Umm... Hi?

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  1. Umm... Hi?

    I'm It Starts With A. I'm sure you already knew that though... Umm...

    So... I like to read. A lot. Basically anything, though I'd prefer it be manga. I also play the piano and love music. I love anime.

    I have experience writing for other websites like this, though I got bored of them. This site looks promising and I hope that I can have fun RPing with a bunch of people. Please help me if I ask for anything. Also, please don't judge me if I ask a stupid question because I'm pretty oblivious and not very observant, so I'm probably going to ask about something that is probably really obvious. I apologize in advance. Uh...

    I think that's all I'm going to say. Thanks for having me.

    ~It Starts With A~
    -Person Of Interest-
    -Writer Of Stories-
    -Blower Of Bubbles-
    -Smeller Of Flowers-
    -Titler Of Titles-
  2. I think you'll like it here. Welcome aboard!
  3. Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here!
  4. Hallo person that begins with A! :D Welcome to the site!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.