Unconsciousness in Sleep



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Sleep, a very important activity in human life. Yet, while asleep, we are vulnerable as we are partially in hypnosis status - we are semi-conscious.

This I hate. I dislike it. I get tired. My eyes grow weary. Yet, I don't want to go to sleep and become the semi-conscious. It's unknown what would happen to me throughout my sleep. That period of time which I'm asleep in is like an empty void. Blackness without dreams, a lack of control with them.

Call me weird, or whatever, but I just feel minorly uncomfortable towards sleep. Okay, I don't hate it, but I feel a bit disturbed by it.

I love sleeping! But then, I've always had this weird sense of consciousness while sleeping, so it's the opposite for me. c__c I almost always dream, and I'm very aware that I'm dreaming to the point where I can change what's going on or even wake myself up if it's getting frustrating.

It's DEATH that freaks me out though, for that blackness of nothing void... that cease of existing. x_______x At least when I'm sleeping I know I still exist...
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I don't exist in a semi-conscious state while I sleep. I am completely comatose, like unreasonably so. It takes my wife half an hour to revive me.
I'm always conscious unless it's one of those "dead asleep" days when I hit the pillow and go byebye. I love redoing scenes in my dreams if I don't like them or turning the whole story around and starting over.

But the one thing I can't do is wake up. No matter how badly I want to wake up, I can't. x3
I tent to tire myself out before sleep so that I lose contentiousness and don't dream though i often remember convocations that happen in the room when I'm asleep so who know if i ever properly fall asleep O_o
I tend to be in a flat-out comatose state when I sleep, and it takes a lot to wake me up. Also, I tend to have very interesting dreams from time to time and I do sometimes dream of scenes that are actually happening around me right before I wake up.

One particularly weird thing happened to me way back when though, I dreamt that I got up from the sofa bed in the living room, walked towards my room, opened the door, and then went to my bed, and then when I woke up, I was my bed! That struck me as surprising because I fell asleep in the living room sofa.