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  1. Have you had any unbelievable things happen to you? Things where you just couldn't stop laughing about or things that haven't happened to you before, then suddenly karma hits you and you're freaking out? Anything unbelievable in your book is accepted as unbelievable on Iwaku. No exceptions.

    I stapled my thumb once on accident. The moment I saw the staple in my thumb, I went into hypertension mode thinking, "Oh my god no. This can not be happening. Just no." I didn't tell anyone- I hid it because I didn't want it to be pulled out. Good thing that sucker fell out after what seemed like a decade.
  2. I once stapled my thumb when I was in class. For a second, I couldn't move. When I regained my composure, I stood up, walked out of the classroom and pulled it out.

    Though my big unbelievable moment following in step with physical incidents, was when I was almost hit by a car a winter ago. I was crossing the street with the light and out of the corner of my eye I see a car barreling down the street. Now it's not uncommon to see that, people drive way too fast around here. What surprised me was that the driver didn't stop, in fact he or she couldn't stop. They hit a patch of black ice and skidded past me going all kinds of fast. The front bumper slapped my the front of my jeans. That scared the hell out of me.
  3. I once was shaving and I drew the razor away from my underarm at a weird angle; it clipped my nipple and I started bleeding. 'Unbelievable' definitely went through my head when I was drying off and applying a bandaid to my boob o.o
  4. I've done the same but I was more...purposefully manscaping without a license. I think my exact words were, "uh-oh."
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  5. Clip nips unite!
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  6. Well, in the same vein as others in this thread:

    I was tiling the floor in the kitchen once, and I didn't go deep another on the tiler-cutter-thingy. I went to break the few inches of extra tile and it didn't break right, so I had an extra few inches I used a pair of plier to try and pry/break off.

    Well, it didn't go as planned, and my hand sort of... slipped, once I finally snapped off the piece of ceramic. I dragged it over my _gripping_ hand, and it sliced my left middle finger along the inside, nearly down to the bone.

    I was spilling blood everywhere. Cleaned it, manned up, wrapped it up in gauze, and finished my work. I got a wicked scar for compensation.
  7. :D

    Oh man.

    SO I larp. Swedish larps are so called 360 larps. Nothing like a car for as far the eye can see. Camps are made to be very timeperiod like. Your means for warmth is campfire. This means, chopping firewood. Lots of it. So i was doing the chore of chopping more wood. I have this curse, whereI get ill or hurt every larp. A larp lasts for about 5 days by the way. So that is a weak living like a camper with with technical challenges. Either way, last day. I am cutting wood. One of my mates call out. "Its ok. We have enough." I yell back. "OW!" becouse the second I was about to aswer, I almost chop my thumb off.

    :D Closest hospital is 40 minutes away. My friend made it there under 20. So many laws broken that day.
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  8. When my little brother was four he almost fell to his death.

    My uncle was renovating his house, and they were currently adding in the foundation for the basement of the new section.
    There was a hole around 10-15 feet deep (roughly speaking, as I'm horrid at measurements and am probably entirely off), and the bottom was already full of dried cement. Well, my uncle's ex-wife was never the brightest. She decided it would be a good idea to let the children ride the quad around the yard, despite the... you know... gaping death trap in the middle of the yard. My little brother hops on, starts driving around, and being the four year old child he was.... drove straight into the hole.

    Luckily he got caught on a pipe that was sticking out of the ground. So he's dangling their, hanging on for dear life, and crying hysterically. At this point the grownups were all too far away to immediately react, and my arms were too short to reach the kid. The cement truck driver ended up saving him. Needless to say, we gave him a really good tip. You know, since he saved our child and all.

    I'm pretty sure it could be counted as unbelievable, as it still seems more like a dream than something that actually happened.
    During the whole experience I don't think it ever actually sunk in for anyone present (besides my little bro), because if it had we would have all been freaking the hell out instead of going so calmly about the matter.

    So... yeah. >:I
  9. you two give a new meaning to "a real close shave."
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  10. My partner and I were in his car last winter. He went around a turn too fast and the car spun and went around the turn sideways, on its way to turn around so that we were backwards. Another car was coming around the turn the other way and hit the car on the back passenger side. If the car hadn't turned as much as it had, that car probably would have hit the door that I was sitting beside. It all happened too fast for me to process it as it was happening, it was afterward when I stayed in the car and my partner was out talking to the other driver that it really set in. I'm still super nervous about getting into a car over a year later ;n;

    I also dropped a five gallon bucket of water on my toe when I was little. I could see bone, but I couldn't feel pain for some reason. Dad duct taped it back together, the hospital is apparently for losers. >n>
  11. No actual serious injuries.

    But one time at work me and other staff member had to cut all the cotton parts off a bunch of cue tips for a craft with the kids (I forget what it was exactly).
    And we had a lot to go through, so we decided to speed it up by bringing one of those devices you use to cut piles of paper.
    I forget what they're called, but you line the paper up and then pull a handle downwards to bring down a big blade on it to cut it all even.

    Well, I was operating it and the two of us were talking.
    The talking made me distracted and all the sudden I felt a something hit my finger...
    I hadn't been watching where my hand was when I lowered the blade and had brought it right down onto my hand.
    Thankfully it simply bounced off (somehow) so there wasn't even a slight cut, but if I had been using more force that could have been pretty bad.
    I'm jealous...
  12. The most recent unbelievable moment I can recall was accidentally punching myself in the face.

    I'm not a very enthusiastic morning person, and my level of brain activity before 11am is about the same as bag of gently roasted peanuts. It was cold as fuck that day, so I decided to pull a hoodie over my dress shirt, but the sleeves didn't want to cooperate. So I pulled them through with more force than what was necessary, and my fingers slipped.

    Basically, my entire arm bounced back and I ended up punching myself in the face. I sort of just stood there, half dressed and dazed, and tried to work out what the hell just happened. What followed could only be described as something akin to the hysterical laughter of a villain or a mad scientist.
  13. I will preface this story by saying that I don't consider myself particularly religious.

    I grew up as a busy kid. My parents sent me to all kinds of lessons. Dance, ice skating, Tae Kwon Do, flute, violin, piano, art, after-school math and reading, the whole nine yards. My childhood is every bit THE Asian stereotype as it gets. We even had a live-in housekeeper/maid/babysitter thing who slept in the guest room downstairs. This was necessary to have me be able to (legally) stay at home as a child since both of my parents didn't often leave work until very late, meaning I'd need an adult to supervise me while I was at home (despite being capable of taking care of myself).

    My parents also went out of town a lot for business. On one occasion in the seventh grade, they both went out of town and I decided, in the morning, I was going to play hookie and not go to school. So the housekeeper comes upstairs to let me know we're going to be late (she drove me to school most days), and I tell her I'm not feeling well. I didn't even fake it with a cough or anything, I just said I wasn't feeling well and wasn't going to go to school that day.

    She leaves the room, and I think I'm in the clear, right? Nope. Moments later she comes back with the cordless phone and my parents on the other line, who shout and yell and lecture about me taking advantage of the fact that they're both out of town, how it's disrespectful, and that they're going to call someone from their business to come take me to the doctor, and if I'm not actually sick, I'm going to be in a world of trouble.

    Click. They hang up, and I cry my fucking eyes out. Because I now feel guilty and scared since I'm not actually sick, and I'm deathly afraid of my parents' swift and relentless retribution. So for the first time in my life, I prayed. I prayed to be made sick on the condition that I would never take advantage of my parents again, amen.

    One of the ladies from my parents' office comes to pick me up, and we go to see my family doctor. LITERALLY ON THE WAY THERE, I can feel myself starting to get sick. Not just in a "cough cough oh I don't feel well" kind of way, but legitimately feeling ill.

    I walked out of the doctor's office with a diagnosis of upper respiratory infection and a prescription.

    For the record, I am still not religious.
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  14. ... Only now do I remember two more appropriate stories.

    Wound by skiing ticket (open)

    I was still in elementary school at the time.

    Basically it was recess and me and my friends were out talking on the school black top.
    We had a school ski trip recently though, so a bunch of our winter coats still had the tickets/passes on them.

    Mine had it's metal bit sticking right out, and when I talk I tend to use my hands to help.
    So when I was done talking I went to lower my hands, but stabbed the metal stick right down my finger.
    It went alongside the finger rather than deep in though, so I really just had a kind of worm tunnel in my skin.
    Not anything that was hospital worthy, I don't even think it bleed. It just separated one layer of skin from another.

    Biking and texting (open)

    This was a mistake a made late post-high school, pre-college on my way home from work.
    I didn't have a license yet, so I had to take the train back to my hometown, and then bike from the train station home.
    Almost immediately leaving said station there is this giant downwards hill to ride down, right next to a busy road.

    So what does my idiotic self do? Handle the bike with one hand, while flying downwards and try to text with my other hand.
    Needless to say I lost control, the bike fell and I was sent flying forward skinning my entire right arm on the sidewalk.
    Thankfully gravity (and the direction of the bike) was kind to me, having only launched me into concrete other than the cars right next to me.

    I spent the next 20 minutes or so setting my bike up and realligning my bike chains before biking the rest of the way home (gilling like a mad man the whole way) and then having to disinfect the entire arm and bandage it all up before work the next day... Where I found out that my Boss had apparently driven past me during that incident as I fixed my bike, and was apparently about to pull over and offer help if not the fact I had just finished fixing my bike right then and had started taking off on said bike without even noticing her.
  15. Hammering nail into board. Somehow, board reverberated, hammer flew backward. Cut open my own skull.

    I nearly killed myself hammer a nail into a board.

    Good fucking work me. What a way to die.
  16. I'm known for being clumsy and end up hurting myself in some way.

    Two years ago I broke my ankle. How exactly? By getting out of bed. Yep, just tried to get up for school but my leg was numb. Tried standing on that numb leg while I'm half asleep and fell to the ground like a ton of bricks. My dad didn't want to drive to a hospital when I told him how bad it hurts. Instead he just took me to school and had to limp the whole day. By 3 period I couldn't walk and had to call my mom for a trip to the hospital. All of that just by getting out of bed.

    I once hit myself in the face with my knee. All by getting out of bed. I was cocooned in a bunch of blankets and tried getting out of them. Somehow this struggled resulted in me hitting my face with my knee.
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  17. Everyone's unbelievable stuff is bad things...

    Like I've had a few accidents. Busted my knee open on flat pavement, had a nail go through my foot, and I've flown off a motorcycle.

    The most unbelievable thing for me however was when a friend told me that he had ground floor NBA tickets with my name on it. Like he was just a guy I sat with at lunch sometimes. I was planning on just bumming around that weekend per usual, but stuff like that doesn't happen twice so I brushed up on my basketball and went haha

    If unbelievable is the same as unforeseen, I definitely never saw that happening.
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  18. I think my unbelievable moment was when I went to HARD Day of the Dead last year. It was the first time I ever went to a music festival, ever, and it was an incredible experience.

    I was able to enjoy great music with my cousin, and the other thousands of people there.

    The highlight of that night, however, was when I was able to see Deadmau5 live, and being able to hear him close his set with Strobe.
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