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  1. There was a mistake. The virus was unstable. The subject became untamable- so they killed him. They contained the virus...or so they thought. While the virus was in 'quarantine', it evolved..it evolved to something unbreakable, invincible. The few survivors stocked up on guns and supplies to survive. As long as they didn't get the infected blood mixed on their own, they where fine...although...there was two. Two people, who had the cure. The cure? Where? What was it? Well, they had the first stages of the cure injected into them. They knew who they where, but they refused to tell anyone...now the go around, helping survivors. They do not know the whereabouts of the rest of the cure. You, are one of the few survivors. All the survivors have relocated to Moscow, as it was where the 'safe place' was supposedly hidden...there is no safe place.

    Alex jumped across the gap with a small sigh. She looked around a moment before continuing across the roof, looking for the source of the pleas for help. "I'm coming!" she called out, biting her lip, hoping she wasn't going to be too late...again.

    ((OOC:The Two cures are Alex and Liam. Image of Alexandria Vale: [​IMG] Uniform: [​IMG] ))

    Mya Zale sat on the table outside, her legs dangling off as she looked around, singing a child's tune. She giggled a little as an infected charged. She vaulted off the seat, her heel hitting the man directly in the chest, knocking him down. She stomped his face in with a smile and skipped off.

    ((OOC: Mya: [​IMG] ))
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  2. Name: Bruso
    Age: 28
    Looks: huge muscular man, has hair that covers his eyes, which are largely listless.
    Location: north side of Moscow.


    Bruso watched as the door shook. A small group of helpless people watched in terror as the screams pierced the air in the small home.

    "Please save my daughter!!" One of the women shrieked.

    Bruso looked around, there was little time and of he stayed he would be among the infected that would mindlessly wander the outskirts.

    Without hesitation, Bruso grabbed the young girl and slammed out the back window and climbed to the roof. He ran as fast as he could, hearing the screams of the people he was with echo through his head.

    A tear fell on the roof as he continued back to the "safe" zone.
  3. Alex stopped at the edge of the roof as the infected slammed into the building. She cursed loudly, literally falling off the roof, landing on her shoulder and rolling forwards with ease, jumping through the crowd. She used her rifle for cover, drawing the crowd towards her. She took a running start and slid under a few of them before knocking two off their feet, entering the room. Blood was everywhere. "Damnit why is it EVERY time!" She mumbled to herself, looking around a moment. She noticed a broken window..footsteps. "someone.." her hopes rose and she sped through the window, shattering the rest of it. "AYE!" she called out, looking for someone, anyone who had survived.

    Mya was watching the sky as she skipped to her barricaded house. "Ashes ashes, fall from the sky. People, people, all dead and scary. Killing, hurting, that's what they do. Smiling smiling I skip around the town." she sang aloud, giggling. Something was seriously wrong with this 13 year old.
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  4. Bruso pressed on, little girl in hand. He knew nothing but his next steps and survival. His mind was racing. All those that had died, each one of them was important to someone, even if only to themselves. He couldn't stand the thought of leaving another human being to die. He cringed. Is it worth surviving if I have to watch so many others lose their chance? As he was about to collapse from exhaustion and stress, he heard a call. "AYE" he echoed back, with all the strength he could muster. He fell down and the girl asked if he was ok.

    "It's nothing.. I'll be ok.." Bruso muttered before resting his head on the ground, panting heavily.
  5. Alex felt relief, yet sadness spread through her as she heard the call echoed back. "At least someone's alive..but.." she sighed, wondering how bad their lives had been since this plague. She sped forwards faster, pausing as she noticed someone ahead. She slowed down, yet still ran. She slid to a stop beside them, kneeling down, her eyes scanning over them both. "Injuries? Help? Are you okay?" she asked, skipping the entire introduction part.
  6. "Listen to me" Bruso said through a heavy pant. "I only know basic combat skills. Teach me to fight so I never have to hear another scream from a human again." He collapsed on the ground.

    The young girl cried and whimpered, "Where is mommy?"
  7. Alex bit her lip, picking up the young girl and sitting cross-legged. "Shhh...I'm Alexandria. You're mom..she's..sleeping. For a while. Shh..go to sleep sweetie..take a nap." she said, rocking the young girl gently.
  8. "I'm gunna go see mommy in my sleep, ok?" She said, through a small squeak. She fell asleep after a few minutes of rocking.

    Bruso sat up. "What exactly are you doing here..?" There were bruises on his arms and face, and the bags under his eyes were large and splotchy. He looked dirty, and smelled a little musty. His eyes were dry with tears and his mouth was dry and sand like. His legs were barely shaking, but it was enough to make a small noise on the hard rooftop.
  9. Alex still rocked the child gently. "Okay..sleep now." she said softly, brushing hair out of the young girl's face. She looked at Bruso as he spoke. "I heard someone scream and I came to help.." she cringed. "Too late..again." sighing, she shook the image from her head. "But I saw the back window had been broken, so I followed." She said, removing one arm from around the girl to produce a canteen. "Would you like some water? I'm Alexandria Vale, helper/savior of survivors..though..I haven't seen any for a long time other then Mya- Don't ever approach Mya." she said warningly as her blue eyes scanned his face for a moment.
  10. "That's all fine and heroic of you, but you never answered my question." He leaned in and looked into her eyes. "Do you know how to fight?" His stern tone completely brushed aside the fear he had welling up inside. He grew afraid. How long had this 'savior/helper' been walking around without seeing another soul? Who was this Mya? These questions flashed in his mind, but he didn't ask yet. There was more important things to take care of right now.
  11. "Yes, I can fight. Yes, I can teach you if you want. I have to warn you though..the infected learn defensive moves very quickly. If you aren't going to kill them, don't fight them." she said quietly, holding the gaze. She gently let go of the little girl, laying the child gently in her lap as to keep her protected. "Do you have a name?" she asked, setting the water down.
  12. Jaylin padded softly along the pavement. The soles of her worn combat boots provided little protection against anything, barely even dirt. Her eyes darted back and forth anxiously and her body was tense and rigid. She had lost count how many days it had been, and some part of her didnt want to know, since she'd last seen someone. That's when she heard the voices. Jaylin tensed and crept toward the building. The words were drifting down from the roof. 'People!' Jaylin nearly cried for joy. As fast as she could, Jaylin sped up the stairs leading to the landing for the roof. Then her actions caught up with her rational mind. 'What if they were infected and hid up here to hide from whomever they wanted to protect?' Jaylin pulled a .9mm handgun from her waistband, holding it firmly as she inched toward the door. It was cracked slightly. Peering through Jaylin could faintly see a girl and a man. They seemed safe enough but here you could never be too safe. Secretly, Jaylin prayed they weren't infected, just knowing that there were others, just one, that was still safe was all she needed. Drawing a deep breath, Jaylin knocked her knuckles against the metal doorframe. "Hey..." Jaylin stayed behind the door so she could flee quickly incase of an attack.
  13. "I am far passed the feelings I'd have for killing infected." He said while standing fully straight up. He stretched and looked down at her with a grim stare. "The name is Bruso."

    He turned to eye'd the door. He quickly turned to identify the noise. "I'll cover you, you have the weapon. Move towards it slowly. Protect her at all cost." His eyes quickly flashed to the little girl.
  14. Alex nodded. "Good." she said in reply to his feeling about killing. She glanced at the door as it made noise. "Bruso..okay." She said as she stood. "You stay by the girl." she said, glancing at him before looking back at the door. She walked slowly towards it, but did not pull her weapon out. She liked her hands in close quarter combat. "Aye..do you have a name?" she asked quietly as she approached the door, trying to see past it.
  15. Bruso stood by the girl, eyes fixated on the door like a hawk on prey. He wouldn't let anything destroy another human life willingly. He was prepared to jump on the threat should it attack his new found friend.
  16. "I'm Alex..I won't hurt you, well..unless you're infected." there was no sarcasm in her voice. "Say something, please, or I'll be forced to attack." she said gently. "A name, age, favorite color. Come on out." she said, stopping in her footsteps.

    Mya stopped, tilting her head a little. She smiled brightly. "Ahh....friends!" she giggled, clapping at her own sense of hearing. She couldn't wait to meet up with her friends, which she knew where pretty far off. She was lucky to have heard their voices..just barely whispers, even with her own hearing.
  17. "I-Its Jaylin...." Jaylin swore mentally at how her voice wavered. Slowly she eased open the door to reveal herself. Her large hazel eyes landed on the pair. Jaylin's dark black hair was a tangled mess, her bangs continuously fell infront of her eyes. Her face was smeared with dirt and her t-shirt and jeans had an obscene amount of tears and holes. In truth she looked slightly pitiful, only at a height of five foot. However her size gave no justice to her will to survive. Jaylin had two belts of amo around her waist, a rifle slung across her back, a handgun tucked away in her boot, plus the one in her hand, and a swiss army knife in her pocket, tied with string to her belt loops incase it somehow managed to slip out. "I-I...wow...it's true..." Jaylin was speechless as she gazed upon the first non-infected she had since in who knows how long. "Never thought I'd find anyone else!" Jayling lowered her weapon, tucking it back into its hiding place. "Where you guys from?" Jaylin eased among the two, but her guard was still up. It had to be in a world like this.
  18. Alex smiled faintly as Jaylin came out. She didn't completely drop her guard, but it did lower slightly. "I'm from upstate. Alexandria Vale, aka Alex." she smiled softly. "Nice to meet you Jaylin..Bruso?" she asked, looking at the man. "Oh..and the little girl..well, she's asleep." she said, motioning to the young girl. She took her jacket off, draping it over the girl, as she looked cold in the fall night.
  19. "Nice to meet you..." Jaylin said as she cautiously stepped onto the open rooftop. Her eyes immediately scanned for ways out. There was A.) the door she had just entered from, B.) a fire escape latter to her left and C.) straight ahead was another building, seemingly connected to this one, that was only a few feet higher. Jaylin assumed that it also had its own rooftop doorway and fire escape. It was always her first instinct to look for ways out as soon as she entered a new area.
    Next, Jaylin eyed Bruso. He was much taller than her, with definitely more muscle. He had an air of protectiveness about him. Jaylin had no doubt he would give his life for that small girl asleep. "We should probably get to a safer place before the sun sets..." Jaylin murmered. Quiet contrary to popular belief, rooftops were not that safe. If the infected got into the building you were trapped. You couldn't go down the fire escapes, the infected would be around the building, and you couldn't go out the rooftop door unless you wanted to face the hord head on. Jaylin looked toward the sky. They should definitely leave, the sun would be setting within the next hour or so.
  20. Alex shrugged and sat down. "I believe this is a great place to rest. If the infected show, we have that." she said, pointing to a building behind Jaylin. The two building where not connected and there was a six foot gap between them, but a helicopter sat on top. "I could have it here in no time." she added before laying back. "And this is the best place I've been in a while." she added, glancing over at her. "Trust me. We're safe here."
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