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    You have stuck us and the blow was hard
    You have lashed out at our beating heart
    But we are unburnt.

    You have hurt us, yet we still stand
    Beneath Old Glory we are hand in hand.
    She is unburnt.

    I am on the hundredth floor
    And the fire is pushing me away from the door
    And I know that I will soon feel nothing more
    Yet I am unburnt.

    I am falling.
    My hands fly wide, for I am falling
    I have chosen to fly
    For I will be the one
    To decide how I will die
    I will be unburnt.

    Do not mourn and do not weep
    Do not grieve for those that sleep
    We are unburnt.

    And we shall live forever...
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.