(un)lucky cats and broken mirrors



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I'm not superstitious. Or at least I don't think I am, until I utter something that would tempt fate. "I hope it doesn't rain during the barbeque picnic." Then I end up knocking on wood.

I also get paranoid around the number 666. I'm not even christian! However the social taboo and early indoctrination keeps me looking at it sideways, even though all it was was the address of a Roman Senator. I've even heard the number is wrong.

On the happier side of things I do look for four (or more) leaf clovers and will think a wish should I find one. Same for blowing out birthday candles and the first shooting star.

So what about the rest of you?
Anything that grants wishes, I always wish on (Shooting stars, birthday candles, dandelions, clovers) and I always knock on wood when I say unlucky things.

But things like breaking a mirror or having a black cat cross my path I don't really pay much heed to.
I'm not actively superstitious and it's strange because I was brought up in a Christian household (random trivia by the way, 666 is the mark of human government, not the devil) so there's really no origin to the things that...eeeeh 'affect' me, but I was reading an article on superstitions the other day and after scoffing at how silly people can be suddenly realized- I can't (and when I say can't I mean physically can't) walk under horseshoes, if someone is talking to me by name I can't lie to them, I can't use metal to eat with (this I can do, actually, but it makes me sick), and I can't sleep on full moons. But I think that has more to do with light and atmospheric pressure and crap- it seems to be a fairly common thing. But it's still a little embarrassing when people invite me in and they have those stupid tacky gazing balls (those creep me out) in their yard to keep away witches and horseshoes over their doros because they think their 'cute' and I'm like 'ohh thank you but I really don't want to impose. like. srsly. Imma stay out here...'

I stay away from magic as a rule but that's because I've seen a lot of bad things come of it, so I don't think that counts as superstition...

But I have to add that if there is one superstition I really don't like above all others, it's about black cats. I love my black cat and I go crazy worrying about him every october. Our local shelter won't even adopt black cats out during the fall because people get them just to kill. I hate where I live, the half the people that aren't out making sacrifices in the woods come the season go around trying to collect the cats to kill just on principle.
When I eat from a bowl, after I'm finished, I raise it above my head. Sometimes I won't, but I mostly do it on reflex and I have no idea why. There are certain people I refuse to touch because that's how their magic works. I also know quite well versed in people's belief in various magics and so forth. Never can be too careful. I also avoid psychics, mediums, tea leaves readers, etc. I don't dabble in the business of mind witches and I make sure they stay out of mine. Lastly, if you take something from me I will try very hard to get it back, regardless of what that item might be. It has to be given.