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  1. Astoria sighed as the carriage trundled along the path. Outside, the scenery was lush with trees and shrubs, the early summer weather prime for what he was traveling for. Ahead of him, in his own carriage, was his father, the ruler of the elven kingdom of Alintia, while behind him, in four separate carriages was his brothers.

    Wishing that he and his father were the only ones in the royal family attending the peace summit, Astoria fiddled with the hem of his jacket, an intense boredom filling him. It felt like forever until the driver stopped and opened the door.

    Silently, Astoria got out, smoothing down his jacket. They stood in a large clearing, the royal caravan wrapping around a large grouping of tents. The largest stood in the center, resplendent in the noontime sun. The trees were lush with reds and yellows and oranges, and a full-blown autumn breeze blew through them. A truly great day for a peace summit, if ever there was one. Astoria watched his father get out of his own carriage, and approached him.

    "Father, did we have to bring my brothers?" he asked, gesturing towards them. Their ages ranged from five to sixteen, and Astoria felt that none of them were mature enough to attend the peace summit. Besides, he was the crown prince, he was the only one who needed to know how to act at a peace summit. Still, if it hadn't been for his father, there would be no need for this peace summit.

    For a quarter of a century, Alintia had been at war with a country that shared its southern border, and after the death of millions, the two rulers were finally attending a peace summit. Hopefully, peace could be attained, and, as Astoria's father hoped, perhaps he could arrange a marriage between one of his younger sons and one of the other king's children to further strengthen the peace.

    His father patted Astoria's shoulder before saying, "Of course. Perhaps they will learn some decorum and some bravery. Or a marriage could be arranged, and they will learn compassion."

    Sighing, Astoria walked away, deciding to take a walk. He walked around the grand tent, brushing back his long, black hair. On the other side, the other country's men were setting up, and Astoria, not wanting to cause a scene, hung away from them, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched them work. They were a curious sort, and Astoria thought it odd to be looking at people he had been taught were enemies since he could read. Here, no one had weapons, in order to preserve the peace, and it made Astoria feel very vulnerable. He was used to always having an armed guard nearby, to protect him, and now, he was being allowed to walk alone amongst strangers, former enemies of Alantia.

    It was curious, to say the least, and Astoria was excited to finally interact with people and explore without a guard always within three feet of him.
  2. Himiko had hated going to these things, the peace thingy where she felt like a sitting duck the whole time she was there. "Mom I don't even want to go...Plus isn't Mandy really supposed to go to these things since she has the crown and not me" This was the fourth year her motherhad made her go to the Peace summit, its like she was just rubbing it in her face that she wasn't going to be queen, it her goody goody sister was. "Oh Stop you complaint Himiko and act like a lady, act like your sister...your father wants you to be here so you'll be here! And that's final!" Her mother had quickly shut the conversation down as Himiko sighed looking put the window hoping the driver would just hurry up. 'Just be like your sister, why can you e like Mandy, blah blah blah blah' that's all she very heard, Mandy was the good sister, the sister that never got in trouble while I, I was the troubled child, the bad girl.

    As the driver had stopped and opened the door for them Himiko had felt an overwhelming happiness that is until her father, King Hudson, Her mother, Queen Miko, and her sister, Princess Mandy walked out with her. "Now why don't you two mingle while you mother and I go and handle some business" her father had said as he kissed both her sister and her on the cheek walking off. "Well I'm going to go and find my true love, you can do what ever" Her sister Mandy had ended up leaving going off on a mission to find a husband leaving Himiko by herself.

    Sighing to herself as she pushed some of her long white hair out of her face she figured she'd go on her own mission, a mission to find some fun in this boring place. After walking around aimlessly for about 20 minutes she almost felt like ripping her long dress apart cause it kept getting in her way and rustling through the leaves on he ground. Himiko had looked around her light blue eyes darting every where other than where she was walking as she bumped into someone. She quickly bowed down to apologize as her eyes met with a guy that looked about her age with black hair. "Oh my god I'm so sorry I should I been paying attention to where I was going..." She said quickly with a mix of her British accent as her eyes met his.
  3. Astoria had been hanging back when he felt someone bump into him. Jumping, he turned to see the girl that had run into him. As she quickly apologized, he raised his eyebrows some, blinking over at her with steel grey eyes. "There is nothing to be sorry for," he said in the Common Tongue, though it held a thick elven accent. He glanced over her once, immediately deciding that she must be a noble or royalty. Only then would she have come to the peace summit, he assumed, and dress that nicely.

    "I am Prince Astoria of Alantia, my lady," he said, bowing to her. "Might I inquire of your name?" He straightened, brushing a stray lock of hair behind his ear, revealing the point of his ear.
  4. "Princess Himiko of Vulgarian..." She did a little curtsey hating that she had to be so formal. She wasn't speaking in her native tounge since that was something her mother told her not to do at the peace summit. She hatted how she stuck out like a sore thumb with her frost snow white hair as she looked into his gray eyes almost melting. "God your eyes are so pretty....I m-mean God isn't today pretty" she quickly corrected herself as her cheeks ended up getting flustered. "The weather is so nice and the summit is so....peaceful" Himiko rarely knew how to start conversations at this thing, I mean she was raised to hate the people of Alantia, and now she was talking to the prince of that country, just great.
  5. [​IMG]

    Power was bred through conflict, for without adversity a species rarely by nature seeks advancement. Be it by the blade, the plague or other natural elements. This cosmic truth though seldom embraced due to its Swarthy undertones was accepted within the deep underground chasm’s that is the Underdark. His home was a place of heartless stone skies, where clouds and sun are replaced by thick darkness and stalagmites. An alien realm where conflict and contest for survival lingered around every corner.

    The Drow, a race of dark elves seldom affiliated themselves with the affairs of the lesser races of the surface. However every so often a representative would be sent from the bosom of their Dark Spider Goddess, conditioned to endure the sun’s vile rays. Eyes trained to withstand the light without becoming blinded by its blistering illumination. The world of Men and lesser Mer’s were often run by Males, as such rather than sending a Female of one of the great houses, the Matriarch instead sent one of her inferior male offspring to represent the home.

    The once normal courtyard of the estate exploded with clamor. As a single Drow Warrior known as Palithio Silvermoon rode not upon the back of some petty steed such as a mare. Rather a large arachnid, its eight legs scurrying with haste as the gap between them and their destination had been briskly closed. The guards unsheathed their blades, as the hoarse yet soothing echo of steel frictions against steel reverberated within his ears. His blood now pumping as the thrill of potential combat bordered more so along the line of eroticism.

    Oh how the dark skinned elf wanted nothing more than to eviscerate these men. But this was not a trip centered on pleasure, rather business and reconnaissance. “Halt!” One of the men bellowed. No doubt a senior member of this poor excuse of a guard. Without resistance or pause abruptly the arachnid stopped her advance. Eyes of amethyst peered at the men through ceremonial mask, as his tight chiseled formed remained protected by black leather armor sown together with the thick shell of an Underdark war crab.

    “I, second son of Matriache SIlvermoon of the Underdark come not with venomous intent. Rather I have been sent from my home to speak with the Lord or Matriarch of your humble realm.” His words were well poised, his common tongue near flawless only betrayed by the slightest of hint of his Drow accent. His tone carried with it a soothing melody, as charming as one would expect from any real noble. “We heard tales of your kind black elf! You Drows are monsters they say that creep from the mouth of caves to drag children to be your slaves! Why should I not suspect you as an assassin as oppose to some ol’ diplomat?” His concern was wise, though unnecessary in Palithio’s ever vigil gaze.

    “Do you see an army behind me? Have I not complied so far? As oppose to clinging to myth, how about you good sir announce my arrival and we shall see what your wise leader thinks of me.” This Drow’s tongue was sharp, yet delicate enough to limit offense. “Aye…But we got our eyes on you Black elf!” He barked, his warning falling on deaf ears. Constructed to lay an illusion, one that failed to obscure the Drow’s clear mind.

    Palithio dismounted form his steed, whispering into her ear before allowing a group of men to escort the beast away. What happened next was normal for one of his race. The soldiers beat him, without resistance he permitted the assault. Once his body was bruised and bleeding Palithio found himself being bound, and dragged to the very center of the courtyard. “Look everyone a Drow spy sent to kill us all! Gather our fair and wise leader, let him decide this monsters fate!” The captain gloating over his catch, before spitting on the bound man.
  6. Astoria glanced away as the girl commented how pretty his eyes were. "Thank you, my lady...You are radiant as well..." Before any more could be said, however, there was a commotion near the grand tent, and Astoria glanced over, seeing several elven guards with a prisoner.

    "Well...I had better see what the commotion is...I pray that I will see you again, my lady..." Astoria bowed before he began to walk to the gathering of soldiers.

    Astoria arrived before his father or the Vulgarian king could, and said, "Until my father can arrive, I, Prince Astoria will stand in his place." His gaze fell upon the prisoner, and he arched an eyebrow. "Why have you come here, Drow? This is a matter between Alantia and Vulgarian. Your presence will merely complicate things..."
  7. "Himiko did you see that Drow elf....he was taken as a prisoner's, he must have threatened all of us!" Her sister Mandy had come to her yelling as she held her arm. "That black elf wasn't bad looking either..." Mandy had bitten her lip as she spun her red hair around her finger. "Look Mandy I know you're all for the whole body body good girl thing but please.....I think I found a nice prince with beautiful eyes, and you know you can't resist beautiful eyes" Himiko tried to protect her sister from things like this, but the thought of the other sex sent her into overdrive. "Well come on! Father is supposed to be deciding his fate!" Mandy had screeched pulling Himiko along. They both saw their father walk up a firm look on his face as Himiko shook her arm loose and ran up walking beside him. "Father you can possibly want to hurt the Drow...he hadn't done anything to us!" Himiko was all for keeping the peace, but this was the most stupidest thing she had heard of if he hasn't harmed anyone yet. "You just let you're 'soldiers' beat that innocent man for no reason!" Her father had looked at her and shook himself loose of her grip "Come with me Himiko...You will understand when you have to help your sister rule Vulgarian..." She had followed her father closely seeing the Drow elf as her blue grayish eyes looking him all over, analyzing him.
  8. A red eyed and hhaired demoness stood in a tree, watching from the shadows. She curled her hair around her fingers wondering whether or not to get involved. Humans could be very rash creatures and her parents had sent her to represent them and her village of demons. New age demons, ones that truly had only the wish of peace with humans. Demons that would happily help protect the humans.

    She herself was raised with this ideal of peace and while part of royalty she carried herself more like a commoner and as for relations with humans; she only took the souls of the wicked...never an innocents. She put on her power limiter which took form of a ring and went to back to her familiars to discuss how the three of them would go about their mission.
  9. The nobles and commoners alike whispered amongst one another, their eyes studying the strange enigmatic being that is the Drow. Some eyes weaved a tale of premature fear, while others bore confusion. It didn’t take long though for the captive’s presence to merit the attention of the prince however, whose words proved to be rather disheartening. The dark elf took much offense from being summed up as some mere petty distraction. Still with the young man’s attention being fixated on obtaining the illusion that was peace, an ending this war Palithio supposed next to that his presence may seem insignificant.

    The scent of a demon aroused his curiosity, within his homeland of the Underdark such entities were common place and embraced. However from what little he had read and experienced, their reception was seldom received on the surface world. Still for the moment his attention would rightly be focused on the act unfolding around him, of which he had seemed the main attraction. With the prince words now being focused on this unusual guest, the strange Drow Male would smile before giving a reply. “You speak as if there are absolutions Prince. As if one’s purpose can be so clearly defined with a simple stroke. I have come to evaluate. Be it peace…or war. That depends on what transpires.”

    His body language and tone, despite being bound a beaten was not shaken. Rather as firm and confident as ever, as if this situation was nothing more than a minor inconvenience that he could so easily break free from if he so desired it. His words and unnatural resolve being met with mix results from the spectators whose numbers now were growing. Amethyst hued eyes now drifted towards Himiko, the Woman who seemed interested in his plight. A lady with eyes of youthful lust. “I would not fret over such things as this minor assault. I am Drow, it will take more than a few landed blows to truly damage my body.”

    Palithio had grown bored with this whole waiting process, as well as being treated like some sort of freak show. “In my land those children of their leader can make decisions. And unless I am wrong Prince, you are of age to make moral deductions of your own. What say you of my quandary?” This entire part of the act was a political game. The strange warrior was testing this leader, his strengths, weaknesses and wisdom. And through his actions would conclude the overall value of his people. And by his choices they would either become negated, or empowered in these cold calculative Amethyst eyes.
  10. download (23).jpg

    Her heart had stopped in her chest as she looked at the Drow. Himiko had always found herself being interested by the Drown elves, how they functioned in the darkness never seeing the light side. She even found it more interesting how they never really rode horses but greater beasts that they tamed themselves, she had read ever book in her kingdom about them well the ones she could get and not get caught with having them. Her father always evaded her questions when she asked about the Drow elves, but now, she had an alive one here to answer any questions she had and she certainly wasnt going to have anyone screw that up for her. She had taken a step next to Astoria and looked down on the Drow elf which she hated to do to people no matter who they were. "So why did you come here?" Her voice held a thick but soft accent. Himiko could get in serious trouble with her father for doing something like this cause she was a woman and not a male so she could never handle business like this, she was only looked down upon as fragile and not strong.
  11. Astoria narrowed his eyes at the Drow, scowling at him. All his life, in addition to not trusting the Vulgarians, he had been taught not to trust Drow. His father had once called them the inferior Night Elves, and had said that they were dirty and not to be trusted. As his steely eyes examined the Drow, he listened to him, knowing that he was walking a thin line. Arranged around him were both Vulgarian and Elven nobles, and this was his time to show that he was a capable and respectable leader.

    "...Untie him," Astoria finally said. "But keep a guard on him. If he does anything to hinder the doings of this peace summit, you are allowed to restrain him again." He focused on the Drow again. "You are a guest here, Drow. Should you offend my people or the Vulgarians, you will be sent away."

    As he finished and the guards began to untie the Drow, Astoria's father appeared, and placed a hand on his shoulder. "That was good, son. You have shown yourself to be very capable...I am sure that your mother would have been proud. That was quite the show of kingliness. You will be a great king..."

  12. Who was this pale elven maiden he wondered, her language of flesh showed no signs of fear, nor inherent distrust. Palithio’s whole life he had embraced the Dogma of the surface Mer’s bigotry toward his own kind. A blind hatred birthed from jealousy and fear that inevitably brought his ancestors deep into the very belly of the earth itself. Rejected by their surface kin and hunted they found themselves being cast down to perish, but where foolishly their cousins assumed death. The Drow endured, survived and conquered the most hostile terrain on this world.

    The prince though was the opposite, his eyes were that of loathing. The Drow’s mere presence from his entry till now (though brief) was but a burden. This Night elf carried with him a sense of arrogance, his eyes casting a glare of disgust, intermingled with superiority. Despite whatever Lies this Prince may have been fed and embraced, the Drow he may find out are anything but inferior. With hands now free the Drow elf rose, giving the guard who assaulted him a sly old grin and nod of his head. “Bwael tangi ush'akal.” (Good day sir) The Drow tongue causing the captain to writhe with disgust.

    But for the sake of his Prince and King he somehow managed to maintain his posture. Without much hesitation he turned and offered the Prince and king a simple Bow. His snow white dreadlocks dangling and obscuring his darken face. “My thanks.” He replied, though his entire gesture did seem a bit theatrical and perhaps even sarcastic. Truthfully he had seen the Prince for what he truly was. While most saw a just and cautious man, Palithio perceived something different. This Man cared only for furthering his gain, far too interested in the idle opinions of others that he allowed their thoughts to impact his own hand.

    In short he was your typical politician, which was in his own minds eye weakness. Still he supposed the show must go on, and far bet it that he should at this time interfere with this pointless display. Standing back up he turned to face the Pale elf Himiko who earlier had asked him a question. Eyes of unnatural purple riddled with confusion, as brow now found itself arched behind his ornate mask. “The same reason why everyone else is here. To gauge one another’s strengths and weakness, with the intent to discern if an alliance or ceasefire is necessary.” He paused, letting out a brisk sigh.

    “Yet that was merely an introductory question wasn’t it? I may live in a world of darkness, but I am not blind. I can see much lingers on your mind, I will answer what I can. My name is Palithio, Palithio Silvermoon. Now that the who is out of the way; I suppose now we should move onto to the What? Though preferably away from so many truthfully creepy gazes.” Palithio muttered, looking around the courtyard as many were still pointing and talking about what had happen. Some from intrigue but most still finding his mere presence…disheartening if not revolting.
  13. Himiko had given him a small smile as she had sensed her father's gaze held on her. "Well I'm Himiko...Himiko Swann...." She had held out her hand, but not wanting to embarrass herself
    she quickly pulled her hand back and did something no one would expect. Himiko had showed courtesy to the Drow Elf and bowed to him giving him her full respect. She heard gasps and even herd her mother scream to her father. "Now...I would love to move on to the what, please come with me Palitheo...." She had empathized his name sounding out each syllable loving the way his name sounded on her tounge. She had grabbed his hand into hers and used her other hand to hold her dress up as she started leading the way to a place she had found while she was walking around aimlessly. A beautiful river on the bank, a place where he should feel free to answer all of my curiosities.
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