Unaccomplished Goals

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  1. I've been dreaming of becoming a filmmaker since I was 17 or 18. I didn't want to make movies my career goal until that late, but my whole life, I've been very fascinated about movies. Who wouldn't be? Philosophy. The way of life. Exploration of humanity. All such interesting topics wrapped in one explosive entertainment package. I digress.

    Right now, studying Digital Media Design, I, hopefully, could take one more step towards that world. With my writing practice, who knows? I might just be the next Ang Lee.

    What about you? What have you always wanted to do but unable to accomplish it yet?
  2. Write and publish novels. :/ Ever since 4th grade. (I'm 27 now c__c) Yet, I have not ever finished a novel. t__T I can only hope it's because I'm young and still un-ready to sit still and finish anything amazing.

    That's really my only "life goal" now! XD Everything else is just about day to day living and staying happy!
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  3. Having sex.

    What? It's true o_o
  4. There's alot of things I wanted to do that I still wanna do..I'll list them

    1. Pro Wrestler..I do have some training
    2. Pro Sports Player..specifically basketball or baseball
    3. Game Designer..I'm trying to go to college for this
    4. Voice Actor...I know the local radio station people and trying to start there cause I heard all voice actors started on radio
    5. Computer Programmer...can go to college for that too.
  5. @Necella: ^^ I'll add that to my goals.

    I want to do a HALO jump.
  7. Oh, really? That's cool, because a classmate of mine wants to get started on voice-acting, too. He's joined this forum called Voice Actors... erm, something. Well, it's a voice-actors forum, as far I know.

    But, there was this fresh Singapore director who came along to our school the other day and told that classmate of mine about this website (a local one, I believe) that accepts sample recordings of voices of interested parties. I'm guessing he went there instead, but, eh.
  8. hmmm probably Voice Actors Alliance or something like that..I've been there its for people that wanna actually do fandubs and as far as I know some talent have been discovered there but from what I've read of actual voice actors. They all got their starts in radio.
  9. I want to star in a play. Silly, yeah, but I would love it! ^_^
  10. @sei: know they haven't done it for decades in the US, but you should try a non-static LALO jump.
  11. 1. I want to become a comic book artist for Marvel or Dark Horse
    2. I want to create a suit of Terminator armor, that is anmatronic and can be operated from within, and of course, decorate it like Grey Knight Terminator armor.
  12. 1. Finish "This One Realm" and turn it into a series of seven books.

    2. Perform with my three idols of music, Dave Mustaine, Les Claypool, and of course... Big B (AKA Buckethead)

    3. Eventually find myself in a positive, constructive, and challenging relationship with a woman that I can appreciate, and support throughout our years.

    4. Overcome my lack of self esteem.

    5. To relax, and learn to enjoy life to it's fullest.

    6. Design my own guitar.
  13. Get my songs recorded.

    Publish my novel.

    Flare, we should try starting a roleplay that uses a screenplay format. Could be fun.
  14. Get in an actual band.

    Get out of Venezuela, that's hardly doable right now, I obviously wasn't meant for having a degree.

  15. I can fix that. My girlfriend's out of town for the weekend, and I'm told I have good hands among other body parts. Wink wink.
  16. Become a voice actor

    Publish novels

    Have a family

    Visit some of my Iwaku friends.
  17. Be a Voice Actor.

    Learn Archery.
  18. Well my dream is to draw better and I do draw every day to help it out. It has been improving a little but hasn't as of late. Wonder what's going on but they always say this

    "If you walk 1,000 miles you must start with a single step"
  19. (Ah. That's what I figured. Harper just reminded me of Roy)


    She scoffed "Someone's secretive." She smiled and realized that her Reaper was starting to show. She clearered her throat and turned back to take notes. Her head tilted back towards the teacher and she scribbled down lecture notes with a yawn


    She grinned "Smithy's Book shop two blocks from here. I restock and such. I'm trying to pay off some college debts," she rubbed the back of her head "Turns out genetics and programming work is good to get a job with but it's hard to get a job," she laughed "Most thought I was a little too cooky."
  20. Start a Jazz club in Chicago.

    *wistful sigh*