Uncontrolled: The Continuation

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  1. For those who have not read the beginning... (open)
    In case you want to know how the story started or what happened before...This is the first half: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/uncontrolled.35073/

    The story continues...

    Alex shook her head, curling up. She hugged her knees, pressing her forehead against them. "No..nooo. G-go away." she whimpered, speaking to Liam. As soon as she finished speaking, the window exploded, the glass hovering in midair. She froze, her eyes going from blue to crystal white as three shadows slipped into the room. Everything stood still. The shadows didn't move, she didn't move, the glass just hovered.

    Alex...come back with us.
    Come on..we won't hurt you
    We just want to have fun..

    They said to her. Her eyes returned to blue as she shuddered, the glass hitting the ground and snow swirling into the room. Alex felt freezing cold, and the snow didn't help. The symbol on the back of her hand glowed red and burned. She scooted back against the wall, afraid.

    Vane ran in, growling at the shadows, but as he tried to attack them, they seemed to disappear, only to reappear in the same place.

    Mya heard the window shatter. "I'll be right back Isaac..." she said, the overwhelming fear coming from her sister worrying her. She ran up the stairs and peeked in the room. She only saw a broken window, snow, Liam, Alex crying, and Vane. She must be sick. Mya sighed and went back to Isaac. "Everything's fine." she giggled and resumed helping him cook.

    Come on... play with us..the weather is perfect
    It won't be long
    You'll have to join us soon

    Alex whined, shaking her head. She couldn't form words, her entire being felt like it was being torn apart. She heard herself speak, but she never actually said anything.
    Don't make this hard..
    Let's go!
    Come on..don't make us work for it

    Alex closed her mouth tight, her eyes closed, her head covered by her arms as she was reduced to a shaking pile of fear. She wouldn't do anything. Reality swirled in front of her and all she could see was Liam, who seemed to be moving in slow motion along with Vane, and three...infected. Her heart seemed to beat slower. The infected had clear eyes instead of red and their skin was completely gone, leaving only muscle and bone. They wore black cloaks. She screamed..

    Vane tilted his head, now hiding behind Liam. He watched as Alex seemed to shake, but something seemed off. It wasn't..normal..shaking. Her eyes stared forwards, not blinking, not moving. He whined again, trying to get her to stop, but she didn't.
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  2. Jaylin was downstairs. She was with Mya and Isaac helping them cook. They were capable on their own but they were also teenagers who may or may not be capable of burning down the whole church.
    It was then that Jaylin heard the scream from upstairs. Her hazel eyes zeroed in on Alex's door and she moved on instinct. She didn't notice Mya had come until they had passed the threshold. Her eyes found Alex and Jaylin felt her heart break. Alex's face read pure terror. Mya had returned back downstairs but Jaylin stayed. Despite recent events, Alex was still her friend. The amount of times that girl had risked her life to protect Jaylin would always outweigh anything she did.
    "Alex?" Jaylin muttered softly. She could see the girl was someone else mentally. She was afraid to move too quickly or touch her. You never could anticipate actions of another at moments like these.
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  3. Alex didn't move, her eyes not moving. The shadowed figures flit around the room and quiet laughter spread. Once more, Alex's eyes began turning the crystal clear, the blue fading. She shuddered, the spiral on her hand growing up her arm.

    Vane backed away from Alex, his ears flattened against his head. He bumped into Jaylin and whined, hiding behind her.
  4. Jaylin glanced down at Vane with a smile. "Shhh. It's okay." She whispered softly petting his fur. Jaylin turned back to Alex and took careful steps forward. "Alex can you hear me?" She asked sitting on the edge of the bed. Tentatively, Jaylin reached out her hand, gently placing it on top of Alex's. Hopefuly the girl didn't react badly and attack. Jaylin was in no shape to fight.
  5. Alex's twitched. The spiral twisted and then stilled, the shadows dissipating, the window repairing itself and the snow disappearing. Alex slumped against the wall, shaking, whimpering softly. Tears streaked her face again. "I..I'm sorry...I..I'm so..sorry.." she said quietly, repeating it over and over. Her arm had a burn where the spiral had moved, but other than that, she looked physically okay. Mentally...not so much. She refused the soup and when Vane padded over to comfort her, she curled up, refusing, her eyes blue, but red as well from crying. She looked like she hadn't slept in weeks, but she had. She felt sick. As she looked back at Jaylin, tears filled her eyes again. "I'm...sorry.." she said, her eyes flitting around Jayling's face. She seemed to almost be twitching, as if her mind was moving faster than she was. Her eyes shifted to Liam and the tears dried. "I..I won't..eat." she said, her head twitching slightly as she shook it. She blinked, grabbing her head with her hands.
    Don't fight it...
    It will only hurt worse..
    It will consume you soon...

    The voices echoed continuously in her head. She needed something warm. Her lips were blue and she was shaking. She felt like she couldn't breathe. Tears welled in her eyes again, they felt hot against her cheeks. She started crying, holding her head in her hands. She made no sound, silent tears just covering her face.
  6. "Shhh, it's okay Alex." Jaylin whispered. She rubbed the girls back soothingly. She glanced at Liam before lifting Alex up and over into her embrace. "Can you try to eat?" Jaylin asked holding Alex like a mother holds their child when their ill. "Just a little bit? It'll make you feel better." Jaylin actually didn't know if that was a fact. She didn't know anything about what Liam, Alex, and Zerian really were. She wiped away tears that fell down Alex's icy cold cheeks. Jaylin pulled up blankets and wrapped them around the shaking girl. She rocked Alex back and forth whispering soothing words to her friend.
  7. Alex didn't answer at first, slightly confused by the sudden warmth around her. She hesitantly opened her eyes. She relaxed slightly. "Th..they're...gone..d-did you see them?" she looked at Jaylin with wide eyes. "Th..they do..don't like me.." her teeth chattered. She curled into the blankets, resting her head against Jaylin. "I..I d-don't..want to eat.." she said quietly, closing her eyes.
  8. "No sweety I didn't see them." Jaylin said, fingers raking through Alex's hair gently. "Well then I don't like them and if I see them I'll kick their ass okay?" Jaylin said with a smile, tapping Alex's nose. "Just a little. It's soup and it will make you feel a little warm. You're freezing, we gotta get something in your system okay?" Jaylin tried.
  9. Alex sniffled. "Wh..what if th..they hurt you?" she asked. She wondered why Jaylin couldn't see them. She shook her head. "N-no..it..it'll...make it w-worse.." she said, biting her lower lip.
  10. "They won't." Jaylin swore even though she couldn't promise that. There was no way to ensure saftey against something you can't see. Jaylin nodded and lay Alex down. "Well how about I go make you some chicken noodle soup? Sound better? No crazy purple flowers. Just chicken and noodles and maybe a few carrots if I can find some?" Jaylin asked rubbing Alex's back.
  11. Alex hesitated, unsure if she could eat it. "o..okay..I..I'll try." she said, rubbing her eye. She was calming down a little. "A-are...you sure..they won't hurt you?" she asked, her voice quieter than before. She sounded unsure.

    Vane padded over, sniffing her hand. He lapped at the burn, whining softly.
  12. Liam despite everything that was happening, he watched all the events that went on. Vane loved in his legs as Liam petted him softly in his head. Liam say Jaylin walk in and his heart began to race. The woman that he loved...the woman who walked out on him. He loved Jaylin but then again...his feelings grew for Alex when Jaylin. He was stuck between two worlds. Halton seemed like she loved Liam anymore..He didn't know what to do at all. "Hey.." he said as he sat by the bed. "How are you feeling?" he said as he saw Jaylin but focused on Alex. He was hurt when he left hurt..His heart torn.
  13. Alex, once again, took a little to process the question. "C-cold...s..scared..." she pulled her hand away as Vane licked her hand. "ow.." she held her hand, frowning. She looked like a little child. "I...I want to..t-to.." her speech faltered, "t-to...s-save you..all.." she said, her eyes drooping a little. She was having trouble concentrating on everything around her.
  14. Liam grabbed her hand and held it in his. "Hey, you did. We are still alive. You can only do so much. You aren't as strong as me, Alex. You must take it easy. Remember when we were kids and you'd get these pains and I'd hold you so tight as May chewed on your shoe and you couldn't get her off you." He laughed as he spoke about it.
  15. "We'll be fine." Jaylin promised. She glanced at Liam as he sat on the bed with them. Her attention turned back to Alex as she patted the girls head. "I'll go make you some soup." Jaylin stood, glancing at Liam one more time before she left.

    Downstairs Jaylin rummaged around the pantry. She found a can of Campbell's chicken noodle. Perfect. She heated it up in a saucepan on the stove. She ladled some into a bowl and brought it up to Alex.
  16. Alex flinched at Liam's touch. When Jaylin let go, she shivered, holding the blankets tightly around her. While Jaylin fixed the soup, the wind outside seemed to pick up. Alex winced. "Th..they..they want...t-to...hurt..." she shook her head, taking a deep, however unsteady, breath. She looked at Liam. There was no amusement in her face, even at his story. "M-mya...isn't...s-safe...anymore.." she said, her voice extremely quiet, her eyes showing hurt and confusion. Despite shaking and still extremely cold and weak, she tossed the blankets aside, trying to stand. When Jaylin returned, she stumbled, but stood. "H..have...to.." she swayed unsteadily.

    Mya blinked, her head feeling clouded. She felt like she no longer had control of her arms or legs. "What?" she managed to say before she went completely silent, her blue eyes turning green, her body frozen, but not cold.
  17. "Hey there.." Jaylin set the bowl on a nearby table and caught Alex. "Hey come on. Let's sit down." Jaylin guided Alex back down to the bed. "Here you stay here and eat. I'll go check on Isaac and Mya okay?" Jaylin tucked Alex back in and handed the bowl to Liam. "Make sure she eats at least half." Jaylin stood and made her way downstairs to check on Mya and Isaac.
  18. Alex wined as she was tucked back into bed. "D-danger..." her eyes flashed green, but she grimaced and it disappeared. They were trying to regain control over their experiments. "S-something...wrong.." She sat up, her eyes pleading Liam. "Help." She whispered.

    Mya stood, her movements stiff and almost robotic. Her teeth were sharp, her expression a frown as she turned to face whoever was coming down stairs. She walked forwards, her eyes blank green, no pupil, just staring.
  19. Liam sat down next to Alex with the bowl in his hand. He looked at Alex and smiled a little but faded. The change of the color of her eyes. "No.." He whispered as he seen that look before. "Jaylin!!" Liam screamed as he dropped the bowl of soup and ran downstairs before Mya would tear Jaylin up. He ran as fast as he could. His body was still sore. "Get away from Mya!" he yelled once more. Getting toward the stairs.
  20. Mya's head jerked as Liam screamed. She stopped, her eyes flickering. "Liam.." she whispered. Her eyes flashed blue, but then back to green. She jerked into motion, running towards the stairs. She reached the bottom and started up one stair at a time.

    Alex's eyes flashed again before she managed to keep control of herself. The wind outside was practically screaming now, the window bowing, figures floating. "I..will not...bow...to you." she hissed. The wind died down a little.
    You cannot resist forever...

    They are coming...
    We will win.

    Alex stood, stumbling, but managed to walk towards the room Zerian was in. She needed to warn him. She needed him, Liam, and everyone else to get as far away as possible. She found the door, but fell into it, her body convulsing as she once more fought for control.

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