Unchained Fate

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The rustle of the trees against the wind deafen the silent valley secluded to the judgmental eyes of bemired mortals. Swirling around in the southern part of the valley, the clouds ragingly moved gathering making the redden moon as its core. Sending an aura of ominous dilemma that is about to happen. The dim light of the moon seems to resonate to the beat of the earth as wails of agony erupt from the prison. Loud and nerving rhythm of the beat drums against to all ears of the living warning each and every soul that the fruit of the odium had escaped. Not long enough fire erupts like a blooming flower from a corrupted tree as fast as the wails began. No one can stop it now. The darkness that they've keep inside the jar of holy prayers will soon reach those worthless called mortal, and soon will reach the heart of the world.

Somewhere in a place where the sky is tainted with the redden moon, fate had begun to move to its given path. In the kingdom called Mosea which had been undefeated and know to be a formidable fortress has been breached for the first time in history. The tower rang restlessly waking all the people who lived in peace from their slumber. In their wake the kingdom has been attacked, knights running amuck inside and out of the castle as the pillars and pavilion crumbles in the limbs of the raging fire. Just like the hopes and dreams of the people fed in the avaricious mouth of despair. No one can escape. No one is to be saved but the maculate hearts of the traitors. Vicious smile shadows the once colourful and blessed land of Mosea as the shade of darkness began to over cast the happiness turning them into sorrow and soon blooms to vengeance.

Two different places but under the same moon. The gates of a new world had foreseen these. These two different but the same predicament will soon open the origin of everything.


I welcome critique may it be hard or soft. I am very open-minded, so there's no need to hold back. After all in order to learn ones mistake must acknowledge.
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