Unburdening myself

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  1. Haha - make sure you turn off the Rich Text Editor before you try to work with the coding. But it's by no means required. If you prefer not to use it, that's fine. I can always edit it in when I add any approved characters to the roster :)
  2. Alright, I finished my CS.
  3. Hey, I know... I'm probably the biggest one. Past and present.


    Hell, if it wasn't for that day on here, I would have slit my wrists and never known Ryker, really, or any of you.

    Since then I post shit, time from time, but I don't know how to use a blog, and all my old counselors blamed some of the heavier shit on me, so I don't trust them. Plus, if I just went on a rant about this to Ryker or Katsugi, it WOULD NOT END WELL.

    I understand it, though.
  4. Thanks for raising this, WMD. It's better to have these things out in the open and get some feedback. And no one on the staff thinks for a moment that you're anything but one of our most loyal and considerate members (except Sakura, but she's always bitching).

    As for the rules, that's a guide from the old Gabe-era forum that we threw up in response to some recent Counselling issues. It might have been a bit knee-jerk of us, but we seriously don't want to be responsible for escalating a problem or being blamed for a real-life tragedy.

    I personally would rather live without the rules and trust you all to treat this place for what it's worth - a chat with friends and not a therapy session.

    But there's a lot of new members coming in at the moment, and not all of them are aware of our unspoken codes. At the end of the day, you really shouldn't be logging into Iwaku if you're in a volatile mood. We each have a responsibility to preserve a sense of community here.

    So we'll take another look at the guide and see how our Counselling Mod wants to proceed. Okay?
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  5. I updated the guide a few moments after you guys brought it up, so it should be much more clear now, and less...uh... scary. XD
  6. cheers asmo n' danna. my mind rests easier now.