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  1. So, I use my phone frequently to get on here. I love this site. Am on it every chance I get.

    However, lately, something keeps popping up when I'm on here on my phone. It's called mobfree.click.

    It says something like 'The content we provide here is free.' Or something like that, and then it asks me to download one of several free apps to 'unlock' the page.

    It's getting incredibly annoying to the point that I can't even use the website anymore. It has happened to every web page on my phone, and no one knows what's causing it or why.

    Does anyone know what I'm talking about or have a solution for this?
  2. Oh, dude that's a virus o.e It's a low threat but your personal information is still in danger. Most people download an adblocker for it but I'm not entirely sure if that helps or not.

    To prevent this in the future, never purchase a phone, tablet, or computer without first getting a anit-virus for it :)
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  3. It's an iPhone. I thought that those couldn't get viruses.
  4. Yea, that's definitely a virus. I'd download something to get rid of it before Diana uses the virus to infest your phone with Owls.
  5. Does it use Software? Then it can get a virus. :P
  6. Alright, I'll try to find an adblocker.

    Several people on other forums said clearing history might work as well.
  7. I would still look onto an anti-virus in case your phone has suffered some damage and to prevent future attacks o.o Some you can even get free.
  8. You should definitely get an antivirus app just to have to protect you from future nonsense. I know Avira has a free version of their antivirus program for iPhones, but there might be better options if you go searching.

    Also, yes, the whole "Apple products can't get viruses" thing is a myth. :P
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