Unaccomplished Goals

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  1. I've been dreaming of becoming a filmmaker since I was 17 or 18. I didn't want to make movies my career goal until that late, but my whole life, I've been very fascinated about movies. Who wouldn't be? Philosophy. The way of life. Exploration of humanity. All such interesting topics wrapped in one explosive entertainment package. I digress.

    Right now, studying Digital Media Design, I, hopefully, could take one more step towards that world. With my writing practice, who knows? I might just be the next Ang Lee.

    What about you? What have you always wanted to do but unable to accomplish it yet?
  2. Neko-RP (open)
    Name: Lily Walker
    Age: 14 - Near 15
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Appearance: (open)

    Lily was the cutest girl in her age group. Her hair look so shinny that it was almost gold, and her eyes were like real emeralds, and since she was a teenager her body was developing some curves that made her a more dangerous cute. The kind of looks that could make any boy dump their girlfriend, and ask Lily out. She was just so perfect. But she was more than just looks, she was one of the top genius in the world, and this was mainly because both of her parents were geniuses, and so they gave birth to a super-genius. Now past her brains, and main features, she had some slightly chubby cheeks, a lean but small build as she was only 14, not an adult, but her breasts were upper-B cups, and since her normal outfit was some kind of top with skirts, and pantyhose...well if her skirt was removed it would reveal the skin-tight pantyhose and how they covered her lower privates, instead of having attach panties, and it made her ass look so sinful for any adults. Luckily for them, Lily was not only a lesbian, but thought other humans were 'boring' and so even adult woman were refused if any was willing to risk the law to go after Lily. Other teenagers? Basically too stupid for her to have a conversation with them, let alone, be friends, or more.

    Bio: (open)

    Lily lost her father at a very young age. She did not recall the exact age, as it was not something her mother felt comfortable to talk about, but this was not the end of the world. Lady Walker, still had a job working for the government, and while she could take some time off to raise Lily, she eventually went back to work, once she confirmed that Lily knew the basics to get by while alone such as microwave food, not to touch the stove, phone numbers to call, and a few other things like what to do if some stranger gets in the house. Lily was gave online-education, and books to read. So she did not leave the house, and this was mainly for safety reasons as there were people that would steal Lily to blackmail her genius of a mother to get Lady Walker to create something for them, etc. This meant Lily grew up mostly alone. This had a lot of good and bad results.....it made her have some social issues beyond her intelligence for starters, and it meant she spent a lot of time on the computer, reading books, and so forth. Her mother, did not realize anything was wrong, till one rare-day she came home, and found Lily talking to herself.

    Her solution was to get Lily a cat. Since she could not just have another child, and putting another child through this was not a great idea in the first place, and there were issues with letting Lily invite a friend over when there was no adults there to watch over them. Everyone seemed to be working out though. A least in the eye's of the mother. Her daughter was getting straight As in her school work, Lily had some interactions with her cat, and Lily looked happy every time the mother made a extra-visit to make sure Lily was alright. As Lady Walker had been thinking about leaving her work, and getting another job so she can spend more time with Lily, and maybe even be less worried about someone targeting Lily, but it never came to that point. If asked, Lily would say she was alright. She lived in a comfortable home with a large yard if she wishes to go outside, and through the internet she could enjoy sights from around the world. And it was not like she could not chat with people online, or do things through video-chat, and so she was not 'isolated' as much as her mother feared. Sure, she kind of wished, she could go to school, or see a few places in person, but reading up on the 'cons' of such things made her feel better about missing them.

    When questioned about it. She said online she could go at her own pace, but a school would either go to slow, or fast for her. She would want to speed-through things she disliked, and take her time going thorough topics she liked. Then there was bullying, and even outright violence to worry about at school due to other students. And if she did go out, she would have to worry about diseases, and getting sicked due to the germs of other people. And then~ Well, her mother got the point. Sure....the more Lily talked, it sounded like she thought the world was a horrible place, and that everyone may be out to get her, but at the same time she was not exactly wrong, and so long as she was happy, and not ...harming herself or such. Then everything was alright. Lily was becoming a teenager, and once she was an adult she could go out, and do what she wanted. So it was not like this was forever. Still, Lady Walker tried to make more trips home, or a least video-call her daughter to check up on her more just in case. As much as she liked to say everything was alright, it really was not, and she knew this childhood may not hurt Lily physically, but mentally was another story.

    Now, in truth, everything was alright. Yes, Lily had some issues, but nothing that she really cared about herself. Sure, a psychologist may raise a butch of red flags, but she was not harming anyone, and so overall it worked out. Things did get better though when a few months after her thirteenth birthday...well she slept naked, and her kitten always liked to cuddle up against her, but it was no big deal. Or a least, before it was no big deal. But since she was going through puberty now...well that fur against her bare skin felt good, but again, no big deal. A least not till her breasts starting to develop, and her cat decided it wanted to start sleeping there. That felt interesting, and she was a bit surprise when her cat licking her there...she occasionally did that before, but not there...and it caused Lily to ...pee? A little. Her cat smelled something, and went down to ...lick her clean. Now....that was where things changed. Cause she looked up while her cat cuddling and licking her breasts and such made her feel good, and learn about sex. She really had fun experimenting with her cute cat, but she was horrified when her cat got sick due to something she fed it, and died. It was her fault...she killed her cat. She felt so guilty, but made sure her cat got a golden tomb for her resting place.

    The guilt did not go away though. Her mother caught wind of it, and realized her daughter was suffering. So she tried to cheer her up by giving her a VI that could be her friend, and one she wont accidentally harm. Lily was furious that her mother thought her cat could be replaced. She had ended up naming her cat Reia, and so Reia was not just some cat, but her best friend. She even toyed with the idea of Reia being her lover, and future wife, but even she knew that was not possible. That did not stop her from starting some projects though. As she had been working on figuring out how to give herself breast milk, had to get another female pregnant, and even maybe giving herself cat ears, and a tail. So she had every right to be furious, as even if no relationship would ever really happen, she was still close with Reia, and loved her. So she was furious, a least till she thought about some anime she saw before, and got to thinking....as she told her VI that she would temporary shut her down, and ...upgrade her. First, she was going to make it where her Reia could think as smart as a human, or smarter. Yes, smarter. Basically turn the VI into an AI with unlimited access to the house and internet. Second, it would take time, but she would get to work on creating some nanobots, and looking into how they can bond with flesh. She wanted her cat to have a real body again, not just a machine. But how would she get Reia back herself? Maybe put things her cat liked to do in the programming.....and that would attract the spirit of her cat? Online revealed she may be able to do some ritual with candles, a chant, and the body of her cat. ...Well, she suppose that was fine as long as she did not harm her cat's body.

    Thinking about it...it would not really be her Reia, but a reincarnated Reia, or something up those lines. Or was that making a mockery out of her love? And what about the VI? Would turning her into Reia basically be killing the original VI? No, no. She was overthinking it. The VI did not have a soul, if she did, it was just a small spark of one, and would be getting that, and more with this upgrade/experiment. So it was more like taking the spark of a spirit of the VI, adding Reia's spirit, and making her have a full soul as a new person. But...maybe she should give her AI a new name? No, her friend would had felt honor that her owner did not forget about her, and even named her newest fend after her. And if this works, and Reia's spirit is there...then keeping the same name will prevent confusion. Alright, its decided. She do this, and just make sure Reia's body does not rot so that she maybe could re-use it in the future. As she knew in some fantasy-worlds it was deem possible to bond nano-bots to flesh, and create a biological hybrid. Something between machine, and living. For now, Reia would have to just deal with basically a hologram of her cat-form. She got excited thinking about Reia not just being a genius AI, but one with a physical form, and nano bots would give her so many options. But that was a work-in progress.
    Manor-RP (open)
    Name: Selena
    Age: 31
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human?
    Appearance: (open)
    Selena was an attractive young woman with what appears to be a light purple hair color, dark purple eyes, and a hourglass figure that easily attracts the wrong kind of attention. Her breasts were actually large D cups, maybe even double D, but it was not like anyone would dare ask. Lean body, small waist, big butt, long legs, the typical stereotype of an attractive woman. A least on average. People did have different tastes, but big breasts and things like long legs were not really that rare for people to list as good traits. Anyways, Selena usually wore a business outfit with a blouses, bra with some cleavage showing, a skirt, maybe some panties, and she liked ear rings, necklaces, maybe rings and bracelets, but that was about it. She also wore high-heels. Basically she looked like a high-class worker, and it was true. Her job was to be a psychologist.


    Selena was not a virgin, but she only slept with 1 boyfriend, and 3 girlfriends while she was dating them individually. A part of her, due to her bad relationship with her mother, figured she sought other females to fill the hole that her mother created by not really being there in life for her. Selena did get a chuckle out of the thought of a hole needing to be filled. As it reminded her of her girlfriends using dildos on her, not that she let them do it often, as she was a dominate lover. Unfortunately, none of her relationships lasted, but the experiences helps her deal with others that are having relationship issues. She was not dating anyone at the moment, but when she was dating, she easily had her lover eating out of her hand as she could be temptation itself if she wants. Then going to the beach...well depending on how revealing her outfit is...she could get a date if she wanted.
    Bio: (open)
    Selena never knew her father, and her mother...well that relationship was quite distant. She would go to school, come home, and do what she wanted, and repeat. But it was usually her reading books, playing on the computer or learning, and fixing meals herself. She did not really do much with her mother, but they did live in a large manor. So even if most of the rooms were locked, there was a lot that Selena could do by herself such as enjoy a game-room, or a bathroom that had a built-in hot tub. If anything, she was grateful that her mother paid for most of her school expenses including college, and this meant Selena could focus more on her career, and life in general, and not some large debt. She eventually finished high school, and moved out to enjoy college, get a job, and live her life.

    Looking back on things....well her life was not really anything special. Just a typical human life. The only juicy stuff was the fact she dated a boy in high school, was not really happy, and tried a girl in college, and while the relationship itself did not work out, her new best friend helped her meet another girl to date, and so Selena enjoyed her relationships while in college. And while she would never tell a soul, her best friend due to being Selena's first girlfriend, and knowing Selena's second girlfriend...well suggested they have a three-way, and they did so, and that was an amazing night. Although....she wonder if that night had to due with why her second girlfriend ended up breaking up with her to date Selena's first girlfriend. Two of her lovers getting together was not really amusing despite how ironic that sounded.

    What was amazing was the woman she meet while getting a job. The woman was named Rin, and a co-worker at her new work place. The sex was great, Rin was very romantic, and did not mind 'switching' while having sex so they could take turns with who was the dominate and submissive. Although Rin did consider herself the 'male' in the relationship, but it did not really matter. They were happy with their relationship, and that was what matter. It however did not last forever, and they ended up breaking up. It was not that Rin did anything wrong, or that Selena did something wrong, but that while they were enjoying their self...well they realize it was not really love. So in the end they broke up, and since then Selena has went the longest she been without a lover out of all the years she was old enough to date, and know what sex was...which was the age of 16. She had been a bit of a nerd, which is why she had not had a relationship around 14 or 15.

    Her relationship with her mother never really got fixed, and it did not help that in recent times her mother started to bother her. But she no longer lived in the same city, had a job that she could not simply take a break for a large amount of time, a least without a long notice ahead of time. So it took some time, but before she could get a trip setup...she found out her mother was dead. She was not close, but that did not mean she hated the woman, and she felt guilty that her mother could not say her last words or such to her, or spend time with her like her mother probably wanted before she died. Still, she would get ready, and head that way. She even had a strange note from her mother about her mother having some regret or another. Maybe...her mother meant be a good mother for her own child? As she blushed...thinking about staring a family with a woman she yet to meet.

    Selena was looking forward to checking out the other rooms, and finding out what her mothers big secret was about. She hoped her mother was not some big-time criminal, or was doing something so embarrassing she did not want the rest of the family to know....though she was not sure. As Selena really did not know if she had any relatives besides herself...unless her mother was simply ashamed to tell her specifically about what the big secret was..thinking about it...Selena really wonder, but it did not really matter, as she had a funeral to get to, and then she find out what was going on before. Still, she was not sure what she was going to do with the manor itself. Sell it? Move there, but she have to get a new job if she does that...although she suppose she had enough money to take some time off from work for a few years. She suppose her plans depends on what she finds at the manor.
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  3. Having sex.

    What? It's true o_o
  4. There's alot of things I wanted to do that I still wanna do..I'll list them

    1. Pro Wrestler..I do have some training
    2. Pro Sports Player..specifically basketball or baseball
    3. Game Designer..I'm trying to go to college for this
    4. Voice Actor...I know the local radio station people and trying to start there cause I heard all voice actors started on radio
    5. Computer Programmer...can go to college for that too.
  5. @Necella: ^^ I'll add that to my goals.

    I want to do a HALO jump.
  7. Oh, really? That's cool, because a classmate of mine wants to get started on voice-acting, too. He's joined this forum called Voice Actors... erm, something. Well, it's a voice-actors forum, as far I know.

    But, there was this fresh Singapore director who came along to our school the other day and told that classmate of mine about this website (a local one, I believe) that accepts sample recordings of voices of interested parties. I'm guessing he went there instead, but, eh.
  8. hmmm probably Voice Actors Alliance or something like that..I've been there its for people that wanna actually do fandubs and as far as I know some talent have been discovered there but from what I've read of actual voice actors. They all got their starts in radio.
  9. I want to star in a play. Silly, yeah, but I would love it! ^_^
  10. @sei: know they haven't done it for decades in the US, but you should try a non-static LALO jump.
  11. 1. I want to become a comic book artist for Marvel or Dark Horse
    2. I want to create a suit of Terminator armor, that is anmatronic and can be operated from within, and of course, decorate it like Grey Knight Terminator armor.
  12. 1. Finish "This One Realm" and turn it into a series of seven books.

    2. Perform with my three idols of music, Dave Mustaine, Les Claypool, and of course... Big B (AKA Buckethead)

    3. Eventually find myself in a positive, constructive, and challenging relationship with a woman that I can appreciate, and support throughout our years.

    4. Overcome my lack of self esteem.

    5. To relax, and learn to enjoy life to it's fullest.

    6. Design my own guitar.
  13. Get my songs recorded.

    Publish my novel.

    Flare, we should try starting a roleplay that uses a screenplay format. Could be fun.
  14. Get in an actual band.

    Get out of Venezuela, that's hardly doable right now, I obviously wasn't meant for having a degree.

  15. I can fix that. My girlfriend's out of town for the weekend, and I'm told I have good hands among other body parts. Wink wink.
  16. Become a voice actor

    Publish novels

    Have a family

    Visit some of my Iwaku friends.
  17. Be a Voice Actor.

    Learn Archery.
  18. Well my dream is to draw better and I do draw every day to help it out. It has been improving a little but hasn't as of late. Wonder what's going on but they always say this

    "If you walk 1,000 miles you must start with a single step"
  19. (Ah. That's what I figured. Harper just reminded me of Roy)


    She scoffed "Someone's secretive." She smiled and realized that her Reaper was starting to show. She clearered her throat and turned back to take notes. Her head tilted back towards the teacher and she scribbled down lecture notes with a yawn


    She grinned "Smithy's Book shop two blocks from here. I restock and such. I'm trying to pay off some college debts," she rubbed the back of her head "Turns out genetics and programming work is good to get a job with but it's hard to get a job," she laughed "Most thought I was a little too cooky."
  20. Start a Jazz club in Chicago.

    *wistful sigh*