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  1. What if the old wives tales were real? What is four leaf clovers were really lucky and that breaking a mirror would mean seven years of misfortunes? What would you do then if you were trust into this strange old world one Halloween night as you and your friends notices that breaking all the mirrors in the old mirror house at the abandoned fair wasn't such a great idea after all? But it's far too late now as you now are one of the Unlucky, and everything that can go wrong, WILL go wrong. Your only hope for survival is now to take heed of all those warnings and advice and get lucky charm harvesting! Besides, how hard could it be, right?​

    This is a small idea I had earlier, and would like to play with those who would be alright to post at least once a day and post a good chapter with good grammar and spelling. Our character would be rebellious teens that chewed more than they could handle in their latest "prank" and now will pay the price. Basically you can go all out and be outlandish and over the top with this one as the improbable don't exist when you are the unluckiest teens ever to exist so let's have fun with this, shall we?
  2. I'm interested! Do we have to make character profiles? If so, can I have the template please?
  3. Excellent! Here is a basic character sheet:

    What was s/he thinking that night?:
    How will s/he go about lifting the curse?:
  4. Name: Natalie Mika
    Inventory: -An apple
    -A cell phone
    -Some hair bands
    -Some plasters
    Likes: Apples, hair dressing, pranks, money.
    Dislikes: Sugar, dirt, rules, perverts.
    Attitude: She uses her good looks to get away with anything. She enjoys trying to be better than other people.
    Strengths: Pretty, rich, cunning.
    Weaknesses: Not very strong, not very fast, and fussy
    What was s/he thinking that night?: What disgusting mirrors! Lets go destroy them, to teach this stupid place a lesson for being so cheap.
    How will s/he go about lifting the curse?: Buying lucky trinkets/ sweet talking shop keepers into giving her lucky trinkets.
  5. Alright, you're in, now to find some other players...