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  1. Rawr...yes...its almost like my universal throw back word when I have absolutely no clue what to say or how to begin a conversation. Do I get weird looks? Most of the time. Ha ha! It does give me a starting point though, so I guess I will just ramble about myself a bit.

    I use to RP a lot but went through a "phase" and stopped. Now that I am over it I decided perhaps its time to pick up a fun old habbit or two and RP was the first to cross my mind! So here I am! I wanted to start on a new site I hadn't been on before and this one really just sold me...after all how can you not like the phrase "The road to collective creativity is paved with plot bunnies..." ?

    So as I aam sure you are seeing I tend to be a bit A.D.D. and all over the place. I am a bit of a hyper free spirit. I also try and vary my characters, I dislike having any that are too simular. As far as intrests go I love horse back riding, reading, and writing. As for RP intrests I will play just about anything that strikes my fancy at a givin time.

    Well, alas my ramen noodles are calling. Chow for Now!
  2. Nice introduction. Welcome, Pidge. Tenchi-Roku, local ninja. It's a pleasure to meet you.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Pidge!

    Just had some ramen noodles earlier myself! ... Got some heart burn from it X_X

    Usually, I bring links..But I feel like I'm doing that a bit too much.. So my other friends will be bringing you links to use!
    And if you need anything or help..Don't be afraid to ask me or someone else!
  4. Hello Tenchi-Roku, Juku! It is nice to meet you both, and thank you for the warm welcome. :smile:
  5. Hi! I'm Rubix :D welcome to Iwaku! YES! Juku finally didn't send someone all the links! Here's my chance!

    If you are newer to RPing, feel free to check out the academy

    If you want to chat with some cool people, check out the cbox
  6. I Rawr a lot too! We can be Rawr Buddies! WOOOO! :D
    Welcome to Iwaku and all that jazz ^.^
  7. Wow! Thanks guys...everyone is so friendly here. I think I will really enjoy it!