Unbelievable facts about you!

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  1. Okay, so this thread is--as named--unbelievable facts about you! Tell us facts that you know people would say, "Pshh, yeah, right," whenever they hear a story about you that is 100% fact.

    I'll go first!

    I was formerly in an arranged marriage of sorts. No, I'm not a noble or royalty, but my mother's side of the family was a very prolific family of law in the Philippines and my father's side are well-known doctors, tailors, and seamstresses. They create a LOT of wedding dresses and get a LOT of patients. My betrothed and I met in the states, where we grew up together. She and I were totally oblivious that our parents arranged us to get married (dowry included) and stuff, but when my to-be wife's oldest sister got married and divorced in a rather speedy manner, they realized that things may go awry quickly when it comes to arranged marriages.

    So now our arranged marriage is no longer happening! Which is good cause I'm totally gay and she's totally straight with lesbian tendencies. We're still SUPER BEST FRIENDS though. If I really did marry her I'd probably puke cause she's like my sister. =P

    But yeah, I don't get effin' huge summer house from my formerly betrothed's dowry. That makes me sad.

    And yes, this is totally, definitely 100% fact.
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  2. I was a huge goody-goody in highschool years

    "Um, but mini, you're kind of a bitch. You make it pretty damn clear that you don't give many f*cks what people think - you were even going to leave that f-word uncensored until you remembered it's an all-ages site!"

    Truth. But I grew up very sheltered; I wasn't even allowed to watch TV or play videogames until I was like, 15, and I made up for my feeling of disparity with my peers by making myself feel better than them.

    I went to church. I memorized bible verses. I taught arts and crafts to kindergarteners. I babysat. I volunteered at soup kitchens. I WOULD tell mom. I obeyed the rules. I ate the crust on my pizza. I said 'thank you for the meal' after every dinner. I didn't swear; hell I wouldn't even say 'heck' or 'darn'. I went to bed on time. My favourite hobby was LEARNING THINGS. Wouldn't make me so bad if I didn't do most of these things because I believed it put me on a level higher than your average sinner lived on. wouldn't be friends with kid me if you PAID ME TO.

    And then I realised what a bitch I was and that that was why I had no friends and did a complete 180. as my mom said, I "just went through these years where you hated the world and everyone in it"

    Eventually that kind of levelled out into what I am now. A give-no-f*cks 22-year-old who lets you do your own thing if you'll let her do hers.
  3. Oh goody! Alright, here we go!

    I am the only person I know who has been struck by lightning, stung by a scorpion AND a man-o-war, and bitten by a tarantula.

    The lightning strike happened when I worked at McDonald's. It came in through the wiring, hit me, discharged my headset, left burns up and down my arm and side and holes in my feet. I also don't remember anything between the loud noise and leaning against the wall. I was standing in water that had been blown in from the rain and luckily my manager was not, or she'd likely have been hit, too. What makes this really unbelievable? 1) I finished my shift. Did call off the next day cause I couldn't hear well. 2) I have had lightning strike near me three other times and had it turn off my computer another time.

    The man-o-war was off the coast of Oahu. I was swimming and felt pain like a wound on my leg. I saw a bright blue "cord" and thought someone's line was stuck in my flesh and grabbed it so it would not keep tugging. Bad idea. Turns out it was a man-o-war tendril and it proceeded to sting my hand and then my hubby's ankle and had already gotten my thighs.

    I had a pet tarantula. She was a rose hair and it turned out she had something called psycho rosy syndrome, which is where the usually tame rose hair is aggressive. She bit me twice. Once on the wrist and once on the back of the hand. At least I know I am not at all allergic to rose hair venom.

    As for the scorpion. Baby scorpion. Bra. Yesterday. Not fun.
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  4. I am trying to think about things that people wouldn't believe about me. O__O That's pretty hard... I haven't really done a lot of shocking or surprising things.

    I never graduated High School? I dropped out as a battle of wills with my mom. c___c Neither of us won that one, by the way.

    I didn't have sex until I was 24. 8D

    I didn't write SMUT until a few years after that!

    I CAN COOK. >:[ I used to get a lot of people surprised about that one, and I have no idea why.

    I am a HORRIBLE public speaker and I am terribly uncoordinated and awkward and weird in person. I can barely speak without FBLEUEBFHHERBERHERPDERP my words. And apparently I do different weird things whenever I meet a new person. >:[
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  5. I am one of the girliest girls you'll ever know, but my first job was at a hardware store. In fact my dad was surprised I wanted to stop there for an application. I also use to do pyrotechnics, but I got bored hanging out with the crew only once a year when I could have been with friends or family on the 4th of July. I also would love to be taken hunting and fishing someday.

    I nearly feel to my death twice the same summer, camping with my grandpa. Needless to say Mom stopped letting me go.

    I hated reading as a kid and was never good in any of my writing classes.
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  6. yea, so I'm reaching or the sky and pulling out air. maybe this'll be cool and shcoking but.

    Due ot eye surgerys when I was younger I can hit the back of my head with enough force, and my eyes can literally pop out of their sockets!!

    Something about the msucles that are responsible for holding them in place, and sitll, are far too wak to do so. So they have done a LOT of surgeries to make them stronger, never really worked GREAT but yeah. That's the best I got. Kind of lame in comparision to everyone elses, especially revisions!
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  7. I'm trying to think of unbelievable things about me that are appropriate to post in a public space. >_>
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  8. Hm. I'm not too big of an interesting person, but here is my shot at it.

    I once stepped on a jelly fish and to this day I still have a burn scar on the bottom of my foot that looks like I received lashes. I was at the Oregon Coast for Kumoricon and we went to the beach. I didn't see it until I stepped on it.

    I used to work for an organization called CERT. They work with firefighters and EMTs; my assigned group was with firefighters. My old dog Suzie was the mascot for my CERT group, and she actually saved me when I fell through the ice at a pond trying to get a soccer ball during a CERT outing.

    I was raised by very, very straight forward, conservative God fearing parents. They sent me to Sunday school every day, taught me to be a proper gentleman, and told me that if I disobeyed that I would go to hell. I turned out exactly the opposite of what they wanted me to be. Instead of being 'God fearing', I openly called him a tyrant in Sunday school when I was eight. and instead of being what my parents deemed to be proper, I was rude, sluggish and did what I wanted. And they about had heart attacks when they found out I was more into the Lucifarian lifestyle.

    In high school after running from the resource officers, I found that there were tunnels under my school. after discovering that, I started to hang out in said tunnels (playing hand held video games and drawing/reading usually) until someone locked me in them. You can only imagine my surprise when I found out that I had no way to get out, and had no lights except my phone. After that they started locking the room under the stage.
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  9. This is such a cool thread! >:D

    Mittens isn't that interesting ._. But here we go!

    1) When I was a kid, I was a PRO at catching birds. O.O In my life I've caught 3 crows, a bunch of little birds, 2 seagulls, and I almost touched a blue heron! :D

    2) I'm a descendent of French Royalty! :O For reals, my Mum traced our family heritage allll the way back to long-time-ago-France and our family name owned a castle, but sadly that castle was caught on fire (by and attack or someone silly dropped a candle) and all the paperwork that would absolutely confirmed our heritage was lost :( Which sucks because I would totally go to France and rule a castle! >:D

    3)I have terrible OCD when it comes to certain things. Or maybe it's just weird quirks, but I'm weird. ._. Like, I cannot sleep if my blanket is upside-down or inside out, it freaks me out and I have nightmares if it is messed up....which causes me to have to make the bed perfectly every time before I go to sleep >.>

    4) My OCD basically got me my job! :D I work in the backroom at the local Target and I'm so pro at making everything neat, but it pisses me off when people mess up my hard work! I have to fix like 4 freaking aisles because people put things in the totally wrong spot :(

    I think that's it....
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  10. The truth is...
    I am Iron Man.

    But seriously, there's not much for me, but here's something anyway.
    A lot of people see me as someone who cannot stand girly things, and they think I will go out of my way to avoid things pertaining to it.
    Thing is, I love cheesy romance, dramas, cooking and baking, fashion (to a degree), and talking about who I have a crush on.
    That's pretty much the most SFW thing I can post here.

    Oh, that's right. There was this one time where I was almost hit by a bus out of my owns stupidity, but I didn't know until someone pointed it out to me.
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  11. Hmm... I'm not really all that interesting.

    I suppose the only really unbelievable thing about me is my relation to Gene Simmons. His wife Shannon is my mother's cousin. I'm not sure what that makes us (probably second cousins?) but... yeah, that's about the only unbelievable thing about me.
  12. Unbelievable well there are only three things I can think of off the top of my head.

    1) When I was in secondary school I had a major accident where I fell over and around 15 other kids ran over my knees in football boots. I was told I would never walk again but just 3 weeks later I was walking and even running, I still hate football to this day and have never played since.

    2) When I was learning how to drive I found out my instructor was a drunk and the way I found out was when he feel asleep with his foot on the gas, while I was still in control of the car and as his foot was on the gas it took the power away from me, I was going at a stupid speed down a main road and was worried I would kill someone so I ploughed the car into a tree (still feel bad for the tree) but I cane away with a bit of whiplash where as he came away with a lot of cuts and bruises and of course no job. It was all so only my 4th lesson.

    3) My first job was working on cars everything from MOT's to respraying. Oh and my job now is working in a market selling wool (yes I knit but mostly its Gothic stuff sold quite a bit too ;))

    maybe not impressive to some but the thought of them still make my hairs stand on end.
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  13. Let's see if I can remember anything that's unbelievable.

    I've fallen under the ice on a pond that was over 12 feet deep during winter and almost drowned but I managed to get out somehow. Then I had to walk about a mile and a half home and I probably almost died of hypothermia. This happened again on a river, except I managed to avoid falling in all the way and only went up to my armpits before my uncle helped pull me out. I've seen someone die from being blown up. I watched all the seasons of lost in about 5.5 days.
  14. Uhh...

    My brother and I were playing with a stick from the curtains when he suddenly thrust the damn thing into my eye. It lodged itself underneath my eyeball and when I tried to pull it out I felt this sick sucking sensation in my eye socket. My brother went running down the hallway screaming about me dying and my family rushed in to see me well.... Walking around with a stick in my eye. >__> My dad pulled it out and I remember my grandma hugging me and crying. I was rushed to the couch and I think I blacked out. The next day there was a bloody patch on the bottom of my eye and I was taken to the doctor, where he prescribed a cream I had to put on my water line. Fortunately I could see, which absolutely shocked me. I thought I would have to go through the rest of my life seeing with only one eye.
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  15. ... I got to watch Jim Lee draw Batman in real time, butt-bumping-the-table-my-nose-breath-tickling-his-hair-in-my-nose-breeze close proximity.

    Because that was my shift assignment at Comic-Con. Also, I met George Takei and I have a picture with him where we look like we're waltzing. His hands are so goddamn soft-- softer than babby butt-tocks freshly powdered & lotioned.
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  16. I'm boring, but here's my two cents:

    I have three nipples! Not actually rare at all. ;_; If this board goes on for three pages there will probably be another triple-nipple on here, statistically speaking. (if you have a weird mole or freckle on your ribs or upper stomach, you might be that lucky person! They're often unnoticed since the majority of them are just pinkish-brownish bumps, like a newborn's. It's exceedingly rare that they develop)

    I once had a prophetic dream. I'm a complete skeptic and have zero idea how this happened, but when I was a kid my cat went missing. I loved that cat so damn much and was absolutely heartbroken. One night I had this very strange dream where the cat turned up in the blackberry patch behind my house. It was so vivid that I told my mom about it, and she immediately went out to search the patch. Well, he wasn't there and I went to school all dejected, but before lunch I get called to come into the office. My cat had been found- in the blackberry patch.
    To this day neither my mom nor I can explain it. Since he wasn't there during the night, there was no way I could have heard him meowing and picked up on a subliminal clue. He had never particularly liked hanging out in the patch, nor was it on the way to the door (there's a path right next to it, and he was injured so limping through the patch was much harder for him than going on the path). I've wondered for years how the Hell that happened.

    I had my first kiss on top of the Eiffel tower. I was thirteen and on a school trip to Europe, never had a boyfriend, been on a date, or been kissed before. There were actually three schools involved in the tour, one of which was from Georgia. One of the teachers' kids from that group was about my age (the actual group members were all graduating that year) and we hit it off. After more than a little goading from some of them, we both got our first kisses. On the Eiffel tower. At sunset.
    I never saw him again, but in speaking to him discovered that he's kind of a jerk. :/ We don't speak anymore, but eh. I still have a first kiss that's nearly impossible to beat.
  17. Peeps, I really would like to know your very interesting facts, but I couldn't wait to post mine.
    Also, [MENTION=3337]Levusti[/MENTION], this one is totally dedicated to you.

    Nowadays, my mum told me an interesting story about my questions and my homosexuality. Her story is pretty unbelievable.
    When I was 3/4 years-old, my mum went to pick me up at the elementary school after a long day I stayed there, probably looked tired, but my mum knew my face wasn't the best.
    I was intrigued with a question I asked myself, and so did I ask her: "Why does a boy have to kiss a girl, and can't a girl kiss a girl and a boy kiss a boy?". And my mum only said "Who said that? Look: that isn't the way things are. Whenever you think you're ready, you can know which one is right -for you-."
    I was pretty much educated to "not love" anybody, my parents never told that I should kiss girls or boys or even date them, although all my classmates would. I'm not a supple person.
    And I came out to my mum at 14, knowing what I really picked up, and she was okay with it. That's how she educated me.
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  18. I can think of 3 things that could suit this topic...

    1. I've twisted off the cap of a Coca-Cola bottle with my hoo-hah.

    2. My veins are so small and spindly that even the most experienced doctors struggle to get a single drop out of me. In fact, when I was in the delivery room about to birth my son, the IV needle was jammed into me a total of FIVE times in multiple locations on BOTH arms before they finally got it right. .__.; On the positive side? All these doctor stabbings I've had to deal with since my early teen years have made me calm towards needles.

    And, 3. I have a lisp and I walk pigeon toed. I've always been embarrassed by these facts, but for whatever reason people think they make me cuter...
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  19. Man I wanna try the coke thing now, but I think it would be too big and hurt. :c I'm a one finger girl and anything with more than a half inch diameter scares me. D:

  20. Now I am scared on a number of levels.