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Do you like booty or butts.



  3. chessttt


  1. Uh, well...​
    Blergh, Hello.​
    I'm Tattoo...​
    And I don't give out free tattoos.​
    I like food.​
    And boys.​
    And... And...​
    And things like that.​
    I also like writing, of course. Even though I haven't latched myself onto a good level yet, so I'll decide to stay here.​
    I like butts.​
    It's not what you think, okay. I have a question for you, and you must answer if you read this... If you don't, ignore the loud, gross sobbing you hear next door or far away.​
    Do you, random reader.​
    Like butts.​
    Do you.​
    Tell me now.​
    Hurry, start typing and finish reading this later.​
    I'm waiting.​
    Did you finish? No? Well then. Let me go get my tissues, because I'm crying over how slow you are.​
    Anyways, on a more serious note... Serious? I don't know.​
    My name is Tattoo.​
    I'm old.​
    I'm a boy.​
    I'm a girl.​
    I like food.​
    And Boys.​
    And writing.​
    Fancy things.​
    Clear paper.​
    Cute boys.​
    There is a difference between boys and cute boys.​
    Not resorting to gross sobbing because your nasty little stubby toe-like fingers can't type fast enough to answer my question in a unknown limited amount of time because you don't know how long I'm waiting for you it could be minutes, hours, centuries, see that little jump from hours and centuries, that's how fast I am can you keep up, I dunno but you can try FOO'.​
    I'm also a gangster g rappuh. Werrdddd.​
    I'm obviously not getting enough sleep, so.​
    Don't forget to answer my question, I mean, you should be grateful. You have something to talk about except just saying 'Yooyoyyoyoyoy welcome to dis sessy site c'mon gurl let's gooooo' and then just leaving and never talking to me again because I have feelings okay shush hush HUSH YOURSELF CHILD.​
    You know I don't actually write like that guys, so.​
    Run on sentences are too good for me anyways.​
    I enjoy saying the word booty, even when strange men with bulges in their pants stare at me in shock. ​
    Oh-kay, goodbye.​
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  2. That was a lot, Tat. I like ass but not that much. Hi.
  3. I'm a proportion guy, the whole package has to work for me. Welcome to the site.

    -Stray wolf
  4. I don't mind if a girl doesn't have a chest as long as she has a nice derriere, which doesn't have to be huge to be nice btw. xD Lol Welcome to Iwaku.
  5. Gimme da booty.

    And let me love you.
    (づ ̄ ³)

  6. I dun got duh booty, SADLY.
  7. Oh...
    Well it's okay, we can love da booty together. c:

  8. Why you no like duh butts as much as other's do? Duhh buttssss.

    Whole package, hm. -Wiggles eyebrows- I kind of see what you mean. I think.

    What's a derrireiejriejirwre, I'm too lazy too look it up, let alone look at it to copy it down to my reply. Huge chests are duh nastyyyy chests.

    Yo booty? Not minnneeee.
  9. Whaat. I'm talkin' about all booty.
    All butts are nice butts.
    And if you've seen some not-so-nice butts... well...
    you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  10. Cause I'm a boobs person.

  11. I BUH-LEAVE that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time too many times,
    because most butts I see is nasty.
  12. Gurl I am so sorry.
  13. We all sorrryyy.

    I can respect that, because chest is sometimes awesome.
    But also sometimes annoying.