily ever after, reunited in the ocean (or on land, if Sobek chooses to give up the watery life..).

    :D Is that good? We can clean this up and flesh it out in an easier-to-read manner once we confirm details. Lol
  12. OOOH! What if he starts to fall for someone on land?!
    Then he has to choose and Sobek could try to kill love interest and ANGST!
  13. That would work. o: Since we wanted a sad thing! oh even better.

    What if he doesn't actually fall for anyone, just has a friend. and Milo tries to get Sobek to come on land with him, forcing Sobek to choose either the sea or him... and Sobek misinterprets Milo's relationship with the human and suspects lovers, gets jealous, tries to kill human, Milo angsts and tries to explain what was between them... And all that mushy goodness.

    Who knows, when we actually get to that part we might decide to do something entirely different. Lol

    Also, for the official title of the RP, I was thinking of calling it Oh Lover. Simple.
  14. Awesome! So you want to go head and get it started? You can post first or I can whichever
  15. Doesn't matter to me, either way. :)