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  1. So many of us have our little secrets. Food wise, there's a lot were told to hate because of age or whatever, or perhaps we just don't like them.

    But there's a few foods that we all enjoy that everyone else seems to hate. What's your uncommon taste?

    I love liver.
  2. Hmm... Liver is one of them and, Century Eggs? x.x I only say this because I live in an area where that delicacy is kind of... Obscure to say the least. (Well, to put it simply, Century Eggs are preserved duck eggs)
  3. I didn't think blue cheese was such an odd thing to like but according to everyone making faces at my food, it is.
    While it's perfectly normal some places, I'm considered a little odd here for liking peanut butter as much as I do.
  4. [​IMG]

    They sell these aloe vera drinks at this european grocer in my neighborhood, on the same shelf as a bunch of liquors and other juice drinks. I'm the only one that buys these, and the guy who runs the place keeps them stocked anyways. They taste like grape juice and stand taller than the average Arizona can, thus I have no clue why nobody else gets them.
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  5. I can't stand century eggs hahaha ; ;

    As for me... well, does Vegemite count? I like cow tongue as well.
  6. bleurughgh
    I know personally I can't stand these not because of the taste, but because of the chunks of aloe floating in them. The texture is so off putting to me. My roommate really likes them, so he gets them now and again, but they just repulse me.
  7. I like liver spread, so I guess there's that. Liver is nice when done right.

    Lengua or ox/cow tongue in cream mushroom sauce is also a good dish.
  8. Horse sashimi tastes delicious. I've never had horse as anything else because I never found any (but then I never really looked that hard either). But. Yeah.

    Listen I love horses, but they are also delicious and I don't see any problems with eating them.
  9. Liver spread is the best. And also really common over here. I get a feeling it isn't as common elsewhere.
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  10. Frog legs are hella good.
  11. I love fried liver. It's also good for my anemia. Number one though is cow tongue. Seriously the best meat ever.

    In veggies I love eggplants and okra.
  12. You in the club? I got that, reason I eat so much liver.
  13. I'd say Bulat, (You'd have to google it. It sounds nasty af but it's actually good.) And Fried Ants.
  14. Yep, it's genetic, my mom had it too. Thankfully I love liver more than say spinach and other iron filled foods. ;D
  15. I love vegan chocolate spread better than regular nutella. I'm a veggie and not vegan, but damn I just love it. Idk what is so good about it but I'd choose it over regular anyday.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Also cold pizza. Idk if that's a thing, but all my friends have to heat up their leftover pizza and I think that tastes gross lmao.
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  16. I like cold pizza :D
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  17. Japanese... candy? xD lol i dunno! i like some of the weird flavors they have! coconut peanut butter too?? pu-erh tea??? *lists random foreign things down*
  18. Snail meat is okay in garlic butter and salt, I guess.
  19. The only thing I can really think of is mushrooms. I love mushrooms. There are a few that I really dislike (wood ears, for one) but mostly I can't get enough of dat fungi.

    Otherwise I'm pretty tame when it comes to food... even though I love sushi I still can't bring myself to try the more 'hardcore' things like ikura or uni. 8)''
  20. oh mushrooms in a can... not a huge fan of like mushrooms out of a can
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