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  1. So, my cat was attacking what I thought was a mouse, but turned out not to be. Only thing is, I have no freaking clue what it is!

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    Anyone Know?
  2. I'm probably 100% wrong, but to me it honestly looks like a Chinchilla @.@
  3. I don't know either...but god if that isn't adorable then I'm John Wayne.
  4. I'd have to guess chinchilla as well. Here's a picture of a baby chinchilla for comparison.

  5. That's an infant squirrel.
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  6. That's what my husband said too. He's awfully sweet though. He's been snuggling with me since I saved him. Fortunately my cat didn't do any damage. Now just have to keep him alive till he can be released.
  7. He is quite adorable. If you decide to keep him indoors, I'd suggest looking up some online articles on caring for wild animals like him. It's probably not as easy as you might think. You might also consider contacting an animal shelter to consult their opinion.
  8. Yeah, I was going to call a few shelters tomorrow to see if anyone has room for him/her, if not I'm going to call my aunt who raised a squirrel from as a baby into adulthood. It'd be so much nicer if there weren't so much contradicting information online. >_<
  9. Maybe it's a sign.

    Kidding. anyways, it is more than likely a squirrel.

    I think you should raise it. Maybe it'll become a wonderful pet...

    or really rebellious.

  10. I have to agree. The little thing is growing on me, although I'm going to have to find a vet that deals with squirrels. The vet I go to only works with cats. @_@ My kids are begging me to keep it, but I have to take it up with the boss the next time he calls me. Although if I sent him a video message of the kids begging him, I'm sure he'll let me have my way. lol
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  11. It's sooooo adorable! Keep us updated on what you decide :)
  12. don't chinchillas die unless they're kept in a specific temperature or some shit?
  13. I have no idea. I was just guessing based on what it looked like, and then I looked up a pic and it looked just as similar as I recalled.

    But then baby rodents all look kind of similar so idk, probably a squirrel like Asuras said.
  14. I thought it was a chinchilla at first too, but then I realized that unless someone randomly dropped one in my yard, it's impossible.

    Although, I do live in Florida.....stranger things have happened. @_@
  15. Looks like a baby squirrel to me. There used to be a family of squirrels that nested at my parent's house, and the babies looked a lot like that.

    I'd suggest getting it to a vet as soon as possible. Not only can they properly identify the creature, they'll also be able to check it for diseases, because if you're planning on keeping it then you'll want it to be nice and healthy, right? You never know what it might have. /:

    As you're in Florida, this thread might be of use.
  16. So I am now officially the adopted mommy of a healthy, female flying squirrel. o.O

    Now if only my kids would behave as well as she does, I'd be happy.....
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  17. IT FLIES?!?
  18. It was pretty cool when it was just a squirrel.

    Now that it's a FLYING squirrel... you're going to have to teach it some tricks, Nydanna!
  19. D'aaaawww, it's so adorable! I love squirrels, they are just the cutest little things~

    Ya know, this kinda reminds me of when I found a random turtle in the middle of the street several years ago.
    It was probably the most bizarre thing to ever happen to my family.
    He was pretty big, bigger than my hand is now, and when I found him he only had one eye.

    But we still have him to this day and he's doing pretty good~
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    Fun fact: Every pet I currently own are all strays that my family took in.
  20. She already knows tricks. She hides up my pants leg, climbs down my shirt and burrows in my bra. Nothing like going to the vet and having to pull the patient out of your bra to get the doctor to stare at you like you're insane. In my defense I didn't think she'd make it that far before he came in. lol
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