Umm hi. :)

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Pherran Caligari

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Hey guys I'm Pherran and I just wanted to say hi and that I'm completely lost haha.
Umm I love fantasy role plays but I'm up for any other role plays as long as the plot it good. :)
Welcome to Iwaku, Pherran. Are you lost? I can Help! You should head over and fill out a role-play resume. This will let other players know your RP preferences. You could also check out this thread if you would like a partner to play with. Checking out the RP sign-ups is a good idea too. Maybe you'll fine a game that you would like to join.

IF you have any questions or need anything, feel free to ask.
October has already given you a lovely and succinct summary of where to go first!
Welcome to Iwaku, it's always good to see a new face.
I'm Kitti and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Fantasy roleplay? :D YOUR SOUL IS M-- I mean... *grabs Pherran and runs off with* <3

Haha, but seriously, welcome and enjoy! I happen to very much enjoy fantasy type everything! Movies, games, books, roleplay... I love it! Like Kitti said, Octy gave you the grand welcome so I'll just say if you feel like chatting, PM me or hit me up in the CBOX.

Have fun!
Welcome to Iwaku! :D If you need a crash course in getting to know other members really fast, the cbox is always a fun (and disturbing) way to do it. I like chatting up with the new peeps.
Welcome to the site!

*Jedi mind trick* You want to join in on the madness that is the cbox.
Nice to meet you! I'm fairly new myself. We can learn together! c:
Thanks guys for your help!!! Umm.. I've already tried to get on the CBOX but got confused. I have no indea if is just dumb blonde me or my freaking iPad..
Hello :) Welcome to this fantastic little piece of cyber oasis.