Ummm...I'm in shock right now.

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  1. I wrote a song, I can see the melody in my head and everything. so what do I do...I never dreamed..what.

    the name of the song is “It depends on you”

    Once I understood, that the stars forgone
    but i now I can not see for those have all moved on
    but standing here beside you, everything has changed
    for once i see, that we could be…..a happiness unchanged

    Can you hear? (Can you hear)
    the song within my heart
    Can you see (Can you see)
    that we can never part
    though all the pain, and the lonliness, I can see it too
    for the one who gave me happiness, was because it all depended on you.

    For as long as the galaxies shine, and the planets are astray
    we will always be together in each and every way
    I’ll keeo on fighting for you, till the battle is won
    for one thing is for sure…you are not the only one

    Through the pain (Through the pain)
    i saw joy in your eyes, even though this might be goodbye
    Can’t you see (Can’t you see)
    the world has been changed, for once we were apart, and now we are together

    I can hear (you can hear)
    my song within your heart
    for now we are not alone.
    I can see (you can see )
    that i will never be apart from you
    through all the pain, and the lonlieness, I can see it too
    for one who gave me happiness, was because it depended on you.

    For now we are together, and we are not alone.
    there is one thing left for us to do.
    Even though this might be our last goodbye.
    I’ll always be watching over for you from the everylasting sky

    No more pain (no more pain)
    the pain is all but gone, for now we can finally move on
    No more lonlienss (no more lonliness)
    because you are here with me, and that is all I could see
    for the one thing that I needed, no the one thing I see
    is that you were always a part of me.

    Now it depends on you, for always, you can depend on me.

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  2. Take me now.
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  3. Find some staff paper, and find out the notes of the melody, and write that down.
  4. This. Find a musical friend to help if you have one. And there's plenty of software out there you can use to get the basics of the music down. Maybe someday you can record it. ^^
  5. I sang it today with a melody..I don't really know how to write music.
    Uh....*blushes like crazy*
    I recorded it...kinda
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  6. Find someone to assist you with it. Someone who's good at recognizing notes.

    Try playing it by ear on a piano.

    There are lots of techniques for this.
  7. Thanks, well here it is. *cowers under her desk, till someone comments*

  8. Buy a better mic or sing it like you mean it. All I heard was murmuring until the volume was nearly maxed.

    Cute though. Needs work. But cute.
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  9. I agree with Windsong's recommendation. Also, if I may suggest something? listen to how words sound when you sing them, it may seem a weird thing to suggest, but trust me, with a handy thesaurus? you can find much better words to fit with the lyric easier.

    Also, again, as wind song; you need to sing clearer, and a little louder. You got to put some power behind it.
  10. Better Mics are basically vital for any kind of voice recording online, especially for videos.

    And power, you definitely need to give your voice more power.
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