Ummm...What is a fake test member?

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  1. Just as my title says, what are these new Fake Test Members and Uncomfirmed Email???
  2. Both user group names are pretty self explanatory. 8D

    Fake Test Member = fake test member. They are fake accounts we're currently using for testing and staff training. They are not real people!

    Unconfirmed Email = An account where someone has no yet confirmed their email address. Some members were confused about seeing the pink names before, so I added that to the list so people know why some names are pink. D:
  3. The staff are making babies.

    Fake stunted retard babies who we'll shake and kick around then forcibly terminate once we've finished with them.
  4. After a long day of stress and frustration, I logged into Iwaku expecting the same old Iwaku, lovely Blue Staffers, Awesome Red Admins, and Wonderful Green Members just like I always do when I see who is online.

    But wait...

    What is this? >:[

    Strange new colors like PINK and BRIGHT GREEN and even A FAKE RED?! D:

    How dare these colors suddenly appear out of nowhere and confuse Mittens! How is she supposed to function with these strange new bright colors that have slithered their way into Iwaku's fortress? How is she supposed to see if her RP buddies are online when there are these colors distracting her and pulling her into their depths of fake-memberness? And unconfirmed emails? How is she supposed to know if she can trust these members, maybe they are of the Robot race! How is she supposed to know?

    They must pay....

    Yeah....just a little playing around in my head, I actually don't mind them, but a mini plot bunny appeared in my head and I thought, hey, why not? ^^ :D
  5. Well... if you WANT to go kill those members and leave them hateful messages, you could. But I wouldn't recommend it. XD I suspect they wouldn't appreciate it...
  6. Great green account names such as Bob Asshat and Bossy McBalls. ​Admins and mods stole all these great names to use for fake test accounts. :/ what if a guy was actually called Bob Asshat? He would have to use the username Bob Asshat 1 >.< sucks:3 and that mini retarded rant is what is called the after effect a of double espresso shot
  7. If only you knew Bob like we know him...
  8. I rather like Gary Foxsmut. Though it does make me think of foxes doing the deed. Gary... stop watching fox porn. No stop.